Blogger’s Secret Santa

The Stiletto Mum is kindly organizing this year’s Blogger Secret Santa. Thank goodness she took this task upon herself, because at least I will be guaranteed one gift this year, just in case I don’t make Santa’s good list. And with all the talks from the Minister of Finance in my house about cut backs and preparing ourselves for leaner times, I doubt I’m getting the liposuction I requested.

Anyway, this year you don’t even need to be a blogger to participate, as explained on Charlotte’s blog post. So if you fancy a little gift giving and more importantly receiving, pop on over to her blog and get yourself signed up. You have until the 16th November to enter. You only need spend R100 on the gift, so it won’t break the piggy bank and who doesn’t like getting a nice little parcel in the post, go on, you know you want to.

So we were asked to jot down  a few of the things we love, in order to make our Secret Santa’s job a bit easier. I’m a simple girl, so R100 can buy me a lot, especially if you shop at China Mall, you know what I’m saying. NO, don’t worry I won’t buy your gift from China Mall… well maybe I will. They got some good stuff on that side of town.

I’m sitting here wrecking my brain for things I love, but being a simple girl I love everything. Except those pedicure sets from Clicks. Or candles. I love candles but I have a Butler’s Tray full of candles in every scent and colour that I have collected over the years and never used because I’m too terrified that one of the kids will use the burning candle to burn down the house. The only time I light candles is when load shedding is in progress or when I can’t find the birthday candles and someone needs to blow on their birthday or when I’m trying to seduce my husband – doesn’t happen often. So let’s hold off on the candles this year. I don’t like receiving makeup of any sort purely because I work for a beauty company and I can steal that sort of stuff if I need to, I mean it’s sad to get a gift and it’s something you could get for free anyway, right? I don’t like receiving anything that is not gender or age specific to ME – like last year when my husband got that awesome shaving set and he freaked out when he caught me shaving my legs with it, he was throwing a hissy about it being HIS gift and how nothing was sacred anymore. So I don’t want to receive anything that he could use because I know he still carries this grudge. And nothing that my kids can use, because they think that anything gift wrapped and sparkly must be for them, so I need them to be thoroughly disappointed when they open this particular package, so no cute cuddly stuff please.

I think that about covers it, I love everything else! Plain and simple! I’ve got a new house so I love receiving house stuff – photo frames, salad bowls, charcoal and firelighters – you know stuff that I can use around the house. I like to smell nice so lotions and potions will go down a treat. I like to look nice, especially in silver costume jewellery. I like bright colours because I think they liven up my rather sallow complexion – seriously, I am the whitest Coloured person I know. Sad face 😦  So I like to liven up my look with a bright scarf or a pair of bright sunnies.

All of the above can be purchased at your local Mr Price for under 100 bucks. Except the charcoal and firelighters – those you can get at your local petrol station.


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