My dearest Hannah Ruth…

Could you be the most beautiful girl in the world, plain to see you’re the reason that God made a girl. Prince, 1995

You are three!  Wow! As is customary on this blog, we like to brag on birthdays and my darling, you have given me so much to brag about over the last three years.

You’ve always been my mysterious child. Well you came into the world as a surprise so it figures that you’d continue to surprise us at every turn. When you were little, I labeled you as quiet and introverted much like your father. You didn’t like strangers or loud noise and much preferred been home with familiar faces like me, Dad, Liam and Gogo. You were ma-vas and besides playing with your brother, you didn’t care to mix with other kids – in fact you were a bit of a bully and lashed out at other children! Yes you did! You were very different to your brother and I was content in the knowledge that you were going to be my quiet little mouse who preferred to be close to me and who would need that extra push to get involved in activities and with other children.

Baby girl, did you surprise us. Even our friends will attest to the fact that you really came out of your shell in ways that none of us could have imagined. You’ve grown into this little ball of fire who knows exactly what she wants. You are still a little bully boss but you use your strong will so positively, always reminding us to speak properly, and reprimanding your brother (and anyone else) when he is in the wrong. I can’t tell you what to do, as your mind is pretty much your own, and I think I love this the most about you, even though it drives me batty at times. You are fiercely independent and unless I have a very good reason for making the decisions I do, you will fight me all the way. You are so loyal and caring, even when the two of you are fighting, you still tell your brother you love him at least six times a day. You love to tell us ALL how much you love us, and your outpouring of love all the time just melts my heart. I love it when you crawl into my lap for a cuddle, or how you hold my face in your hands at bed time and tell me how much you’re going to miss me during the night. I love it when you want to holds hands in the car – even though I’m in the passenger seat in the front and you’re in your car seat at the back – its uncomfortable but I don’t care.

You started school a few months ago and I was so worried about how you’d adjust but you surprised me again, and took to school like a duck to water. So much so that you’ve already moved up a class and I am so proud of you. You look forward to going to school, your teachers love you and you’ve grown in leaps and bounds from the experience.

I love the contradiction which is you – you detest wearing dresses or skirts or having your hair open, but you love to play with your dollies and look after them so tenderly. You admonish me every time I call you baby – “I am NOT a baby!” yet you love been babied with hugs and kisses and positively freak out with happiness when we all lay in the big bed together. You’re all slugs-and-snails-and-puppy-dog-tails but ever so often you’ll insist on “pretty polly” for your toe nails (that’s what you call nail polish – pretty polly 🙂 )

I’ve always wanted a daughter, and I am so glad I got you. I am very close to my own mother and the relationship we share is special and unique and irreplaceable, and the impact that my relationship with my mother has had on my life is wondrous and amazing. And I want to experience that with you, Hannah. I want to be to you, what my own mother is to me. I want to be your mentor, your role model and the person you turn to when you need someone. You make it easy because you are so perfectly perfect. To me, your life is a testimony of God’s grace and favour, you are MY testimony. You see, you came into my life when things couldn’t have been worse. It was a tumultuous and dark period but even in that circumstance you became my beacon of light. God showed me, through YOU, that even in our darkness hours, He is still in control, still on our side, still strategically placing every star in the sky to shine for us. You are my shining star, baby girl, placed into our lives just at the right time to complete our family! I pray that you will know your own strength, that you will quickly realise the anointing on your life – if you changed my life in the way that you did, I can only imagine how you are going to change the lives of all those who cross your path – for the better. Know that you are an absolute blessing, that you are loved and cherished and that you fill a space in my heart that no one or nothing could ever fill.

You are called Hannah which means grace and favour.  My prayer is that God’s grace and favour will follow you all the days of your life.

Happy birthday, my darling.





6 thoughts on “My dearest Hannah Ruth…”

  1. Oh lovely, lovely, I love it! It’s all so true about her! Seems impossible to love a little life so, so deeply! We love you Hannah-pie. God bless all the days of your life!

  2. Only read blog now! What a special tribute to Hannah. Really great writing, Robyn. A very Happy belated 3rd birthday to Hannah!

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