Easter 2013 and other stuff

The hiatus from work, my blog and from the real world was great, but it’s always good to be back because as fuddy duddy as it sounds, I love routine. I like to be spontaneous too, but I must admit that I operate better within a routine. As do my children. The break was just what I needed though, life is tough hey, and sometimes Ostrich Mentality for just a little bit is what we all need. So I stuck my head in the ground and shut off my overactive mind and enjoyed solid family time.

So we left Joburg at 3am on the Wednesday morning before Easter. When travelling by road, we always try to cover as many hours in the dark as possible to ensure that the two peabodies in the backseat are sleeping and quiet. We arrived in Durban at around 9am and went straight to my MIL’s house so that her son could sample her annual Pickled Fish. Seriously now, is Pickled Fish just a Coloured thing? I love Pickled Fish; why we wait for Easter to have it is still a mystery to me, but I also think it’s one of those things that would lose its allure if I had it every day, so once a year works very well for me!

The husband was leaving for Cape Town that evening to run the Two Oceans Marathon – I was so glad this event was finally here. All the preparation and pasta and pumping him up was getting a bit exhausting. I stayed by my parents’ house on Wednesday night and its always so comforting to be there. For one, I love to see how happy my kids are when they are with their grandparents and secondly, being home always makes me feel 15 again, I feel spoilt and loved and treasured. On Thursday morning we headed down to Port Shepstone to meet my sister and her family. My brother’s children from Joburg were also visiting for the week, so it was great to have all the cousins together. (PS: next month my brother and his family in Australia come to SA – cannot WAIT to see them, they haven’t been down since my wedding 6 years ago! I am beyond excited about that)!

From Port Shepstone, we left my parents behind and drove further inland to my sister’s home. Harding. Have I ever told you about Harding? Well indulge me if I have… Harding is this one horse town, about two hours inland from the coast. No, it is not a quaint little village, it is more like the town which civilization forgot about. Sorry if you are from there! But let me put it into perspective for you. The only takeaway joint is KFC. There’s no Dischem, Clicks, PnP – nothing. There is one Spar. There are more potholes than road. There’s no shopping mall, no cinemas, and there are cows walking in the main road in the town centre. If you are a City Slicker, this is not the place for you. However, I love going there purely because there is absolutely nothing to do. My sister, BIL and their kids live in a big lovely home with a big yard – my kids love it there. This weekend we watched TV, we played Wii and Playstation and ate lots of junk. They have unlimited wi-fi in their house so I spent a lot of time stalking people online. It was glorious. I love my sister. She is amazing. I love spending time with her. The same goes for my BIL and my nephews. If I had to be stranded on an island, I hope it would be with these people. They keep me going. So in between church, more Pickled Fish, an Easter Egg hunt and lots of BBMs and calls to my husband on the other side of the country, it was a lovely break. Hubby didn’t finish the race, his knee packed up at 47kms – I cannot imagine running 47kms at all, but far worse, I can’t imagine running 47kms to have to stop only 9 kms shy of finishing the race. Talk about sucky! He was very disappointed but I also think he was ok with it because it was his first ultra marathon so now he sort of knows what to expect going forward. I’m glad to hear him talk about next year’s race, this means he has not lost hope! He flew back to Durban on Easter morning, my parents fetched him at the airport and they came through to Harding (after we spent the day in Port Shepstone again.)

We started the gret trek back to Jozi on Monday morning around 9am. Clearly I never learn my lesson about travelling on Easter Monday. It happens every year – traffic is horrendous. While I was grateful that there were no accidents causing the delays, I can’t exactly say I was jumping for joy at the long spiraling queue of cars on the N3 ahead of us.

Usually I am happy to be home, but the older I get, the harder it is to leave my parents and my sister and her family.  So I was a bit bleak… still am. But that’s what holidays are all about, they have to come to an end, like all good things! I hope your Easter was special too? I hope the joy of the Risen Lord permeates your life, bringing newness and freshness to all areas of your life, as we celebrate that He truly is alive in us!

6 thoughts on “Easter 2013 and other stuff”

  1. Before meeting Seth I had never had pickled fish, not even once. 😉

    Well done to your hubs! Running the ultra! That is awesome, 47kms is a super achievement even if he didn’t go all the way to the end! Well done to him!!

  2. Aah! It’s always great being together and yes, it’s hard to say goodbye! So, I’m really looking forward to our next reunion! Lots of love xxx And by the way, there are no cows in the middle of “town”!! Lol!

  3. It may just be a coloured thing because my hubby also didn’t know about The Tradition of the Pickled Fish. And he wanted us to buy those cans – for goodness sake, I told him that doesn’t even SLIGHTLY compare 🙂

  4. Not suer about pickled fish but we do have a general fish tradition around Easter which has its roots in the Catholic church. Do these tie up?

    Anyways, love yout little blessing in the last sentence and its so hard to be far from family. We had the same – crying cousins after spending Easter together.

  5. Amen and Amen

    So sorry about your hubby, hope his knee is okay?

    Pickled fish? What is that? Never tried pickled anything just sounds like something that would have too much vinegar. Off to google it.

    Where your sister lives sounds like a nice place to unwind and get away from it all 😆

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