Baby Soft Softer-than-Ever Mascot Showdown

BabySoft Mascot Showdown Logo

So I do think this is one of the cutest and most useful press kits I’ve ever received, so I do want to give them a little mention here on my little blog.

If you follow any mommy bloggers in SA, you would have read about the Baby Soft® Softer-than-Ever Mascot Showdown. They’ve done a good job of spreading the word via one of the best grapevines – the mommy blogger vine (sorry to those of you who don’t like the term).

So I got this big box and inside it, amongst the press stuff, were two t-shirts representing two very different animals, two mugs representing the same two animals and the most anticipated item – 9 rolls of Baby Soft® bog roll. Now I don’t know about you, but with the price of 2-ply, this is one press kit that I sure do love!

Anyway, turns out that the darling little Labrador mascot (Softi) has some competition in the form of a soft and well-groomed kitty (Shlumfi). Baby Soft® are considering a new mascot with the launch of their new innovation, Micro-Pillow Technology. This double-sheet micro-embossing technique apparently makes Baby Soft® even softer (if that is even possible) for your bottom. The folks over at Baby Soft® want to know what you think, so they’d like you to vote for your favourite mascot by visiting their website  or you can vote on their FB page. You can also enter using the codes on any promotional pack of Baby Soft® that you buy. There’s lots of prizes to be won, and quite frankly if there’s more toilet paper up for grabs, I am going to vote more than once.

Look personally, I like Softi. I’m not an animal person but look at that cute puppy, what’s not to love? Cats give me the creeps, all evil eyed and scary looking. But hey, go vote and choose the cuddly creature you like most 🙂


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