My husband, the hero

No, it is not often that you will hear me use these two phrases in the same sentence. Yes my husband has his fleeting super hero moments, but let’s just call a spade a spade and say that he isn’t exactly Mr Home Improvement. When something goes wrong, we call someone. I have no problem with this, I prefer to get a professional in and pay them once to fix whatever is broken, rather than let Mr Handy Man give it a go, only to spend more money on something that he can’t fix anyway. Since we’ve moved into our house, I do notice that the hubby has become more… hands on… shall we say. He wants to cut his own lawn, paint his own walls, tinker with the pool pump and fix whatever is broke… and some things that aren’t broke.

Right so on Thursday night, our microwave conked. There wasn’t an explosion or smoke or even a little bang. It just went off and no amount of flicking the switch on and off at the wall (why do we do this?) helped in bringing it back to life. Of course I was traumatized, I’m one of those people who eat and drink everything at boiling point. After almost three years of having to eat cold food because I was raising babies, I now like to feel the roof of my mouth tingle from the heat of my food. I boil my milk in my tea and coffee and I do not believe in boosting up the trusty oven, waiting for it to reach 180° to warm something that will take two minutes in the microwave. So yes I was traumatized. I saw Macgyver heading for the shed to get his tools out, I followed him silently to the kitchen and watched him start to take the back off the microwave and then I just couldn’t contain myself, I was like “what the hell are you doing? Let’s stop this nonsense and call someone or go buy a new one.” He was taking photos, talking to whoever on his phone and he then decided that it was a fuse. I asked again when we could go and buy a new one.

Anyway, I was doing my bit by enquiring from my loyal online friends as to the lifespan of a microwave and whether we should fix or replace it. Everyone agreed that it would be cheaper to buy a new one. Macgyver was convinced that he had this in the bag. So on Friday he came home with a packet of fuses which he paid R8 for. He tinkered and prodded for about 10 minutes and from the TV room, I heard the trusted BEEEEEP of the microwave, we rushed to the kitchen to make sure that it was indeed the same ‘ol microwave. Of course, there stood Mr Nonchalant packing up his stuff like he does this everyday for a living. I must admit I was impressed, the kids and I were oooohing and aaaahing  and high fiving. My husband had just repaired our microwave for R8! What a HUNK!

Then earlier in the week, we got a flat tyre on our way to work. Liam and I went directly into crazy mode. I swear you do not want to be with me in an emergency situation. I have never changed a flat tyre in my life. I do not know the first thing about changing a tyre, again I would just call someone. I know what a jack looks like and that’s about it. So there we were on the side of the N1, Liam and I peering over the window ledge watching my husband change the tyre. It took him about 10 minutes and we were back on the road again. Liam and I were so impressed, our dad the hero.

I don’t know about you, but I love seeing a man doing a man’s job. Being all manly and sweaty and fixing stuff that needs fixing. I could watch a man at work all day. Sighhhhh. Makes me want to rush over to his office right now and throw myself onto his desk and tell him how hot he makes me. Ok, stuff like that is only cool in the movies. Can you imagine his face, he’d tell me to pull myself together and get back to work before he loses his job. And I’d have to be assisted off his desk because a chick my size doesn’t gracefully climb on and off desks. It would just look messy.

Whatever. I still get all hot and flustered when I think about my Macgyver fixing stuff ok. I’m going to look for things to break around the house just so I can see him bring out his tool… HIS TOOLS I mean.. HIS TOOLS… his hammer and screw driver and stuff, man.


4 thoughts on “My husband, the hero”

  1. Listen.Can i borrow ur handyman because my microwave also decided to not start.Everything else works perfectly except for the start button.I mean,i can still defrost meat etc and that’s just about it.Now why do i have to buy a new microwave just because this small thing doesnt work!#frustrated

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