The Grace Factory


If you remember, the weather started to turn about three weeks ago. We are still having lovely warm days in Jozi, but the mornings and evenings have definitely started to cool down. So I pulled out the Winter pj’s for the kids and of course my beansprouts have grown taller and leaner since last they wore their Winter pj’s – and many other things in their wardrobes. So I filled a packet per child, with things they had outgrown and found blankets from Hannah’s baby days which created a third bag of stuff that needed a new home.

Strangely enough, on that very day I received an email from Amy who I had never met or heard of before. Her email explained that she was running an NGO called The Grace Factory. They collect unused baby items, including clothing, nappies, formula, bottles, blankets – anything baby related – and distribute to those in need.

Talk about Divine Intervention 🙂  Here I was cleaning out my cupboards and out of nowhere Amy contacts me. I HAD to help! Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Amy to hand over our loot and to chat about The Grace Factory. Amy has a little girl, and soon discovered (as all moms do) that she had all this stuff that her daughter had outgrown, or hadn’t even used because they do grow so fast, and from there The Grace Factory was born. She appealed to other moms to hand over their unused (or used but in good condition) baby stuff, she personally collects from the donors and she distributes to orphanages, children’s homes and other organisations who have a genuine need.

She says that the response has been great and although she works full time, she has managed to keep The Grace Factory running, by dedicating her evenings to working on this project. I take my hat off to Amy, she is doing good work here – while still working full time and being mom to a little baba, she is still giving back, and that is admirable. For that  reason, I now want to appeal to YOU. I know we all have special charities which we support, I know that a lot of us give to our churches, or even to our domestic helpers at home and all this is GREAT. But if you have over and above to give (I know I do with two small children who are constantly outgrowing things), or if you can add an extra tin of formula to your groceries this month, or if you can throw in an extra pack of wet wipes (Dischem’s bulk pack is still only R40), then please do contact Amy. She will come and collect from you, or if it is convenient for you, The Grace Factory have set up drop off points in certain areas, where you can drop off your stuff on your way to work, or on the weekend or whenever is easier for you.

Yes it is good to get your hands messy and go out and actively HELP people in need. This is first prize of course. But sometimes it is not always easy or possible and that is why I absolutely support causes like this. People who selflessly give of themselves for the greater good of others. Follow them on Twitter, like them Facebook, tell all your friends too. Let’s help Amy, help others!

Give freely and spontaneously. Don’t have a stingy heart. The way you handle matters like this triggers God, your God’s, blessing in everything you do, all your work and ventures. There are always going to be poor and needy people among you. So I command you: Always be generous, open purse and hands, give to your neighbors in trouble, your poor and hurting neighbors. Deuteronomy 15:11

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6 thoughts on “The Grace Factory”

  1. Is this the lady that was on 702? I have just given another bag to our church, brought some stuff in (potty chairs and such) for an HIV home my work supports otherwise I’d be in. I feel very guilty that my kids have so much and others don’t even have basic necessities hence the world vision no. 2 🙂

    did you have a nice weekend?

    1. Yes, same lady! Ay there is so much need hey, makes me very sad! Weekend was lovely and chilled, spent with good friends and family! Liam had his first sleepover at our house, which I need to blog about! How was yours?

  2. I don’t suppose the have a branch in Cape Town yet? I have loads of stuff to pass on. I tried to find a place here but nothing really grabbed me. But then someone gave me the idea to give it to our domestic who can maybe make some extra money by selling it to her friends (or even just giving it away).

  3. Heart rendering story!We who have received so much freely, should give freely-thanking God for His amazing love and His abundant supply. Love Dad

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