Diaper Milestone complete

Remember I blogged about letting go of the night time diaper over here. After that post I didn’t really take any action. I figured I would wait for the warmer weather so that we could keep up with the wet pj’s and wet linen that would surely follow. Liam often wakes with a dry diaper, but it hasn’t been consistent, I’d say four or five nights a week are dry – but not consecutively or else I would have tried this a long time ago. I feel like I’m talking about an alcoholic’s habits.. how long have you been dry for?

Anyway, two nights ago we actually forgot to put his diaper on; they had had an early bath so I usually let him run around free wi.lly so that he can still use the toilet, until bed time when we attach the diaper to his bottom. So we forgot. And he woke up dry. I was a bit bummed because I had prepared this amazing speech for the first night my son would sleep without his diaper and how I would prep him and make a really big deal about this incredible milestone and well, that bubble has burst, how dare he ruin The Queen’s Speech by achieving this milestone all on his own? So we went for second best and made a rah-rah yesterday morning.

Then last night I figured there was no point in going back, and although I had to alter my magnificent speech somewhat, I told him that our diaper days were over. That he was a big boy, a champion, and that diapers were for babies like Hannah (she wasn’t in the room, or else she would have flipped at the baby reference) and Eli, his cousin. And he was all YES YES YES YOU ARE RIGHT MAMA. He watched me put the linen saver under his sheet and was confused, so I explained that this was in case he had an accident in the night and told me vehemently that he wouldn’t, and I was all YES YES YES YOU ARE RIGHT MY BOY. This morning when he woke up dry he said to me “I told you so.”

I’m going to leave the linen saver on his bed for a while, I’m going to expect the unexpected, but I’m also moving his diapers into Hannah’s room. No going back now. I do believe that Liam has pretty much told those diapers to kiss his smooth squishy backside goodbye.


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