On the 4th day of Christmas.

Things are hectic.

There’s been a lot going on. At home and at work – it has just been all systems go. It’s like this every year so I don’t know why it takes me by surprise every time but THIS year it just seems to be that much more hectic. There’s been lots to blog about, but finding the time to pen it all down is becoming increasingly more difficult as we get closer to the holidays.

1. First on the list – I got a new boss. This, too, shouldn’t surprise me. In our business senior management move around a lot. I’ve had three bosses in three years. One French, one German (although born South African) and my new boss is American. It does mean getting use to a new management style, getting used to his quirks, his likes and dislikes and starting all over again with “trying to be nice” – I’m a personal assistant so my boss and I really need to gel in order to make my day job work for me. It does get a bit tiring having to constantly adjust to a new way of doing things, but I guess it keeps my work interesting. I met him last week and it’s just been a constant rush of getting him settled.

2. We have been to Durban three times in three months – that’s once a month of sitting in a car with two toddlers for approximately 6 hours at a stretch. And then still the return trip. None of these trips have been for fun. Well, we’ve had fun but what I mean is we’ve had to attend family functions or weddings – not a holiday as such. So this last weekend we left at 9pm on Friday night because the husband had a work function he couldn’t miss. We arrived after 3am. It was exhausting, even though I think I slept for the better part of the journey. I tried to stay awake to keep the driver company but my head was lolling so badly that I thought it may fall off my shoulders so I had to close my eyes. On just a few hours sleep we had to attend the wedding – but the best part was that I was the MC at said wedding. My first live gig. Ha. After I got over my nerves, I actually had fun with it. I’m going to start stalking the few unmarried friends I have to employ me for their pending nuptials. But seriously, it’s hard work – prepping for the day, and my nerves were a bit fragile at the prospect of messing up THE most important day in these people’s lives with a bad joke. So I was stressing over this for a while.

3. We attended a really cool theatrical play at church – How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It was brilliant and Liam loved it – except the carol singing in between, he just wanted to see the Grinch. Which brings me to the subject of Christmas. I really want the kids to experience Christmas the way I did as a child. Christmas was big for us, we would either be in Cape Town with my grandparents or at home with all our cousins and family friends– but regardless of where we were, it was a huge affair. My sister and I dressed in our matching dresses, lots of baking, lots of food and ginger beer and Gatti’s ice cream. Both my parents were teachers so we were never bored stiff at home with the helpers while our parents worked, we were out and about – doing fun holiday stuff. Christmas was really time set apart from the rest of the boring year. I looked forward to it all year long: Boney M on the stereo, having an afternoon nap so we’d be awake for midnight mass, shaking the gifts under the tree and reading how many presents were for you and complaining when someone had more gifts than you did. My parents used to put gifts under the tree from early in the season, and of course Santa used to bring on Christmas eve as well. I can’t remember when I stopped believing in Father Christmas. My mother used to always remind us that Christmas was about Jesus’ birthday so we took the whole nativity very seriously but hey, I still laid out the cookies and milk for Santa! So yes, back to the future, I want my kids to feel the same sort of excitement I did as a child. So our decorations are up, our Woolies Advent Calendars are out, Boney M has been downloaded and I’m hoping to start on the baking next week – more because I’ve decided on home baked goods as part of the teachers’ gifts this year but also to get into the mood.

4. Seeing everyone. Earlier this year, I said how I wanted to make more time for family and friends and really keep in touch with everyone I consider dear. This is great in theory, but really we have been so busy breakfasting, lunching, dining, schmoozing, impromptu get-together-ing – that really I am quite shattered from all the festivities. And it feels good, don’t get me wrong, but I’m tired of always having something on. I can’t remember the last weekend we just sat at home alone, with nothing to do and nowhere to go. I’m looking forward to the holidays where I have very little planned. I can’t wait to have nothing to do. Seriously. And to give the entertaining and even been entertained a break. Who would have thought I would have said that? Me, who loves to be surrounded by people and noise. This year has clearly been a long one for me!

But before anything dies down I still have a long list of things to complete.. presents to buy, teachers to thank, school concerts to watch, more parties to attend. The one thing I really want to do this December is that gratitude journal that most of blog-land did in November. I think I will start tomorrow. Being grateful helps put everything into perspective, even the craziness.

I hope you are not being bowled over by the busyness of the year coming to a close? xxx

One thought on “On the 4th day of Christmas.”

  1. I remember our matching dresses with the little blue dots and the blue silk ribbon round the waist! Brings back so many good memories! Enjoy the bustle as the count down begins! Xxxx

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