When you smash someone else’s car.

Now that the dust has settled (or rather the glass has shattered), I think it’s safe to speak about it.

Last week I drove my husband’s passenger side mirror into a pillar that jumped out at me in the basement parking at work. Ashamedly I will admit that I was the first car at work, there were approximately 250 empty bays, and yes I chose the one next to the pillar. I have been driving for well over ten years and have never been involved in or caused an accident, and the day I choose to do something stupid, I was driving the husband’s car. Great.

We both drive normal middle class cars so we aren’t particular about “yours” and “mine.” Whoever’s car is easier to navigate out of the yard or garage in the morning, is the one I choose to drive. We usually travel to work together but on days when I have errands to run or the husband has outside meetings, we travel separately. This was such a day. Thank goodness I was alone because heaven knows how many questions I would have had to answer if Liam was in the car with me.

So I drove into the parking fine, and then realized I was a bit close to the pillar, so I reversed out with the intention of straightening up and well the mirror got in the way. The glass shattered and popped out and I screamed loud and had a little cry. When I got out to assess the damage, I had another little cry because I knew the husband was going to have a mini freak out. I BBM’d him – hey if you can break up over BBM, you can tell your husband you smashed his car over BBM, ok. He didn’t respond for about two hours, although I could see that he had read the message. In the mean time I phoned VW to get a quote, I phoned some other second hand places which my colleagues suggested after they had all but wee’d themselves laughing at me. I phoned our good friend begging him to help me, without telling my husband that I had asked him for help. I was truly panicked.

Then my husband eventually responded to firstly say it was fine. (relief from me) But very shortly after he couldn’t resist in asking me what sort of bad driver misjudges a parking? (annoyance from me) Oh and how did I not see the pillar? (extreme irritation for me) And how could I be so silly? (whatever). And finally, “but as long as you are ok.”

We found a place that will replace the glass for R150. No big deal. But the lesson I have learned is that no matter what car it is or how much you love your husband, it still feels better to smash your own car rather than his (although not smashing any cars would be first prize.) Oh and always be on the lookout for pillars that jump out from nowhere.


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