Where I’m at.

A quick catch up because that’s where I’m at:

  1. I thought we were pretty much settled in our new place. Everything is almost where it’s supposed to be, bar for the empty walls that still need photos / art / mirrors which I will do slowly and carefully because I have learned my lesson from drilling holes and using Hard as Nails willy nilly just to cover space, instead of loving what you have to look at every day of your life. So yes, I thought we were done, then yesterday I went into the garage to play around with the settings for the irrigation system, and I nearly fell over all the “stuff” that’s still in there. I don’t ever go into the garage, we are still parking our cars in the front yard for whatever reason (well now I know the reason), so imagine my surprise when I discover that my husband has secret hoarder tendencies and failed to tell me that we still have boxes and bags of “stuff” to unpack. I backed out slowly, switched off the light, and tried to erase the image from my mind. I am, in no way, ready to deal with more boxes just when I thought I was done. Not to mention the fact that I clearly haven’t needed anything from that stockpile, so whatever is left there, can’t be that important and I will tackle it if and when I get that spring-cleaning-feeling. Which may be never.
  2. The kids are growing every day, my sleepless nights worrying about Hannah’s vocabulary being stunted due to her dummy sucking were a total waste. She is talking almost as much as her brother, even though we still need a translator for 80% of what she says. Liam is very busy practicing for his school concert – so we hear a lot of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Jingle Bells, We Wish You a Merry Christmas and some other song I don’t quite know. His carol singing isn’t bad, but I think I prefer the Boney M CD, which can be switched off when you’re all Feliz Navidad’d out.
  3. My mother goes back to Durban today after a week with us. No matter how many years have passed since I left home, this never gets old. I still cry and blub like a baby when I have to say goodbye. I still miss them, even at this age. She was such a great help, I made her jump onto the aeroplane with her sewing machine so she could do a few things around the house for me – which she did well. And she cooks, cleans and cares for the kids. She really makes life so much easier for me and I will miss her now that she’s gone.
  4. I attended the Sisters of Africa Conference at church on Thursday and Friday of last week. It was amazing, with international speakers John and Lisa Bevere and Michelle McKinney Hammond. I have pages of notes I need to transcribe and lots of Bible verses I need to go back to and feast on. If you don’t know God, I suggest you get to know Him, you will never be the same again!
  5. We went to a friend’s 31st birthday party on the Deck at the Sandton Sun Hotel on Saturday night. Now if you live in Johannesburg, you will remember the freak storm that started at about 9pm on Saturday night. I ran yelling, pushing skinny models out of the way to get my newly blow dried hair out of the rain. I’m a Coloured girl, we don’t mess with our hair, we run for cover. Luckily, they had booked an inside venue so the party did go on.
  6. It’s my birthday on Saturday and this morning my hubby asked what I’d like to do. I really don’t want to do anything, I want to sit in my lounge with my feet tucked under me, with a slice of chocolate cake and a cup of coffee and watch all the Kardashian episodes I have recorded and not had a chance to watch. Yes, you read that right, KUWTK. That’s what I want to watch on my birthday. I wonder if he would be offended if I said I’d prefer to spend my birthday with the Kardashians only, and if he could take the kids out for a coupla hours? I also asked for a food processor, pretty please. I never thought I’d see the day when my one and only birthday wish was for a kitchen appliance. Must be old age.

More than anything, I’ve missed blogging in these last few weeks. It seems the busier I get doing every day things, the less time I have to do the things I really enjoy. And I don’t want my life to pass me by like that – doing many things, but not the stuff that really makes me happy. And I don’t only mean blogging. Spring is here (well I can’t really be sure what with the last week’s weird weather) and I can’t wait to get out with the kiddies and shoot the breeze with them over an outdoor picnic, or let them run wild in open spaces while I kip on the grass or catch a tan by the pool while they try not to drown each other in the water. It’s time to get my happy on. Why don’t you join me?


3 thoughts on “Where I’m at.”

  1. You’ve been a very busy girl! That’s great! Can’t wait to see your new home and of cours, all of you!! Sorry we’ll miss the birthday, but we’ll see you soon after… For new, enjoy the Jingle Bells out in the park! Lol! Xxx

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