My son, the extrovert

Liam is a born extrovert. Even as a baby he would go to anyone, didn’t have separation anxiety, settled easily into new environments and routines, took to school like a duck to water, and started talking pretty much from the time he realized that sounds could come out of his mouth. Seriously, my friends can attest to the babbler that Liam was. I have never ever met another baby who did this thing that Liam did. He would babble endlessly with all the lilts and pauses of a regular conversation and look you in the eye and babble as if he was talking perfect English to another person. He would pause to let you speak, and then respond back in babble. You would know he was asking a question based on the lilt of his babble, and he would expect you to answer. He was like a grown person talking in another language basically. It was very cute.

In the years that followed, we’ve seen Liam grow into a very confident little so-and-so, and although he isn’t overly adventurous (he still doesn’t like the toy machines that move when the coins are inserted), he is quite happy to sit back and chinwag for hours on end with anyone who will listen – from his family, to complete strangers. So he isn’t much of a dare devil, but he sure knows how to talk.

Last Saturday evening, we were in Durban for my husband’s grandfather’s memorial and a bit of a family reunion. My social butterfly was in his element – introducing himself to all his aunties and uncles, and long lost cousins. Asking them what cars they drove, where their mommies and daddies were (this question to some people who were well over 60 years old), what their names were. He was in the middle of the dance floor, doing forward rolls (his breakdance move) in the middle of the circle. I think he came to me twice during the whole evening to say hi – and that was as much as I saw of him. People were coming over to me to tell me what a wonderful little boy I had, and how bubbly he was and “wherever does he get his verbal diarrhea from because we know Byron isn’t much of a talker” wink wink nudge nudge.

This warms my heart, it really does. My heart does break sometimes when he encounters a child and sometimes an adult who are jolted and put off by the frankness of his questions or by his gregarious nature. Not everyone finds his enquiring mind as precocious as we do, which is fine, sometimes even I find his incessant talking overwhelming. So I hope that his little bold self, isn’t put off by the negativity he is sure to encounter from his peers and others as he grows. I hope that he never loses this childlike curiosity or his confidence to just do and say whatever he feels. I can learn a lot from this kid, when he isn’t crying or throwing tantrums, he really is a joy to be around.

I collected these pictures from various people’s BBM profile pictures, Facebook pictures and from Twitter. My child with all his lady friends from Saturday night. I am going to have to monitor this little Lady’s Man very closely, me thinks.


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