Drum Roll.. photographic evidence that I sucked at ballet.

Ok, so the other day I got tagged in a friend’s photos on FB. When I receive a “you got tagged” notification, I’ll admit it makes me a bit nervous. Not in a Kim Kardashian kind of way because I definitely don’t have “those” kinds of photos or videos floating around in cyber space, just nervous because there’s only one kind of photo your childhood friends have of you… it’s called EMBARRASSING. Luckily, I’m not easily embarrassed, but still, I have a reputation to uphold, street cred. to show off, you know. I’m now cool mom, I can’t give my kids ANY ammunition to take me down – this means no mom-jeans, and definitely no photos of myself from the 80’s. Can’t have teenage Hannah and Liam roasting me for my fashion (and other)  faux pas.

But these photos I have to share. Perhaps my mother thought that ballet classes would help her pigeon toed, knock-kneed daughter – clearly NOT. The part that amuses me the most is that I actually thought I was good. Like really, I thought I could have made a career out of dance. I even danced for The Playhouse Company, took part in many festivals and productions. And when I look at these photos I have to ask myself one question… HOOOOOW? I danced until I was in Standard 9, and then I think my mother couldn’t hide it any longer, she had to break it to me that I sort of sucked. In my defence, I think I had “stage presence” – and that carried me for a while. But let’s be honest, it takes more than an animated face to join the Russian Kirov Ballet Company … you can join the Russian circus with an animated face maybe, but that’s about it. Anyhoo folks, today’s laugh is on me. For free, gratis and mahala! Enjoy!

ballet 1
There I am, second from the right, looking like a stiff robot.
ballet 6
None of that liquid fluid balletic movement here. It’s all stiff and angular – with red lipstick. There I am on my knee in the front.
ballet 4
Looking more like a gangster rap group, than a ballet class right here. I’m in the middle on the right.
ballet 3
Frank Sinatra would be ashamed of our New York, New York rendition. Third from the left.
ballet 2
Had to throw this one in… I should have just stuck to swimming. I like my angry swimmer look. And I think Liam looks so much like me in this photo!


7 thoughts on “Drum Roll.. photographic evidence that I sucked at ballet.”

  1. You didnt suck…..the girls in my ballet class thought your class was the be all and end all of ballet dancers. We wanted to be like Robyn Andrews…..LOL

  2. hahaha – I was kicked out of ballet – I was too fat! You should see those pictures!!!

    And yes the last pic is Liam 🙂

  3. I was also nervous when these photos surfaced . And I distinctly remember you were one of the best dancers. How bad were the rest of us then! But you definitely were good at swimming. Very proud of you taking on the Midmar mile.

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