Where does the time go?

I wanted to do a weekend round up, and then I realized it’s already Thursday so what happened last weekend really is old news. It’s been busy, good busy! Quick catch up:

  1. I got baptized on Saturday evening! Baptism is a public display of the reality of our faith where we leave a life of a sinner without God to live the life of a child of God where God will help us to be sanctified and serve Him. We still sin, but are forgiven as we continue in our attitude of repentance by grace. That’s right, I was dunked and I am now a new creation, so if I’m being nice to you, it’s not me, it’s Jesus in me. Aren’t you lucky? Seriously though, “baptism is a symbol of leaving the old chaos-ed life and coming into a new life under God’s order.” I am excited to continue in my faith journey, as I rely more and more on God and less and less on my own human capacity.
  2. My parents and my sister and her family came to Jozi for said baptism. It was awesome to be together – we were a houseful, crammed like a tin of sardines, but it was great. I don’t need to tell you how I enjoy having family around, how I love the noise and commotion and disorder. I love all the wet towels hanging over every door post and people sitting on the arms of the lounge suite or on the floor, because there’s no other space to sit. Listening to six children pray every night, and sharing meals together. We really christened our pool, we even filled the Jacuzzi and our house rang with the laughter of children and adults. Love love love. They left this morning, so I know I will have to get used to the silence all over again. Well as silent as living with a two and three year old can be.
  3. I looked at another three schools this week. I am still no closer to making a decision. Finding the right school, at the right price in the right area is like finding your missing sock in the clean laundry. Maybe I am over analyzing this whole thing and placing way too much time and effort on something that really should be simple, but I’m going to leave both my kids at this facility for the better part of the day. They will spend more time with these teachers and friends, than they will with me, so I want to make it good, no I want to make it bloody fabulous for them. I must tell you this, I came across a school by mistake and decided to pop in, the principal came to the gate, and quite seriously said “there are only Black and Coloured children in this school, no White children.” First of all, I was gob smacked that someone would even SAY something like this, and secondly I was a bit amused because clearly she thought I was White (note to self, work on tan this summer). Ha! Yup, in South Africa in this day and age, race is still CLEARLY an issue – even in preschool. I have two schools to look at tomorrow, the last two, and by Sunday my husband wants an answer. He used to come with me to view schools, but after enduring one too many of my torturous cross examinations of the principal and teachers, he decided that he’d step back and go with whatever decision I made. Good man.
  4. We pierced Hannah’s ears again. Hopefully this time they stay put. She cried for about 30 seconds and refused to look at herself in the mirror, perhaps she thought by looking at them the pain would return. Anyway, not even a day later she was waltzing around calling herself Pretty Polly. Which she is of course.
  5. And of course, a point especially for my kids. Boy, they have been driving me batty. Liam is just one big contradiction and I have to keep switching my personality to match his. One minute he is sweet and cuddly, the next he is a raging bull calf. One minute we’re laughing on the couch, the next he is crying in the corner. One minute he loves to swim, the next he hates water and goes ballistic if he gets wet. One minute he loves chicken, the next he is crying into his chicken stew because he just cannot bear to eat chicken. I cannot keep up with this kid, his mood swings are making me mental. And if that isn’t enough, Hannah’s also at this crazy stage where it’s her way or the high way. Last night she lost it… and I mean lost it… because she wanted to wear Liam’s thick winter pyjamas. Firstly, it was like 30 degrees in the house, secondly the pj’s are too big and thirdly THEY ARE LIAM’S NOT HERS. She went mental, she laid on top of them so that we could not get them from her. I won’t tell you who won. She continues to bully us all and will not hesitate to tell you exactly where to get off, even if you don’t really understand what she is saying. I continue to yell and shout a lot because their hearing problem has still not been resolved. Not sure when a toddler’s ears start working again – I mean at what age exactly? Right now, their ears are BROKEN.

And that my friends, is about it. I think? How fast does time go? One minute its Friday afternoon and we’re all like yay, Friday Pie Day… and then…  it’s Friday AGAIN tomorrow. ARRRRSUM!!

Hope you have had a great week too xxx


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