YOLO. Um yeh.

YOLO. I have never said this acronym/phrase out loud. It just sounds stupid on my tongue, a phrase that only people between the ages of 13 and 16 should use. Also depending on your lifestyle, YOLO becomes an excuse to do some really dumb stuff. I want someone to do something amazing like donate their life savings to a needy cause and then YOLO that on Twitter. Along with words like BAM BOOM POW that people like to put at the end of their sentences, seemingly to say “yes, that’s right, I just said that.” It’s so stoopid! Can you hear yourself talking? LOL! Yes, I use LOL a lot, because I do laugh out loud a lot. Oh, you meant Lots of Love? Sorry, I didn’t even know LOL had a double meaning, until we sent an SMS of condolence to a friend who had just lost her mother and she replied “thanks, lol.” I was confused as to how she found her mother’s passing amusing, but hey we all handle grief differently.

SMH – I first thought this had something to do with S&M, just because of how it sounds, I guess? I was relieved to learn that this person was shaking his head (on his shoulders) and not wanting to engage in some sort of sadistic stuff with me. I’m married for goodness sake. I mean what happened to the simple stuff? Xoxo for hugs and kisses? Now that’s one I love and there’s no room for confusion, everybody knows that X means kiss and O means hug, or is it the other way around? But boy, my sister overdoes it. After every.single.line in a text, or BBM, she HAS to end with  xxx. You think I am joking? Look at this:

Even when she’s angry, it will be like “you are such an idiot. xxx” Killing you with kindness much?

While I prefer to use OMW! rather than OMG! my son can often be heard saying OGM! when he is wanting to exclaim his amazement or shock or even excitement. He may be dyslexic.

In the world of moms and babies, I get dizzy trying to figure out what DH, LO, SAHM mean. I spend more time on the Urban Dictionary trying to decipher these secret codes, than I do actually enjoying parenting forums, blogs and sites. I mean WTH?

Who makes these things up, who decided that they needed to tell someone they were LMAO. And THEN decided they were too busy ROFL’ing to type out the actual words, so they chose to just sommer shorten it? Facebook has no limits to the number of characters one can use in a status, and with TMI, Twitter allows you to explain that Too Much of Information – so why then do we still butcher the English language like this? Yes, it works for tweens who don’t have jobs and watch their airtime and data because words are money, baby. But you are a grown person, with a job and a mortgage and it really isn’t cool. Not cool at all, dude.

FWIW, and IMO, my POV is that  if we keep this up, we’ll be speaking to our children’s children in algorithms.

That is all. TYVM. XOXO.

PS (no, that’s not an acronym): Need help deciphering this post? Check this link out. POW.


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