Well hello there 2013

And hello blog, can’t say I have missed you because truthfully I haven’t. This is probably because I’ve been on holiday. Although this wasn’t our usual December holiday down by the coast, it was equally enjoyable because it was our first Christmas in our own home. Just a side note about having Christmas in your own home and having guests. No matter how wonderful your guests, or how helpful they are, being the hostess is hard work. Making sure the kitchen is always clean, or that there is always enough toilet paper or enough ice lollies in the freezer for when the swimmers take a break is hard work. I have a new found respect for my helper because cleaning house is no walk in the park. Can’t wait for her to get home later today.

This holiday I had the pleasure of hosting my most favourite people in the world. And I say this with no apologies to the other people in my life who thought they were the favourites. Yes guys, you are still my favourites but the people who I spent the last three weeks with are by far my most favourite-favourite. My sister and her family and my parents. There was no pressure to do things, go places, cook bacon and eggs for breakfast everyday – everything was just chilled, as holidays should be. Those who wanted to swim, swam, those who wanted to watch TV, did, those who wanted to clean up… Oh wait no one wanted to do that. The kids played and fought and made up again, for the most part they wanted little to do with me which was great. After all the fun and games I thought it would be hard to get back into routine, but they’ve settled down nicely – probably all holidayed out me thinks. We ate, boy we ate. Not sure why we associate food with good times but my family have always put the two together. Yay, it’s holiday – let’s eat! Yay, the baby got a tooth – let’s eat! Yay, Arsenal won – let’s eat! Yay, the sun is shining – let’s eat! Yay, we haven’t got anything to celebrate but let’s eat anyway! I’m not even going to make you laugh with jokes about going on a diet because I’m not, but I can’t wait to just going back to eating normally. Not that normal is by any means healthy for me, but at least it isn’t over indulgence hey.

I’ve spent the last three weeks relaxing, unwinding and laughing. It’s been a good finish to 2012 and a good start to 2013. I’ll be blogging about some of the more memorable moments of 2012 in the next few weeks.

I can’t believe that it’s 2013. I can’t believe that another Christmas has come and gone. I can’t believe that Hannah starts school on Wednesday or that Liam can swim in the deep end. I can’t believe how the hours in the day, though still 24, seem to gallop by faster as I get older. My hope for 2013 is that you and I will be able to account for every moment, be it happy or sad, that we will savor every moment and grow with every page turn. I have no resolutions this year, I just want to make every moment count.

Wishing you a bright and prosperous new year filled with all of your favourite things, from me and my family to yours xxx


2 thoughts on “Well hello there 2013”

  1. Aaaahhhh! So we are your favourites!! Yeah! A greaatttt time was had by all! May 2013 be all you hope it will be! Lotsalove xxxxx

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