On the 11th day of Gratuity

Today my list could be about 100 points long. But I’ll hold myself back.

1. Grateful that it’s the last working Tuesday for 2012.

2. Grateful for this rain which makes everything green and fresh.

3. Grateful to my kid’s teachers who did a sterling job this year.

4. Grateful that I could spoil them with gifts this morning.

5. Grateful for simple recipes which create the most delicious foolproof butter biscuits. They are so yummy!

6. Grateful for my online friends who are always available to give help when I need it. Yesterday I was stuck looking for cookie cutters and between Facebook and Twitter, I got about seven answers within minutes – problem solved!

7. Grateful for my real life friends who celebrated birthdays this weekend – I went to three birthday parties this weekend.

8. Grateful for my early Christmas presents from suppliers and work colleagues.

9. Grateful for getting Bieber tickets for my niece yesterday. Still feeling sorry for those who missed the Bieber boat!

10. Grateful that pay day comes early this month.

11. Grateful for a good laugh… this morning we were early for school, so Liam and I were sitting in the car and I decided to pluck my eyebrows while waiting. After explaining to him that I was plucking my eyebrows, he carried on “driving the car” and playing with his action figures. A few minutes later when I was done, he said “are you done *#!cking your eyebrows?” Ever so innocently. Boy I couldn’t contain myself, that child cracks me up. I simply corrected him and we carried on with our conversation and he was none the wiser.


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