Let’s play catch up quick

Not sure where to start because I’m not sure where I finished off?

Let’s start with how sick everyone in my house has been. Hannah is onto her second round of antibiotics for the year. Part of me believes this is good and could be worse – all things considered. I expected her to fall prey to every single bug what with her starting school in January. It’s almost a rite of passage for new little school goers to get sick often until their immunity kicks in, right? So twice in five months doesn’t seem so bad. But the other part of me is freaking out at the fact that she was juuuuust on an antibiotic a few weeks ago and here we are again. Poor thing. Liam with his allergies and sinuses has been generally snotty and we’re furiously shoving antihistamines down his throat at every chance we get. I’m so bad at this, I get a 6 month script and we’re really good for the first month, and then we slack off and then the season turns and we get all religious about it again. Need to keep them up because he does suffer with his allergies, shame.

Mother’s Day came and went without too much fanfare. With Hannah being under the weather we stayed indoors. Husband cooked a feast while I napped for two hours with the kids. I have to mention what the feast included because I think Jamie Oliver may have some competition. He made chicken curry and rice, with carrot salad. Then he made ribs, (not the pre-cooked ones, he marinated and glazed and cooked those babies himself) macaroni and cheese, steamed veg and potatoes. He is definitely a quantity versus quality type of guy – not that the quality was slack at all! He made this ALL by himself. Pretty good hey? I was spoilt with clothes and handmade cards and photo frames, and Liam made me an ugly little pendant with his finger print engraved on it, to match the ugly pair of handmade earrings I received last year. Ugly but heartwarming like only a gift from a 4 year old can be.

This weekend the kids and I had good fun together. We baked crumpets with the baking equipment they received from Tyler and Jordan’s baking party. So we each had a bowl with our own wooden spoons and spatulas and we each mixed our own batch and they cleaned up (read: messed more) while I popped them into the pan. My sister gave me this really simple recipe that’s great for kids because it doesn’t require much more than throwing the goods in and letting them mix to their hearts content. And it’s really flop proof, even Hannah’s batch which saw more of the kitchen counter than anything else, came out soft, fluffy and delicious. Draped with a dollop of fresh cream and a swirl of golden syrup. Yes please! We also planted some dhania (coriander) which kind of happened by mistake. I bought this big fresh bunch and as I pulled it out of the basket it came with a big bunch of healthy looking roots. My first instinct was to go eeuw and put it back and head over to the pre packed dhania, but then I had the brilliant idea to plant the roots. So we got our Wellies on, got the beach toys out so that everyone had a spade (must get garden forks for the kids) and we planted the dhania into a pot. I have no idea if it will take, or if we even did it correctly, but it was a fun exercise and they enjoy watering their little plant. I really hope it takes for their sake, they will literally FREAK OUT if that dhania grows! Like totally. And THEN highlight of our garden adventures, we found, quite by mistake, a massive bush behind our garage full of BIG green tomatoes! Not sure how long that bush has been there because we repaired some plumbing in that spot in December last year and completely tore out the grass and any other living organisms in an effort to get to the root of our plumbing problem and have never been to that spot since. Then suddenly. BAM. A whole tomato vine full full full of tomatoes. I let them pick one each to put on the windowsill in the kitchen to ripen, and we’ll monitor the rest. Can you imagine if I never had to buy another tomato in my life? Have you seen the price of tomatoes per KG? All this planting has really got me thinking about trying our green thumbs with other veggies.

Un-fried Green Tomatoes!

Aptly, last week’s school theme was Growth and Change, so they learned about how a seed is planted and how it evolves and how a caterpillar evolves into a butterfly and so on. So of course we HAVE to do the bean-in-moist-cotton-wool trick this week! Come on, who did this in primary school? I can remember it was in Standard One, Mrs Marescia’s class and we all planted our little sugar bean in some cotton wool in a cleaned jam jar, we lined them up on the classroom windowsill and it was a nail biting competition as to who’s would grow the fastest and the tallest. My kids will love this!

Other than that, things have been good. Hannah has been responding so much better to the change in my parenting style. I still shout, but I’ve tried to speak calmly and ignore bad behaviour instead of putting fuel to the fire by losing my head. Oh she still has her tantrums and there’s still lots of unnecessary and unprompted crying and whining from both kids, so I still feel that I AM losing my mind a lot of the time, but counting to 154678 does help a bit.

Hope you’re having a glorious week!



6 thoughts on “Let’s play catch up quick”

  1. Oh wow…simply love the simplicity yet depth which you write and recount your daily life!

    Reading these are amongst my favourite things to do…tea made,no disturbance till I have laughed sufficiently loud and hard or sometimes wiped the tears that were elicited by your what’s in your “heart”…

    Don’t stop. Wish I could hear and see the reactions of your pigeon pair on that day they start their lifetime read of the their childhood:)


  2. Aah! You had great fun last weekend… And gave your babies lots of happy memories! Yay Byron! He’s doing a meal when we’re together again!! Love you all! Xxx

  3. yummy, when can we come for supper? 🙂

    I screamed my head off at everyone on Sunday – really not my best moments at all – K said that night when we prayed “Mummy I love you even when you shout at us” – I nearly died. So let’s pray for one another!

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