My Father’s Love…

I look at these mothers who are so calm and chilled and I wonder to myself, how do you do it? I am a shouter, highly strung and easily irritated. My patience does not runneth over, in fact it runneth very much under. I didn’t think I would be this kind of parent, but I guess I lost the plot when I had two babies so close to each other and parenting them left me frazzled on the best of days and my outlet was shouting – at them, at the situation, at my husband. I’ve seen mothers of multiples and they aren’t frazzled and crazy like I can be, so this is not my excuse, it’s MY truth. Maybe my coping mechanism.

It isn’t good. I don’t want to have to yell to get a reaction. And now it seems I don’t get a reaction unless I yell! Of course this is all my fault, my kids reflect what they are exposed to. Maybe it’s the age we’re at, but Liam’s listening skills have become so bad that I find myself yelling ALL the time. Hannah is as stubborn as a mule and I have to yell to get anything done with her. With the effect, I think the neighbours think we are running some sort of child torture chamber. I am constantly nagging and whining and yelling at them to get things done. It is so frustrating.

I’ve been feeling really bad about all of this. It got me thinking about our own Heavenly Father. The Bible says that God is “slow to get angry and huge in loyal love, forgiving iniquity and rebellion and sin”  (Num 14:18MSG). If he parents us like this, and we are made in His image, I’m guessing he wants us to be like this too? I want to be slow to get angry, I want to be quick to forgive and HUGE in LOYAL LOVE. How awesome is that? (it does go on to say that God does meter out punishment, which is more my parenting style, but let’s not focus on that right now, ha!). Rebellion – this term comes to mind when I think of my children! But God forgives us of our rebellion if we repent, what right then do I have to lose it with my kids against their rebellion – especially because childish rebellion is nothing on the rebellion that we offer up to our Heavenly Father everyday!

The Bible says that God rejoices over me with gladness, he QUIETS me by His love and He exalts over me with loud singing (Zeph 3:17). OH MY WORD!! Over me Lord?? Do you know how that makes me feel? It makes me feel like a million bucks, it makes me feel loved and special and warm and fuzzy. That my Creator feels like that about me, little ‘ol me with all my warts, blows my mind. It makes me want to be good at what I do, it makes me want to be a better person for Him. Furthermore, I need to extend this same kind of love to my children. I need to rejoice over them, I need to QUIETEN THEM WITH MY LOVE and not with shouting and screaming, I need them to know that their creation makes me want to sing from the mountain tops because they are just that fabulous and bring me that much joy – most of the time. Because I need and want THEM to feel like a million bucks too!

I don’t want to be that parent who goes off her head the minute the kids act up, I don’t want my kids to act up BECAUSE I go off my head! I can’t rewind the past, but I can fix the future. I’m not saying that yelling is wrong and that we should pussyfoot around our children and never raise a voice (or a hand) to them. Believe me, I am NOT that kind of parent. The Bible specifically speaks about discipline being a Godly directive for Christian parents (sparing the rod and all of that) but it also talks about a different kind of discipline – about not exasperating our children by coming down hard on them, but by taking them by the hand and leading them in the way of the Master (Eph 6:4). I do think that my shouting exasperates them, imagine if your boss (or a person in a position of authority ) shouted at you all day long to get things done. We expect people to be civil and talk to us with the respect we deserve, right. Then more so the people in our very homes, the people we love, right?

I am so far from the Godly model, but I want to try to improve. We can all do things better, right? Parenting is so difficult, and I must laugh at how I thought that the most difficult times were the sleepless nights and the overflowing laundry basket. Turns out that was the easiest part! Ha! Everyone wants to tell you what a blessing kids are, how amazing children are and what a joy to be involved in creation! Um yeh ok, maybe 5% of the time, but the rest of the time raising children is HARD and frustrating and sometimes soul crushing and I deal with constant feelings of inadequacy and ineptitude. But I don’t need to feel like this, I CAN improve, I can look to MY Heavenly Father who knows my weaknesses just as he knows my heart and look to His example as a parent to help me on my parenting journey.

I am not going to stop shouting, if you know me, you’ll know that this is my personality. I shout to show my emotion – whether happy, sad, angry or excited. But I am going to pray for a calmness and a stillness of spirit that allows me to say what I need to say without scaring the neighbours or my children. A calmness to deal with the daily toiling of raising a robust almost 3 and 4 year old.

Will you pray for me too?


