Feel it, it is here…

Well it seems that this post is way ahead of schedule – how are the temperatures so low already? Autumn is well and truly here. I always base the cold on Hannah’s birthday which is only at the end of May, last year we had an outdoor party and although it was nippy, it wasn’t freezing. Judging by the temperatures we have experienced already, I think that come end May, we are going to be knee deep into Winter.

Now I am not a Winter person. The idea of a hot cup of cocoa around a blazing fire while we roast marshmallows on the old kitchen forks does not appeal to me at all. Give me sunshine and bare feet any day. My woes stretch further – everything takes double time in Winter. Dressing the kids in all those layers means I actually have to schedule in more “dressing time” in the mornings. And whereas Summer means yanking off pj’s and throwing on a top and shorts, Winter means two, sometimes three layers of clothes. And then there is the issue of keeping the clothes on. Hannah is still very much an exhibitionist which I don’t mind in the Summer, but you can’t have a small kid stripping down to her brookies in the middle of Winter. No man.

My current issue is not even at home. I sit in an open plan office and if you think it’s cold outside, you should come visit me at work. Why some people feel the need to wear their Winter Woolies and then come to work and set the temperature at near freezing is beyond me. How about you dress moderately, and we keep the temperature moderate? I know its chilly out there, especially if you are using public transport to commute to work, but then strip down when you get to work for goodness sake! With the effect, I am also now drinking up to three hot drinks a day (with full cream milk) – this is not going to end well, is it? I usually only have one cup of a coffee when I get to work, but in a bid to keep warm during the day, I have upped the ante on the Nespresso machine. Poor thing doesn’t know what hit it.

And all this darkness all the time? I wake up and its pitch black, I get home and its already getting too dark (and too cold) to be out with the kids. And I am clearly going to have to think of more indoor activities for the kids because I have already started getting the “I am bored” or “what can we do” or “whyyyyy can’t we go play outside?” speeches. And while I do still let them play outside in the Winter – even if it’s just for a few minutes of fresh air – I can’t exactly stick to my current modus operandi of letting them loose for hours outdoors so I can vegetate on the couch. Even though they would love it, I am not that cruel. Isn’t it amazing how kids don’t feel the cold? I wish my not-cold button still worked. They just don’t feel cold, even when they ARE cold. Their lips will be blue and noses icy from sitting in the bath way after the water has cooled, but they will insist that they aren’t ready to jump out. I’ve stopped counting the number of times I have to top up the hot water so they can have a long leisurely bath without freezing their bits off.

All this said, there are a  few reasons to be excited about the cooler weather:

  1. Husband doesn’t mind me wrapping my big lump of human blanket around him at night (usually in the summer he can’t stand body heat).
  2. Comfort food – thick rich soups and stews, hot curries and of course hot puddings.
  3. Not having to worry about chipped toenail paint or shaving my legs.
  4. The slightly more bulky clothing which hides the rolls.
  5. Kids sleep later and better in the colder months.
  6. Getting into a toasty bed made warm by the electric blanket – is there anything better?

Happy Winter ya’ll!



3 thoughts on “Feel it, it is here…”

  1. Tis true… Winter seems to be creeping on sooner all over the world. And the Summers are hotter than I remember as a kid… Global warming! I blame it on us for these drastic weather changes, but that’s another topic all together. That being said, we have to make the most of what we have. I love all seasons (just not the getting sick part). Here’s to a chilly but wondrous winter 🍁❄⛄☔🌀

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