Weekend Roundup

On Friday night we had dinner with friends of ours who both had a birthday during April. We left the kids at home and it was a lovely adult evening. While I love spending time with my children and we really do include them in almost everything we do, it is a welcome break to kick back and spend time with other people who are around the same height as we are and who can eat with a silver knife and fork. There are few things I enjoy more than sharing a meal with people I love. I’ve said it before, I seriously think that consuming food is one of my love languages and I make no excuses for it. Thanks to the Lalla’s for your hospitality, the fact that I only got into bed after 1am is indicative of the amount of fun we had!

Saturday I was rudely jolted out of my slumber by my two excited babies who were looking forward to their own get together with their little friends later that day. We had a double party to attend – Tyler and Jordan are brothers born exactly two years apart, almost to the day. At least their parents only need to plan one party for both boys until they are at least 5 or 6! My friend is a hostess of extreme note. Like one needs to seriously follow her around with a notebook and steal as many tips as you can from her. The food, the décor, the cakes and theme were just amazing. I’m not even sure where to start … she had prepared these platters and dips for the adults with mountains of the most delicious tidbits. The kids had their own table of food with a taste for every palette. The sweet treats, made by Ninette (please contact me for her number if you are looking for novelty cakes, cookies or cupcakes) were so cute and soooo delicious, my photos truly do not do them any justice. Two novelty cakes, the cutest iced biscuits, and cupcakes that make you want to stick your finger straight through them and like the icing off bit by bit. So yummy! The highlight of the party was the baking for the kids. I wish I had taken more photos of this activity but it was so much fun that I ended up with my hands dirty too. Colleen had prepped small bowls with the separate ingredients for each child. They got to make biscuits from scratch, from mixing all the ingredients together with the little wooden spatula they were each given, to rolling them out with a mini rolling pin and then using the cutters to make their biscuits and then decorating their creations with cherries, hundreds-and-thousands, vermicelli and the like. Each child received a handmade apron and a little baking set which they got to take home. Oh and of course they got to take their cooked biscuits home too. So cool! There was more food – homemade biryani, roast, salads, pasta – Colleen’s culinary skills seriously know no bounds. She is amazing and I think she is secretly a feeder. She loves to feed people, maybe this is why I love her so much, because she knows that the way to my heart is through my stomach. We eventually left the party at 9pm!! With bowls of food under arm – she always insists that we HAVE to take food home, so my Sunday lunch was sorted! I am not joking when I say that I have about 30 Tupperware containers which belong to Colleen purely from all the leftovers I have taken from her house. The kids were exhausted and I think not even all the sugar they had consumed could have kept them up. We bathed them before we left because I knew they would hit the hay before we even turned the corner and of course I was right. It was a glorious celebration, well done to the Oliver’s for another outstanding party!

Yesterday was a bit like having a hangover. Everyone was pretty grumpy and everyone needed to sleep. However, church on Sundays is not negotiable no matter how partied out you are, sorry. We had to be at church at 6h45am because both hubby and I were serving in our different ministries. After church we grudgingly dragged ourselves to the mall to deal with end-of-the-month admin, and then we finally got home and conked. By the time we got up it was time to get ready for Monday again! I usually try to wash Hannah’s hair on a Sunday afternoon and take their school clothes out and make sure their school bags are packed. Well I only got as far as doing Hannah’s hair and lo and behold, I forgot to pack their clinic cards in for their vaccinations today. Much to my husband’s annoyance, I had to drive all the way back home to fetch them. But it was worth the long lecture I received from him, because I do not take any risks when it comes to vaccinations, more especially when the government is providing them for free and they are coming to YOU to administer them.

So it was all in all a busy weekend and this morning has shown no signs of slowing down, roll on Wednesday’s public holiday which I have declared a Pyjama Day in my household.

Hope your weekend was equally enjoyable!


party 5

party 4

party 3

party 2

party 6

party 7

party 1


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