Ain’t nobody got time for crazy.

Everyone goes through those crazy patches when everything is just … is just crazy, right?

Crazy 1.

So the craziness started on Thursday night. I went to a church meeting, the Husband was at the gym and the kids were home with Zoleka. En route to church, I get a call from Zoleka. Now she never ever phones me, I’ve always told her to send me a “please call me” so as to reserve her air time, and she usually sends me text messages if she needs to. So immediately my adrenalin started pumping, I answered even though I was driving. She tells me that Liam fell while swinging between the two couches and slit his chin open. She sounded calm, and there was no hysterical crying in the background so I asked the necessary questions: is there blood? How much? Is he conscious, talking and crying? And I was happy with her answers. I talked to Liam and although he was very unhappy, he sounded ok. I told Zoleka how to patch it up and I carried on my way, BBM’d the Husband to tell him to take a look when he got home. The Husband messaged me later to say it looked ok. Right. So when I got home, everyone was asleep, I checked on the kids as I always do – feel their foreheads, put my finger under their noses to make sure they are breathing, you know how we psychos do. After 10, Liam got up complaining about his chin, I put the light on and there’s blood all over his pillow and down his PJ top. I’m like what? Remove the badly placed plasters and there’s a genuinely deep gash that is oozing. I yell to the Husband that this is NOT ON. It was the kind of wound that I wouldn’t even have thought twice about, I would have taken him to Trauma immediately for a stitch or two. Anyway, it was after 10pm, I was not going to take him out, so I dressed the wound, gave him some pain medication and left it. The next morning, it looked better, the skin had already started to knit but I still wanted to have it checked out, if anything to get the right dressings and perhaps an ointment or something to reduce the risk of infection. Little dude was proud as punch of his cut and wanted to go to school so I let them go.

Crazy 2.

So Friday morning, I leave them at school and I go to work. At 10am I get a call from the school to say Hannah is miserable and complaining of an earache and just very upset. Now bearing in mind, they have both been coughing for over two weeks and I’ve been self medicating and using home remedies in a bid to stay off the antibiotics – and also because it physically pains me to go to the doctor where he looks into their mouths, into their ears, feels their glands, puts the stethoscope on their chests and backs – all of which takes 5 minutes each, and then he gives me a script that I could have written myself and I have to pay over R600. KILLS ME SLOWLY EVERYTIME. But yes, even I know when to call it quits and bring in the big gunned antibiotics. I’m not that cruel to treat an ear infection with olive oil and a bit of cotton wool. So I make an appointment for both of them to see the doc later that day. Get to the doc, we go through the EXACT routine I mentioned and in addition I asked him to look at Liam’s chin. He agreed that it would have needed stitches last night but yes the skin (how miraculous is skin?) had already started to self heal, but to prevent scaring and the risk of infection, he had the wound glued and dressed with Steri-Strip and gave us some ointments and more dressing. Another R300 for that. Just another crazy Friday afternoon in my house.

Crazy 3.

Ok, like seriously. Is this a girl thing, or is this a Hannah thing? Child has MOODS, yoh! For the last week or so Hannah has been like a different child. Granted she has been sick but this is a different kind of crazy. She goes from happy and playful to miserable and tantrum-ing in a split second. She refuses to listen and blatantly ignores any request from anyone. She screams through bath time one day and the next day screams when you want to take her out. She is sometimes totally off her Daddy and obviously he takes this personally, and that sets the tone for the evening! She doesn’t want him to bath her, feed her, play with her – nothing! She won’t even greet him! She just wants me. But the next minute, she turns on me and only wants her Daddy. I don’t take this personally at all because it gives me a break. She has been waking up at night, and when I try to take her back to her room she freaks out, so then I let her into our bed, and she still freaks out – I mean what do you want child?? So she wakes up the whole household with her crying because she doesn’t know what she wants either. And then just like that, she hits a 180. She goes back to loving and cuddly, she only wants to sit on her Daddy’s lap and lavishes us with hugs and kisses. People think I’m overplaying it because she is still sweet little Hannah when we’re out and about, she loves school and is not Crazy Hannah there so they think I’m also overeacting. It’s mainly when we’re at home. Is she bored? Does she just enjoy manipulating us? Wow, it’s just getting a bit much. And she’s only 2. What when she’s 12? I’m not a moody so-and-so and I don’t like to be surrounded with moodiness. Just be cool man, life is short, yes I can very emotional but for the most part, I’m pretty happy most of the time, so to deal with all this moodiness is not easy for me – it is testing my patience!

Crazy 4.

With all the sickness, I’ve kept them at home this week. Wow, how you stay at home moms do it, I just don’t know. The house has been in complete disarray. I feel so sorry for Zoleka who tries to work around them, pick up after them and keep them in one spot at the same time so that she can at least make one area of the house look clean. It reminds me of the Cat in the Hat movie where those kids wreck their mother’s house, except in my version there is no Thing 1 and Thing 2 to fix it all up. As much as possible we enforce cleaning up after yourself, but it’s the general mayhem that small kids leave behind that really gets my goat. There’s crumbs all over, so there’s ants all over. There’s colouring pencils and crayons and kokis all over the place. The beds have been jumped on, the toilet seats have been dotted and smeared. The blankets from the linen cupboard and the cushions in the living area have all been used to build fortresses in the TV room. Oh my hat, it’s a mess! And I am not a neat freak, but I have come to realise now how I like coming home to a spotless house every day, how I appreciate everything in its place and that I like my sanctuary to have some sort of order! This craziness is messing with my chi!

Thing be crazy, yo! And while I like crazy, I do crazy really well in fact, I do need me some normal. I’m looking forward to the long weekend and the Easter break. I’m looking forward to my kids being healthy again and for this phase of Hannah’s to come to an end. I’m looking forward to the kids getting back to shool and Zoleka getting back to keeping house just the way I like it. I’m looking forward to a bit of normal. Crazy/normal. Please.

PS: I did have the most lovely breakfast with my girlfriends on Saturday morning. Hubby took the kids out for a few hours to let me entertain and it was just what I needed. So there was that bit of lovely in between the crazy.


7 thoughts on “Ain’t nobody got time for crazy.”

  1. We have the same problem with our second child (who is also a girl and is now only almost turning 3). She has hectic tantrums and wants nothing to do with her Dad. It’s flipping tough and even more frustrating. I don’t have a solution, but I have noticed that the older she gets, the easier it is. Hopefully you get some relief soon!

  2. Hi there 🙂 My Reader suggested that I may like your blog … and I must say that I do 🙂

    Wow! I can totally relate with regards to the MOODS hey … I have an almost-2 year old girl who is doing this exact same thing right now. Most of the time I have no clue why she’s crying or what she wants … I only know she’s fine most of the time, and then all hell breaks lose as soon as I get home, so I’ve been wondering if it’s an attention-thing!

  3. Hahahaha! Shame, poor Hannah, getting all the blame! Sorry aunty’s girl! It’s just a girl thing!! Xxxx

  4. I have to agree with Hannah’s aunt, poor baby 😆 😆

    So sorry about all the craziness, hope everything settles down, there’s only so much one can deal with

  5. LOL looking at your post title, don’t get cross with me when you read my post from last night!!!

    On the crazy… it’s totally a girl thing! I always said, boys are more demanding physically but girls are more demanding emotionally. They can WORK it 🙂

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