Weekend Roundup

On Friday night we had dinner with friends of ours who both had a birthday during April. We left the kids at home and it was a lovely adult evening. While I love spending time with my children and we really do include them in almost everything we do, it is a welcome break to kick back and spend time with other people who are around the same height as we are and who can eat with a silver knife and fork. There are few things I enjoy more than sharing a meal with people I love. I’ve said it before, I seriously think that consuming food is one of my love languages and I make no excuses for it. Thanks to the Lalla’s for your hospitality, the fact that I only got into bed after 1am is indicative of the amount of fun we had!

Saturday I was rudely jolted out of my slumber by my two excited babies who were looking forward to their own get together with their little friends later that day. We had a double party to attend – Tyler and Jordan are brothers born exactly two years apart, almost to the day. At least their parents only need to plan one party for both boys until they are at least 5 or 6! My friend is a hostess of extreme note. Like one needs to seriously follow her around with a notebook and steal as many tips as you can from her. The food, the décor, the cakes and theme were just amazing. I’m not even sure where to start … she had prepared these platters and dips for the adults with mountains of the most delicious tidbits. The kids had their own table of food with a taste for every palette. The sweet treats, made by Ninette (please contact me for her number if you are looking for novelty cakes, cookies or cupcakes) were so cute and soooo delicious, my photos truly do not do them any justice. Two novelty cakes, the cutest iced biscuits, and cupcakes that make you want to stick your finger straight through them and like the icing off bit by bit. So yummy! The highlight of the party was the baking for the kids. I wish I had taken more photos of this activity but it was so much fun that I ended up with my hands dirty too. Colleen had prepped small bowls with the separate ingredients for each child. They got to make biscuits from scratch, from mixing all the ingredients together with the little wooden spatula they were each given, to rolling them out with a mini rolling pin and then using the cutters to make their biscuits and then decorating their creations with cherries, hundreds-and-thousands, vermicelli and the like. Each child received a handmade apron and a little baking set which they got to take home. Oh and of course they got to take their cooked biscuits home too. So cool! There was more food – homemade biryani, roast, salads, pasta – Colleen’s culinary skills seriously know no bounds. She is amazing and I think she is secretly a feeder. She loves to feed people, maybe this is why I love her so much, because she knows that the way to my heart is through my stomach. We eventually left the party at 9pm!! With bowls of food under arm – she always insists that we HAVE to take food home, so my Sunday lunch was sorted! I am not joking when I say that I have about 30 Tupperware containers which belong to Colleen purely from all the leftovers I have taken from her house. The kids were exhausted and I think not even all the sugar they had consumed could have kept them up. We bathed them before we left because I knew they would hit the hay before we even turned the corner and of course I was right. It was a glorious celebration, well done to the Oliver’s for another outstanding party!

Yesterday was a bit like having a hangover. Everyone was pretty grumpy and everyone needed to sleep. However, church on Sundays is not negotiable no matter how partied out you are, sorry. We had to be at church at 6h45am because both hubby and I were serving in our different ministries. After church we grudgingly dragged ourselves to the mall to deal with end-of-the-month admin, and then we finally got home and conked. By the time we got up it was time to get ready for Monday again! I usually try to wash Hannah’s hair on a Sunday afternoon and take their school clothes out and make sure their school bags are packed. Well I only got as far as doing Hannah’s hair and lo and behold, I forgot to pack their clinic cards in for their vaccinations today. Much to my husband’s annoyance, I had to drive all the way back home to fetch them. But it was worth the long lecture I received from him, because I do not take any risks when it comes to vaccinations, more especially when the government is providing them for free and they are coming to YOU to administer them.

So it was all in all a busy weekend and this morning has shown no signs of slowing down, roll on Wednesday’s public holiday which I have declared a Pyjama Day in my household.

Hope your weekend was equally enjoyable!


party 5

party 4

party 3

party 2

party 6

party 7

party 1

Tick Tock Tick Tock….

With the weeks and weekends equally speeding by, it’s difficult to keep up with what’s going on sometimes.  I have a monthly calendar which I usually stick up on the fridge so that everyone in the house knows what is going on for the month  but for whatever reason, April’s calendar never made it out of My Documents on my laptop, so I’ve been sending meeting requests to the husband and telling Zoleka verbally what the plan is. Very bad. I’ve realised it leaves us all feeling a bit vulnerable when we can’t see what the week or weekend holds. Already, I’ve dropped the ball but thankfully the dear school administrator picked it up for me. Vaccinations are on Monday at school and I haven’t completed the consent form and heaven knows where their clinic cards are so I’ve tied a ribbon on my finger, punched it into my Outlook and Google calendar and hopefully I’ll pitch up with clinic cards, consent forms AND children on Monday morning.

