Just about me. Robyn

This post is a selfish little one just about me. And probably won’t serve as a memoir for my munchkins one day. But whatever.

So two weeks ago I had my wisdom tooth removed in the chair. I cannot tell you the level of pain I was experiencing with this tooth. OH Matthew-Mark-Luke-and-John it was sore.  If you remember this post, you’ll know I had been struggling with this tooth for MONTHS. The main delay in getting it sorted was that my dentist recommended I have it taken out in hospital and I was waiting for the new year to tick over so that I could AFFORD to take it out in hospital. But long story short, the pain became so severe that I basically found another dentist willing to just pull the darn thing out and here I am two weeks later, pain and tooth free. I would reaaaaally, and I mean rreeaaallly like to post a pic of this tooth, but after showing it off to family and friends (yes I kept the tooth to show my kids) and being hurt and embarrassed by their comments, I thought I would save your eyes from the horror. Ok fine, I wasn’t hurt and embarrassed I was highly amused at the shock and horror on people’s faces when I insisted on showing them my tooth. The hole in the tooth is about the size of a small island and I still can’t believe that that ugly monstrosity came out of my body  – how I lived with it for as long as I did, I just don’t know. Oh wait I do know… I was popping pills like Smarties almost everyday, while begging my stomach lining to toughen up. Currently, I am still experiencing some discomfort when I open my mouth too wide, not pain, more like a pulled muscle – maybe my mouth is still recovering from the trauma? But boy, it feels good to be pain free!

So after all my swimming and training for Midmar, I’ve gone back to doing nothing to help pump my blood faster around my body. Well I do get a bit of a rush every time I see Harvey from Suits on the telly, but I’m referring to physical exercise here. So what I’ve been doing is taking the kids bike riding around the block – twice everyday. I have to walk at quite a speed because they ride pretty fast, I even work up a bit of a sweat. SO I feel good and self righteous about this. I still intend to take to the pavement with the Hubby, but until I can afford a decent pair of running shoes, I’ll speed walk in my old ones. I know I said this post was about me, but can I just add – this little afternoon activity has really been good for the kids and for me. It sort of breaks the day in half and gives us time to unwind after work and school, before we tailspin into the evening’s routine of bath, feed, sleep. Even as I feel the first telltale signs of Winter, I will put them into longs and jackets and try to keep this new little activity going for as long as we all enjoy it.

So you all know how I have a complex about my hair, I don’t have time to tag all the posts I have done on this one boring topic. I wouldn’t call it a complex exactly – more a love/hate relationship. I love my hair but I hate the schlep of doing it up and making it look pretty or even decent. Pretty decent. I love my natural curls, but I hate that I have to scrunch-it-bunch-it-bend-down-stand-up-punch it before it curls the way I like it. I love that I can wear it straight but that I have to basically endure Chinese torture before it gets there. Anyway, I’ve had my hair curly all week and we have a 30th to attend tomorrow night so I wanted to wear it differently so this morning I got to work early and first blow dried and then flat ironed my hair. Why I haven’t done this before is beyond me! We have a fully kitted salon downstairs and while we do score the occasional freebie, the stylists are there to work – not play on employees hair. Anyway, I did my hair myself – took me an hour, as opposed to the almost two hour it takes me at home with the distraction of children, pots cooking, checking my phone and trying to scoff my dinner down. Got to my desk looking like a million bucks.

Finally, can I just say that 2013 is belting past me so fast that I fear I may have whiplash by the time we get to June. It’s March already, people. It’s Easter this month. Easter means we’re half way to Christmas in my books. Yes there’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, blah blah.. but the two big events in the Christian calendar are Christmas and Easter and when the one is over, you’re expecting the other. Oh.my.word. I must say that we have been pretty chilled this year. Ok fine, we’ve been to 5 kiddies parties already this year but in between we’ve had pyjama days and just been at home – which is what I really wanted for this year. Things are going ok, Husband continues to train and carbo-load his way to the 2Oceans. Our lives revolve around races and new and exciting pasta dishes and counting his medal collection and Arnica massages that I sometimes think I am suckered into because I’m just so good at it. Ooh also, last week we went on a date and it’s always really nice to have that ah-hah moment when you remember that you actually just like this dude as a person, not as a father or a husband or a fixer of broken kitchen appliances – he is a genuinely nice guy that I would be friends with if he was not my husband. Serious. Kids have had a few hiccups at school, but continue to be a struggle, no I mean a joy – ok a joyful struggle. Every day I discover more about myself through them, and I have to say, on reflection, that I must be bloody awesome to have created such bloody awesome kids. The joyful struggle of parenting continues to blow my mind at every turn – hard but worth it.

I still enjoy penning my thoughts here… mainly because it’s a great outlet to spit the sometimes nonsensical meanderings of mind and yet some of you are still kind enough to comment. Well my mind says that’s all for today folks.  For now. xxx


6 thoughts on “Just about me. Robyn”

  1. What a relieve to be pain free! For those who don’t have tooth problems I can imagine their shock at seeing your wisdom tooth 🙂

    Enjoy the exercise with the kids, what better way to bond than while exercising!!! I’m sure the kids love them too!

    Good luck to hubby at the 2 oceans! Did he do the vaal race or sunrise monster? We should do speed walking together at one of these races

  2. Oh I love to hear more about you and not just the kids Robyn! I have to say that I have about the same relationship with my hair – love it, but good heavens, some days hate it. And now it’s falling out in hand fulls!

    And I aso feel this year is just grinding me!

  3. I am busy writing a hair post. I’ll publish it tomorrow. Are you coming down for 2 oceans? If so I’d love to meet up? I have never watched Suits before but am hearing a lot about it so need to get it pronto and yes, 2013 is speeding by! Loved this post btw. Am always more interested in the Mommy and the kids even though it is lovely to read about the kids too.

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