On the 6th day of Gratuity

Today I am grateful for:

1. High waisted skirts which have made a comeback. I’m wearing mine today and it hides my white flabby toneless stomach so well. Sitting at my desk without having to keep my stomach pulled in all day brings me incredible joy. You have no idea.

2. My mother’s homemade food. Last night my mother made good ‘ol beef and vegetable stew. I make this dish all the time because I know the kids love it and it’s as nutritional as it gets in my house, but it never tastes the same as my mother’s. We were licking our bowls. Love my mother’s food.

3. My mother in law. So I’ve invited my husband’s entire family for lunch on Sunday and I was going to be doing all the cooking, and this morning my mother in law insisted that she would make the biryani. I wanted to run and jump into her arms with gratitude but I restrained myself.

4. Good music. I travelled alone to work today because the husband dropped Liam at school. I LOVE being alone in the car because it means I get to choose the playlist, and while I enjoy the odd Barney song and the Children’s Classic Collection, I still like to occasionally blast something with at least a PG13 restriction. This morning I listened to The Beatles and The Carpenters VERY LOUD all the way to work – hardly PG13, but it felt good. Amazing how good music can affect your mood hey?

5. Reconciliation. You know when you and your partner fight, argue, play silent treatment – however it is the two of you disagree, it isn’t very nice. I dislike fighting with my hubby more because it impacts everything else around me. I’m not a very nice person to ANYONE if I am at odds with the husband. Anyway the last two weeks have been filled with lots of little disagreements and stress and we’ve both just agreed to let it go. Of course we will disagree on something else in the next half hour, but we’ve spat-on-it and agreed to just make up and move on. He is better at moving on than I am, but I am going to try.

6. Date night. That’s tonight! Cant’ wait!

Count your blessings today, people! xxx


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