I’m swimming the Midmar Mile. No seriously!

Now that you’ve picked your jaw off the floor.. remember this post? Yes, the one where I made all those wild and outrageous promises to myself on the eve of my 31st birthday. Well, turns out I’m actually following through: on Sunday, 10th February 2013, I will dive into the cold waters  of the Midmar Dam, along with about 14 000 other people and doggy paddle my way across the dam. I’m swimming the Midmar Mile. 

I must admit that I am feeling a teeny tiny bit nervous  – I haven’t swam in open water in over 9 years. But the fact that I am seeded with the under 13’s and over 31’s does make me feel slightly better – not sure why because looking at last year’s results, these gals can swim their Speedos off. Those under 13 nippers with their young over enthusiastic bendy bodies better not stampede me over, before I even get a chance at floundering in the shallow waters. My game plan is to let the crowd run and cannon ball into the water and then slowly edge myself towards the water once the dust and splashing has settled. But hey, I may be caught up in the euphoria and be the first to kamikaze myself into the bottomless pit of the Midmar dam.

A mile. That’s 1600 metres. That’s a kilometer and then some. It ain’t a frolick at Warm Baths Resort, ya know what I’m saying? I was not going to blog about this until after the event because my pride would take a serious dent if I didn’t make it after blabbing about it all over the internet. But bugger that, even if I don’t make it, the buildup has been great and the day will be great even if I have to be pulled out of the water (oh please Lord no). I’ve enjoyed swimming every night and the time it gives me to reflect on life. I think I’ve enjoyed that hour all to myself more than anything else. I’ve enjoyed watching my body break boundaries again. In my “youth” (because I am soooo old now) my cousin and I used to swim lap after lap, our young bodies slicing through the water and our lungs effortlessly expanding and contracting. NOW. Oh my word.. that first week back in the water was tough. I felt like I was going to combust, I felt like my lungs were going to explode all over the Planet Fitness pool, I was imagining the aqua aerobics girls in the last lane screaming and jumping off their pool noodles to get away from the bloody debris. But in these last few weeks, I’ve become quite comfortable with the swim. My body has proved to me that it still got it, don’t be fooled by this cellulite and these rolls and these stretchmarks and these varicose veins – THIS BODY CAN GO BABY. I’m not slicing through the water like a shark anymore, it’s more the gentle lull of a whale. But a killer whale ok. Yeh, that’s right.

Anyway friends, wish me well and tell me I’m going to be awesome. Pray that Monday’s post will have one with a photo of this ‘ol whale and her medal.

ps: if I don’t make it, I blame my husband who basically forced me into this, dragged me kicking and screaming to the car, put my gym back in the boot and waved me goodbye to go and train.

pss: if I DO make it, I want to thank my husband for his constant encouragement and arm twisting, and for believing in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.


5 thoughts on “I’m swimming the Midmar Mile. No seriously!”

  1. I think it’s fantastic that you’re doing Midmar Robyn! Well done!
    I’m going to be there too – not swimming, but cheerleading.
    I look forward to seeing that pic of you and your medal on Monday morning.

  2. Yeah! Go Robyn! You’re the girl! You can do it!! Hope us cheerleaders have good weather though! All the best! Knock ’em dead!!!

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