And it’s not because we are sooooo busy either. Yes, we are pretty busy, our weekends of lazing around and doing nothing are few and far between, but I do try to structure them so that we do have downtime at home on at least one of the days of the weekend, and even our activities are usually with friends in a chilled environment. My problem is that time just seems to go so quickly!

I wonder if it happens this way as you get older? I mean 24 hours will always be 24 hours. The days aren’t getting any shorter (although it feels like it with the sun setting earlier these days). An hour is still an hour and contrary to popular SA lingo, “see you in a minute” actually still means see you in 60 seconds. But I can’t help but feel that as I get older, time seems to be getting shorter. I am constantly aware of how much I still need to do, I hardly ever feel like I am “on top of things” and I can’t tell you the number of times I wake up in a panic in the middle of the night, remembering something I was supposed to do either at work or for the kids. I am not disorganised either – so I don’t feel this way because I am one of those organised-chaos kinda people. So what is it exactly?

Guys, even when I sit and do nothing – I can’t believe how fast time goes! I remember being a kid and waiting oh so anxiously for a birthday to come around, or the school term to come to an end or for my play date to arrive – I feel like I spent a lot of my childhood just yearning for time to hurry up! And now, here I am, desperate for time to just stand still.

Ok seriously, tell me it isn’t just me? Do you feel like time is somehow becoming shorter as you get older? I mean I know time flies when you’re having fun but believe me, things aren’t thaaaaat much fun around here.

With Love from the Richen’s

Ok seriously, how much money are you spending on kiddies birthday presents? Now I am a firm believer in gift giving. Firstly because I love receiving gifts myself, but secondly because everyone deserves to be spoilt on that one special day that celebrates their lives and the wonderful and unique value they place in YOUR life. I especially like to carry this through with my female friends and with the children in our circle  – because us girls and kids like to be made a fuss over right?

Anyway, point is… recently I have discovered that gift giving is becoming outrageously expensive. And this has got nothing to do with my gift choices, but rather with the number of birthday parties my kids are being invited too. And yes, the rational answer would be to decline the invitation and solve the problem, but with Liam having schooled with his peers for almost three years he is pretty good friends with most of the children and when we get invited, we actually really do want to attend. This said, we are on about party number 10 so far this year – school friends and home friends. That’s 10 kids presents. In between we have had birthdays of many family members and good friends and that equals  a lot more presents. When you add that all up, that’s a lot of money being spent on gifts, right?

Also, unless you are buying at the Chinese Market (and yes, if I see something really nice there, I WILL buy your gift from China Mall), getting something “nice” doesn’t come cheap. My gift of choice for children is books, and I do have my little secret spot which has great titles for great prices, but it still adds up. Add gift wrap or a gift bag and a card/tag and you really are forking out quite a bit for each birthday you celebrate!

So my questions are:

How much are you spending on gifts for your children’s friends?

Do you have any great gift ideas which don’t break the bank – for kids or adults?

Do you give gifts to everyone in your immediate circle celebrating a birthday?

Mother’s Day is coming up and someone on Twitter (can’t remember who now) had this awesome idea to buy a pot plant in a plain holder (or buy the holder and plant a plant yourself) and get your kids to paint and decorate them. I loved this idea for Granny’s gift from Liam and Hannah, she will love them. This is a thoughtful handmade gift which totally won’t break the bank. I am not much of a crafter but I think this is something I could manage! Also while grannies love handmade things from their grandchildren, your average 4 year old would not freak out in excitement at a handmade pot plant from their classmate, now would they?

Seriously, with the cost of living on the up and up, the last thing I have space for in the already bursting budget is presents, I’m just not sure how handshakes or hugs would go down as the gift of choice?


Feel it, it is here…

Well it seems that this post is way ahead of schedule – how are the temperatures so low already? Autumn is well and truly here. I always base the cold on Hannah’s birthday which is only at the end of May, last year we had an outdoor party and although it was nippy, it wasn’t freezing. Judging by the temperatures we have experienced already, I think that come end May, we are going to be knee deep into Winter.

