Just Dance 4 Launch


Last night was SUCH fun. I was invited to attend the Girl Guides ZA Just Dance 4 launch.

Ok,  I’m  going to speak simply (read: show my ignorance at these things) to explain what this was all about. It’s a “game” that you can play on your Xbox or your Wii and the person in the TV dances and you must copy them. Well basically. And this is the 4th and newest edition. It’s AWESOME! I’m not a gamer, neither is my husband and my kids are too young to even know about such things – I am sure their time will come of course. So I don’t know much about X, Y or Z box. I’ve played Wii before but I’ve never played a game this interactive (I can hear the techies cringing).

Boy, I laughed a lot. Once I got past how unfit  and how uncoordinated I am, I had a great time. I felt like I was auditioning for one of Rihannah’s back up dancers. The food was great, the venue was cool – Slow in the City at the Radissson Blu Gautrain hotel. The company was fun and of course the goody bag was amazing – including Marc Jacobs perfumes, sunnies, Just Dance 4 gear and of course the game! I got to meet a few bloggers I only know in my computer which is always a treat.

Besides being fun, this game has a calorie counter and believe me when I say it’s like a proper workout, my body is aching today! And personally, the only way I am going to consciously lose weight is if it’s under the guise of having fun – like I did last night. I ain’t no gym bunny as you know. I can see my girlfriends and I enjoying an evening with Just Dance 4. The song selection is great and caters for just about every taste, yes even you with your Rick Astley crush, I see you over there.  The moves are hardcore – thank goodness you can choose a difficulty level, I suggest you start at level one and work your way up, ok.

So if you have one of these X,Y,Z Boxes or a Wii or whatever other gismos you can play these “games” on, do yourself a favour and get Just Dance 4. Serve with popcorn, friends and family. Good times!



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