Tonsillitis, sinusitis and an ear infection

So Liam’s been coughing for about two weeks, a wet horrible cough, but that’s it. No temperature, eating well, not particularly miserable. Just a cough. So I was self medicating with the usual suspects. I didn’t think it was anything too serious, granted his nose started running and his cough wasn’t improving, but I thought (like Obama) that I had this.

This weekend he started to complain about a sore throat and his snot started to turn that delightful opaque colour – the first sign that things are not getting better, but worse. But like Mary Poppins, I just continued with a spoonful of EVERYTHING that looked like it may work. I upped the ante with vitamins in every shape and colour and I hoped for the best. On Monday morning he woke up crying and seriously miserable, I accepted defeat and phoned the doctor.

She wasn’t impressed, she said his ears and tonsils were so inflamed that his pain must have been quite severe. I told her that clearly my son must have a high pain threshold because he didn’t complain about any pain until the day before, or else I wouldn’t have dilly-dallied over seeking medical attention. And besides, aren’t fevers supposed to alert a mother that something is wrong? I was waiting for a darn fever, ok.

695 South African Rands worth of medicine later, and two days off school and I can’t say I’ve seen any difference. Granted he isn’t complaining about his throat being sore anymore, but his cough still sounds exactly the same, although I do know the cough is the last thing to go. He isn’t a child who really gets small-man-flu; so when he is ill he is generally pleasant and still talks nonstop so it’s difficult to gauge how sick he really is. Today he demanded to go to school, so I let him go. He is such a trooper, this kid.

You’d think with over three years experience at this, I’d know when my children are sick, how sick they are, and if they are getting better right? Um…yeh…not really.

Either my instincts needs an overhaul or my mom-intuition is broken or my 6th sense is senseless. Not sure? Perhaps it’s just the fact that the medical aid is kaput and I stall as long as I can with having to pay a medical person out of my own pocket, even though my child’s poor body is riddled with illness. Whatever it is, I did have a moment of guilt over poor Liam’s inflamed tonsils. But I had some chocolate and got over it. Oh well.

So I’ll just follow doctor’s orders, finish the course of antibiotics and expect him to be well by Friday when the five day course is over, right? Right.

Look at him, does this look like a sick child to you?

8 thoughts on “Tonsillitis, sinusitis and an ear infection”

  1. Don’t ever rely on a fever. Amandalynn was 5 when she had her first fever 38.3.

    She was in hospital 8 times in her 1st 2 years and she has had meninjitus (spelling) septecimia (bloodpoisening) this had the doctors dicussing alternatives to prevent death and still no fever.

    Just wanted to let you know.

    Ps a good mom follows her gut and you did.

      1. Sorry but it seems the only way I can comment on my WP posts is to use reply. The normal comment text box just doesnt work. Hope he is back in tip top shape very soon. Guess every individual (and kid) is different.

  2. This sounds just like Kiara!!!! I have had Drs raise their eyebrows at me often because she doesnt get a temp, doesnt complain and by the time she does her ear drums are about to burst :-/

    Hope he feels better asap!

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