Eskom, you beauty

Last year one of our friends alerted us to the fact that Eskom was rolling out this project whereby they were replacing all household globes and bulbs with energy saving ones, they were also putting timers on geysers and pool pumps and installing energy saving shower heads. Oh and all this for free. It sounded too good to be true, and if our friends hadn’t successfully made use of the service, I probably wouldn’t even have taken it further – you know me, Little Miss Cynical.

Well I always have a few choice words for Eskom at the ready, but today my words deviate from the usual bleepers – I actually have something positive to say about Eish..Kom.

I submitted the online application late last year and forgot about it. When I got back to work in January, I received an email apologising for the delay and advising that my house would be serviced before the end of January. Last week Friday I received a call to check my availability for the Saturday, and the next day, they were there. All this without me phoning to check up on my online application, without any nagging or complaining? That’s a first for any governmental service.

Two pleasant guys popped in right on time on Saturday, and replaced every light bulb in the house in a matter of minutes. They even replaced all our down lights and all our lamps.  They changed the shower head in the kids bathroom, and not to just any cheap head, one of those nice wide-ish ones that give you a good even squirt. I didn’t want them tampering with my shower head which I love and my husband didn’t want them tampering with his beloved pool pump and we already have a timer on it, but they were happy to oblige with these services too.

They spent about 40 minutes in our house, were friendly and professional, politely answered the millions of questions from the kids and didn’t freak out when Hannah smashed a globe on the kitchen floor. They left with all the old bulbs and fittings they had replaced, so I didn’t have to worry about safely disposing of them and they cleaned up after themselves.

What a welcome break from Eskom. I don’t know who’s paying who for this service, or who’s scratching who’s back, or which tenderpreneur has just pushed millions into an offshore account, but for once I actually don’t care. I am just going to say thank you for a well run project which I’m sure is benefiting homes across the country.

Of course I am keen to see the difference in our light bill as the true proof of this pudding. But if anything else, at least I don’t have to replace a globe for a long time. Good job Eskom. High five to you.

Not sure if the project is still running, but get in on the action if it is.

Ps: they put these bright lights in Liam’s room… Looks like day light even in the dark. Wanted to take a few bulbs out, but the kid likes his over lit room, so we left it.


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