Now I am not a Winter person. The idea of a hot cup of cocoa around a blazing fire while we roast marshmallows on the old kitchen forks does not appeal to me at all. Give me sunshine and bare feet any day. My woes stretch further – everything takes double time in Winter. Dressing the kids in all those layers means I actually have to schedule in more “dressing time” in the mornings. And whereas Summer means yanking off pj’s and throwing on a top and shorts, Winter means two, sometimes three layers of clothes. And then there is the issue of keeping the clothes on. Hannah is still very much an exhibitionist which I don’t mind in the Summer, but you can’t have a small kid stripping down to her brookies in the middle of Winter. No man.

My current issue is not even at home. I sit in an open plan office and if you think it’s cold outside, you should come visit me at work. Why some people feel the need to wear their Winter Woolies and then come to work and set the temperature at near freezing is beyond me. How about you dress moderately, and we keep the temperature moderate? I know its chilly out there, especially if you are using public transport to commute to work, but then strip down when you get to work for goodness sake! With the effect, I am also now drinking up to three hot drinks a day (with full cream milk) – this is not going to end well, is it? I usually only have one cup of a coffee when I get to work, but in a bid to keep warm during the day, I have upped the ante on the Nespresso machine. Poor thing doesn’t know what hit it.

And all this darkness all the time? I wake up and its pitch black, I get home and its already getting too dark (and too cold) to be out with the kids. And I am clearly going to have to think of more indoor activities for the kids because I have already started getting the “I am bored” or “what can we do” or “whyyyyy can’t we go play outside?” speeches. And while I do still let them play outside in the Winter – even if it’s just for a few minutes of fresh air – I can’t exactly stick to my current modus operandi of letting them loose for hours outdoors so I can vegetate on the couch. Even though they would love it, I am not that cruel. Isn’t it amazing how kids don’t feel the cold? I wish my not-cold button still worked. They just don’t feel cold, even when they ARE cold. Their lips will be blue and noses icy from sitting in the bath way after the water has cooled, but they will insist that they aren’t ready to jump out. I’ve stopped counting the number of times I have to top up the hot water so they can have a long leisurely bath without freezing their bits off.

All this said, there are a  few reasons to be excited about the cooler weather:

  1. Husband doesn’t mind me wrapping my big lump of human blanket around him at night (usually in the summer he can’t stand body heat).
  2. Comfort food – thick rich soups and stews, hot curries and of course hot puddings.
  3. Not having to worry about chipped toenail paint or shaving my legs.
  4. The slightly more bulky clothing which hides the rolls.
  5. Kids sleep later and better in the colder months.
  6. Getting into a toasty bed made warm by the electric blanket – is there anything better?

Happy Winter ya’ll!


What work do you do?

So this week, according to the school calendar, is dedicated to learning about OCCUPATIONS. Liam came home and told us very excitedly that he was going to be a fire fighter when he was big…

And then when he was BIGGER, he wasn’t going to be a policeman…

And then when he was even BIGGER, he was going to be a cooker (a chef).

Well after listening to him, it’s clearly obvious that children are still being taught the Big Five: fireman, policeman, doctor, nurse and teacher. Liam thinks these occupations are all wonderful because these people help others and helping is kind – his words, not mine. So yesterday’s homework was to find out what your parents do and report back to the class today. Liam was HIGHLY and I mean HIGHLY disappointed at the jobs his parents hold. I’m actually surprised we haven’t had this conversation before – he knows where I work but he has never asked me what I do. Apparently, he thinks I play on the computer all day. When I explained that in my job I also help people, one man in particular, this seemed to make him feel better. So I realised that all he wanted to know was that we were helping people. So I easily explained that his Dad’s HR/Payroll function helped people to be happy at work and he made sure they got their money every month so they could look after their families. He liked that a lot.

Although he still wanted to know if I was going to be a nurse when I was bigger. I explained that I was a nurse when he and the rest of the family were sick, and he liked that answer very much.


