Odds and Ends and Rants

As part of the husband’s Father’s Day gift, I got us tickets to Parkers Comedy for last night. I doubt there are any comedians following my blog, so my question may go unanswered but I have to ask… why do comedians think funny = swearing? I just don’t get it? It seems like comedy is more about how many beeps you can fit into a sentence, rather than the punch line. By the time I hear the punch line I am so put off by the number of beeps that it actually isn’t funny anymore. And when I played it back in my head as I laid in bed last night (I’m an over-analyser, forgive me) I got the joke and it actually was really funny, even without the beeps. I’m no prude, but for the love of linguistics I wish I could watch clean comedy sometime – just to prove my point. Funny ≠ Swearing. Does NOT.

So I’ve had bushy frizzy hair for the last two weeks because of my running (walking). When your husband asks if there’s something wrong with your blow dryer, you know you need to tame your mane. I won’t break into a thesis about Coloured hair because you have kindly endured my moaning and groaning on this subject in many a post, but to break it down for you – I will not suffer the hour plus it takes me to straighten my hair, just for it to spring back to its roots the minute I start sweating. So now that I’ve started exercising, I’ve had to carefully strategise when I waste an hour of my life exorcising my hair into straight submission. My strategy showed that I needed to do my hair at 6h30am this morning. Man, I was annoyed. But I have a fabulous Huggies event tomorrow at the laaadeedah Westcliff Hotel, my dear, and there is no way I am going to pitch up there looking like Diana Ross – no disrespect, I LOVE Diana, ok. Secondly, it’s a pretty busy weekend so I know there will be no time for running (walking) so I can enjoy a few days with my straight look before I need to sweat again.

Meze and board games. Tonight my friendlies are coming over and we’re going to attempt to play board games while stuffing our gobs with delectable meze type stuff. I told you guys in this post how I love meze platters. Quick and easy to make, yummy with a capital Y, all messy and hands on – my kind of meal! My pal found this 4 minute cheesecake recipe which we are going to try tonight. Now I’m sure you’ve gathered that I’m a whambamthankyoumam kinda cook; while I love to eat, I don’t care for spending hours in the kitchen cooking stuff. So when I see things like 4 minute cheesecake, it appeals to me. FOUR minutes in the kitchen, I can handle. I won’t share the recipe until I am sure it works and tastes good, so watch this space. If nothing appears in this space, you’ll know it was a flop, and we sent the guys to McDonalds for McFlurries instead.

Still missing the kidlets but really getting into this new role of married without children. Do you remember what you used to do before kids? What is one to do with all this free time? DO NOTHING, that’s what! We’ve watched almost everything on Box Office, if you look at my couch you’ll see my bum-print on it. It’s also exhilarating to eat whatever you want without having to wait for bedtime or hide in the pantry cupboard where the kids won’t find you. And not having to do all the things you really only do because you’re trying to teach your kids The Way. For example, I haven’t brushed my teeth before bedtime, I have been eating in bed, I’ve been watching waaaay too much TV, I’ve been leaving my stuff laying all over the house, I’ve neglected to pick up that sock or bra that didn’t make it into the dirty washing basket on the first throw, and I’ve eaten way too much sugar. It’s great being an adult, isn’t it? You can just do whatever the heck you want all the time!

Yay for a short work week and the weekend which is looming – have a good one!


3 thoughts on “Odds and Ends and Rants”

  1. Ed and I don’t bother with going to comedy shows because of the swearing. It’s tedious to have to sit there and filter all of it before you laugh.
    So envying you without the kids!

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