Why WHy WHY!!

I think I answer the WHY question from Hannah around 671 times a day. That’s just me. She converses with her brother and her father and Gogo and I’m sure her new teachers all day long, so in total I think she asks WHY about 698143 times day. Easily.

Wow, the WHY phase is driving me batty. I clearly remember this phase with Liam and it drove me equally insane. It’s not the fact that she asks the question, it’s the fact that she won’t accept the answer – like my answer is never good enough so she asks WHY again. Like this:

Hannah: Why you wear dat?

Me: What? This dress? Because it’s pretty!

Hannah: Why?

Me: Because it just is, look at the colours. Pretty mama!

Hannah: Yes 🙂  … But why?

Me: Why what?


Me: Because I said so.

Hannah: Why you said so?

Me: Huh?

Hannah: WHY?

Me: Because. Look at my shoes, do you like them? (Distraction technique)

Hannah: Why your shoes big?

Me: Mamas have big feet.

Hannah:  Why?



Hannah: But WHYYYY?

Liam is still going through the WHY phase but he is at the age where his questions and subsequent answers become a wonderful learning experience for him and often for me too. It’s amazing to watch how his mind unravels a new concept or idea. Like why does water have no colour? Wow, that was a hard one to answer. First he told me that water was white – if something has no colour, he always calls it white or silver. It turned into a long and beautiful conversation because he is at the age where we can delve into things and he can help answer his own questions and his WHY’s make sense! And because he has this amazing imagination, we all end up having a good laugh at the conclusions we brainstorm together. AND he is also old enough to accept things for what they are. Like if I say the darn dress is pretty, he agrees, is happy with my answer and we move on. He doesn’t go Sherlock Holmes on me asking WHY WHY WHY to things that just simply ARE!

But of course it is all age appropriate. Hannah is exactly where she should be. Ask any parent with a two year old and they’ll tell you the same thing. At this age, WHY becomes the new NO (the first word they really go off the deep end with) and there is no answer good enough. Barney the Dinosaur even penned a song about WHY.. remember this one?

Why is the grass so green?

Why is the sky so blue?

How many fish are in the sea and

Why does a Cow say Moo?


We sit around and wonder why,

About so many things

We just want to know….

Why, Why, Why, WHY


Why are there stars up in the sky?

Good Questions

Why do the clouds keep rolling by, and by and…

How do the birds fly up so high?

I Wish I knew?

We just want to know “Why?”


Why does a kitty cat purr?

Why does a bear have fur?

How does the day turn into night and

Why is the moon so bright?


We sit around and wonder why,

About so many things

We just want to know Why?”


kiss kiss

I still love you with your inquiring mind, my skatebol. Why? You ask? Just because. Why? Oh no you don’t…


5 thoughts on “Why WHy WHY!!”

  1. Why Mummy? Why? Ha Ha Ha Ha. She is stil too cute (guess it’s cute when you are not the one who has to answer all the WHYs…)

    That’s a lovely picture

  2. I hear you. Just so you know, It doesn’t necessarily get better. Child1 is 12 and there are STILL whys. Mostly I can tell him to google. Other times I can’t. Yesterday he asked me Why are police so violent sometimes. I had to think deep for that one.

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