I felt like his teachers explained this whole job thing wrong. While it is great and admirable to have a profession that helps people – and I do believe that our main purpose here on earth is to love God and love (help, look after, etc) people, I also want him to know that he can be ANYTHING he wants to be! That in every profession, not only the Big Five, you are effectively helping people. And that’s the truth right? So he could be an artist who brings joy to people in the work that he creates, he could be a star piano player who brings joy to people’s senses, he could be an I.T guys who, although people in the workplace love to hate, do effectively help the company greatly and of course he could be a doctor/teacher/policeman or anything he chooses.. AS LONG AS he loves what he does! And that for me is the crux. I want him to go after something passionately because he truly WANTS to be in that field. Not because his crazy mother forced him to study medicine so that he could look after her in her old age. While the paycheck is important, we all want our kids to live comfortably, I first want them to be happy THEN rich. 🙂 There are times when I think I missed my calling, and while I don’t like to live with regrets – it’s such a wasted and useless emotion – I do sometimes wonder how things would have turned out had I done things differently. So for my kids, I want them to pursue their passions FIRST. I do believe that you can make a success out of anything (even being a ringmaster in a circus, please Lord, not my kid) if you have the passion and the drive. And I also think that doing something that you really love, makes the hard work of achieving it, easier. Like if you seriously WANT to be a doctor, the 7 – 10 years of studying is easier than say someone who has been forced to study medicine and who sees those 7 – 10 years as a prison sentence. You get my drift? That’s why I think passion is so important!

So after passionately describing this to my 4 year old in the best age appropriate language I could muster, he responded with “then I’m going to be a cooker.” Huh??? I’m guessing he came to this conclusion because he loves food??

I can just hear him today at school “my mommy helps one man at work cos she makes him coffee and my daddy helps ALL the people cos he gives them money.”

Le sighhhhh….

Generation Z

Having spent time with my nieces and nephews over the last few days has made me realise that I am getting old! I have always said that I feel so young, I feel like I left high school just the other day, I certainly don’t think I LOOK old but observing and engaging with Generation Z this week, has made me realise that I am not as young as I think I am!

I completely believe that “you are only as old as you feel”, “that age is nothing but a number” and all those other well worn clichés that old people use to make themselves feel better, but the truth of the matter is that my age shows when I am around people who are younger than I am!

Now this is not a cause for concern for me, it was merely an observation. I am in no way depressed that my youthful days are behind me. But I really was taken aback at how different things are for young people these days.

Besides the lingo they use, their ideas and ideals and the way they express themselves totally blows my mind. I remember being that age and feeling the same way – like the world was my oyster and no one could hold me back, but Generation Z just seem so much more mature than I was at that age? They are so focused on their futures, they are making way more money that I was at that age (and some are making money in ingenious and resourceful ways, not just from regular 9-5’s – my nephew is a back up dancer for some big acts!) and they are so focused on using their money to empower themselves and others, rather than going to buy CDs (or this generation’s equivalent) and blowing it on a weekend of partying. YES, I did a lot of that in my earlier 20s!

With everything negative that gets said about Generation Z, with the alarming statistics about teen pregnancies, teen suicides, homicides and teen on teen violence, I think we need to also focus on the good that is coming out of this generation. Maybe it’s because they are “digital age” babies – they actually don’t know the world prior to the great World Wide Web and we can’t deny the huge advantage (when used correctly) that the interwebs have on young growing minds. Whatever it is, there is no doubt that this generation will raise some special kids who are going to SHINE, who are already contributing to saving our economy and the greater society.

My nephews and nieces are amazing, it is fantastic to engage with this generation who are so magnetic in their enthusiasm for the Greater Good. I don’t feel too bad about getting old, I think the future is in good hands 🙂

“They are your sons and daughters. They populate your neighborhoods, their thumbs spastically banging out two-way conversations composed entirely of over-punctuated and under-constructed sentences. They may even work for you. Eventually, you will work for them.This is Generation Z, and they have never known a world without the Internet, cell phones or iPods. But they’re also coming up in a world shaped by 9/11, Columbine and the War on Terror. They have a sense of social justice, philanthropy and maturity that comes with growing up during one of the most severe economic recessions in history.  

For their entire lives, they’ve heard about the dangers of global warming, been subjected to terror alerts of varying colors and watched their parents weather the recent economic crisis. As a result, they’re growing up fast and developing sensitivities beyond their years. For example, in a study conducted by Harris Interactive, 30 percent of students stated that the financial stability of their families is a concern

They see themselves as the solution to these problems and, as a result, are more likely to pursue careers they think will help society. And because of their ubiquitous use of social networking, they’re quick to jump in and help when their circle of contacts alerts them to a need. This use of mobile technology makes them more available and being solicited by friends is more likely to interest them

 They’re going to be smart — smarter even than previous generations, argue some. Their ability to process massive amounts of information quickly is actually preparing them to perform more mentally demanding jobs. In effect, an entire generation is training itself to handle more complicated tasks

So take heart. While they may seem like self-centered prima donnas now, there is reason to believe that today’s kids will have both the intelligence and sense of social responsibility to contribute in ways that will outlast their ridiculous haircuts.”


