Weekend round up

This weekend was lovely. I wish I had taken photos; I was so fastidious about taking photos when I was pregnant with Liam and even during Liam’s first year. I have folders and folders of photos of Liam as a baby, categorized by month and event. Literally I have a photo a day of Liam’s first year. I have a fair amount of photos of Hannah as an infant, but not half as many as Liam. Then I started blogging and I started taking more pictures, but again, not with the same passion of a crazy first time mom. I wish I could have captured this weekend on film, it was lovely.

On Friday my girlfriends and I attended our last Sisters evening at church. It started off a bit crazy, when I realized late in the afternoon that we were supposed to wear cocktail dresses, but after a few choice words over a group BBM, we were all ready for a night in God’s house. The message reminded us about how God loves us, how completely besotted he is with us, and that if we understood our worth in Him, we would and should be living our lives in a way which portrays how blessed we are, and what a blessing we could be to others. Each lady received one of these:

Stunning hey?

On Saturday morning, I was up early and in the kitchen baking before the kids were up. I made a chocolate tray bake cake in honour of Samuel who will be two years old in a few weeks. I also tried this new veggie bake recipe which is really quick and simple. Once baked, you cut them into little squares and serve up on a nice platter. It’s healthy and the kids love it. By 8h30am, I was taking my apron off and the rest of the family came crawling out of their rooms. After everyone was dressed and ready for the day, I popped into Mr Price Home, don’t they have the nicest things? I could get lost in that shop, but thank goodness I had the kids and whiney husband in tow, so I was rushed out of there before I blew any more beans on beautiful things. We got home in time for my hubby to start the potjie before our visitors arrived.

We spent the afternoon and evening with good friends who didn’t want to leave. And even though the rain came, the party continued. You know the lovely thing about spending time with people you like? Time doesn’t matter. It’s true that time flies when you’re having fun and the only time I looked at my watch was when it was clear that everyone was tired and that it was bed time for everyone’s babies.

On Sunday, we rushed home from church because Liam had a play date. This was our first official play date at our house, so I wanted to at least spruce the place up a bit. Amit and his mom came over and we spent the afternoon chatting while the boys and Hannah played. My alarm bells were raised when I heard that Amit had been accepted into King David for grade 0 in 2015, and my poor Liam isn’t even on a list. Oh well, better get this schooling thing in check, because home schooling is going to have to be an option at the rate I am going.

I love being in my house, the only thing better than that is spending time with special people in my house, and  that’s what this weekend was about. Although the weather has been weird (still wearing jerseys in late October?), it’s great to be indoors with those you love.

Hope your weekend was special too! xxx


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