Today is a good day!

Today my oldest brother, my sister in law and their 4 kids arrive from Australia. I haven’t seen them since my wedding six years ago and I am so excited to see them that I hope I don’t cry like a big baby at OR Tambo this afternoon. My niece is already 21 years old, she is an adult, we can talk about big people’s things! My two nephews are closer to 20 than they are to 13, they are no longer the little tweens they were the last time we met. And Matthew is six years old  so the last time I saw him, he was a little speck of a baby ! I.CANNOT.WAIT!

 Time and distance truly does make the heart grow fonder. And while Skype and Facebook are such great tools for keeping in touch with your loved ones, nothing beats the human touch, right? Nothing beats being together, sharing food together (we love to eat) and trying to catch 6 years up in one evening. I think it’s going to be loud and messy and I am really looking forward to it. More so, because Liam and Hannah have not met this part of the family at all. I am excited to see how they react to their long lost cousins, uncle and aunt.

We thank God for times of togetherness. I thank God for family bonds and the joy that comes from sharing our lives with people we love. I have to run, I need to work on our “Welcome Home” posters for the airport this afternoon 🙂


I’m proud and I know it.

I love positive reinforcement. I really do.  My love language is very much centered around people telling me how great I am. Ha! That’s a joke, but on a serious note I like to hear that I did a good job, or that my parents are proud of me, or that my kids think I am the bomb diggity. I know we shouldn’t base our value or selfworth on what other people think because not everyone WILL like you, and they don’t have to, and often people’s opinions are based more on how THEY see themselves and their personal frame of reference, rather than on how YOU really are – if that makes sense?

Anyway, today I received some real positive reinforcement and it wasn’t an obvious compliment, in fact it was not given as a compliment at all, but I will take it as I see it thank you very much. So I was called into the school today to have a little talk. Now I don’t know about you, but when you are summoned to the principal’s office, you fear the worst. The call did say that it wasn’t urgent or cause for worry but as a parent you can’t help but worry. I thought that Liam was misbehaving because he has been going through a horrid little patch at home. Then I thought they were going to enquire about Hannah’s stutter – a post for that topic coming soon.

Well it was none of that. Turns out Hannah is doing so very well, she is above her peers and is been given work from the green group because she mows through the yellow group work very quickly. They went as far as to say she is even brighter than Liam was at this age, and for me, that is truly saying something because as I am sure you have always picked up from my writing, I think Liam is a genius. Ha! They wanted to know if I was happy to move her up to the next class as she is already doing that work and coping really well  – this of course means that if and when the time comes, she may have to repeat Grade R because of her age, but of course we are going through this with Liam now and I understand all the implications. They showed me the class’s work and without exaggerating I have to say her work stands out. I am so very proud.

We talked about Liam and we’ve decided to leave him where he is for now, he will progress with the rest of the class to Grade R next year and we will assess whether or not he is ready for Grade 1 when that time comes. He was also given a glowing report – he works well, interacts well, he is a joy to have in the classroom, he isn’t a bully but stands up for himself if he has to, and so on. Very proud again.

But here’s the crunch for me, besides them being smart (and I’m not naïve, I know that being “clever” at this age actually means very little in the grand scheme of things, so you know your colours and shapes, big deal), so besides that, the overall comment and feeling was that my kids are good. They are nice little people. Even though I tried to sway them to believe otherwise. And perhaps they say this to all the parents, but it still touched my heart in a way that no one word can explain.  And that, for me, is the greatest compliment ever. Those are MY offspring, borne and bread of ME, I helped mould them into the little people they are. MY hardwork is paying off. Those long, tired hours of caring for them – through sickness and through health, through teething and through fevers, through learning to crawl, walk, run and jump, night after night of sleeplessness, lots of tears from both them and me – I feel some small part of accomplishment that they have turned out alright; they are cool kids. Thank you Jesus.

Parenting is not easy, it’s so difficult that some days I want to throw in the towel and just walk through the door without looking back. But when someone, or a situation, acknowledges that you are doing OK, ESPECIALLY when you think you really suck at it, it really makes it all seem worthwhile. I don’t live for praise, that would just be stupid, but every once in a while it’s nice to hear good things about something or someone you have invested in.


Proud mama