Get freak-out happy.

On Sunday we went to the Oyster, Wine and Food Festival at Brightwater Commons. While I don’t enjoy oysters and didn’t taste any wine, I do like the vibe that this outdoor event offers. We went last year and had a good time and this year was equally fun. But this post isn’t about that.

While we were there, I forked out R60… SIXTY SOUTH AFRICAN RONDS for the kids to play for HALF AN HOUR in this park full of inflatable THINGS – like jumping castles, an obstacle course inflatable thingy, the inflatable with the climbing rope and so on. At first I was annoyed, as I counted the many other things I could have done with that R60, I thought it was a bit of a rip off to be honest, and one of those MANY things I felt coerced into because of the big puppy-dog eyed looks I got from my two children who do NOT have me wrapped around their little fingers.

But then I saw this…



And this….



And this…


And look at this…


And let me tell you, I would pay R60 twice or even thrice over to see that pure and unadulterated pleasure in the faces of my children again. There are many things we love to say about children – how innocent they are, how precocious they can be, how lovable they are, how easily they forgive, and the list goes on. But one of my most favourite things about children is the freak-out JOY they find in the simplest of things. And this is something I aspire too. This is something I yearn for, pray for and deeply desire – to learn to once again find incredible joy in the simple pleasures of life. I mean think about your kids or kids you know for a minute… My kids get giddy and jump up and down on the spot when I let them stir their own Milo and allow them drink with the fun twirly-whirly straws. Pouring their own bubblebath under the gushing hot water tap is like a freak-out-fest, lots of yelling and high-fiving, I tell you. They lose their minds when I say we’re going to read four instead of five books before bedtime (of course I make this call based on how long the story actually is but they don’t need to know that). And of course, as depicted in my photos, the joy of being able to run, jump, bounce and just run wildly in their little perfect worlds. The simple pleasures of just BEING.

When last did something as simple and meaningless as a hot cup of Milo, possibly with a handful of mini marshmallows, make you lose your mind? When last did you allow yourself to squeal with delight when you slipped your feet into your bedroom slippers after a hard day at the office? Because those things make you happy right? But we forget. We get so wrapped up in life and bills that need to be paid and children that need to be cared for, and deadlines that need to be met, that we forget about celebrating every good moment, as little as they are, like little kids do. I guarantee that you will experience at least five things today that should make you *squeeeeee* with childlike joy. Look out for them, and cherish them and for goodness sake, don’t be afraid to freak out when you feel that way. People will only stare because they’re jealous.

My current freak-out-with-joy list:

  1. Learning all the lyrics to the Jungle Book songs because HALLELUJAH it’s been chosen as the theme for this year’s concert at school! No seriously, I LOVE Jungle Book and the music is really upbeat and catchy, our favourite is “…. ohhh oobee doo, I wanna be like youuuuu, I wanna walk like you, talk like you, too…” *SQUEEEEEEEE* 
  2. Eating all my Parisian chocolate and macaroons which I was gifted with from my work peeps who have just returned from a trip I coordinated. I must have done a good job because I got SPOILT. *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*
  3. Started jogging last night (that’s a blog post all on its own) and while it was tough and I think I possibly hated it from beginning to end, I actually can’t wait to get back on the road. And its alone time with hubby.. *SQUEEEEEEEEE!*
  4. Going down the coast for our extra long weekend next week and spending time with my family *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*

Watch this video, it will get you into the *squeeeeeeee* of things! Love how Baloo loves the beat! The kids lost their minds when I Youtubed the video for them!

Not how I imagined my sick day at all.

So I never get sick. I like to tell people (and I’ve probably written it here too) that I have the immune system of an ox – strong, sturdy and impenetrable. I can’t remember the last time I took a sick day, or the last time I went to a doctor for myself. So on Sunday when I woke up with a scratchy throat my first thought was please let this last into Monday so I can take a legitimate sick day. Anyway I came to work on Monday because I didn’t feel that ill, and besides taking a sick day on a Monday just doesn’t look good. Yesterday I decided that I was ill enough to call in sick BUT so were my kids. Choosing to keep them home on the same day that I was calling in sick was a silly silly rookie error on my part.

Firstly, they thought it was bloody marvelous that we were to spend the school day at home together. So spritely did they appear, that I wondered if they were faking their illness just to stay home? But you can’t fake snot, now can you? When Zoleka came into the house and I heard HER cough, I sent her back to bed with a saucer full of meds. So it was just the kids and I. Sigh. The first demand came in at 7h02am for cereal. Followed by yoghurt and then juice and ALL accompanied with various degrees of annoying whining. Then it was medicine time… yipppeee! My kids love medicine, even the yucky ones, I mean have you seen a baby who takes Vidaylin without pulling a face? Well I have two of them in my house. After all that medication, I was hoping that they would nap for about three hours. Nope. After the admin of getting dressed (we had to because Hannah spilt milk down the front of her pjs, sighhh) and brushing teeth, I had two beady pairs of eyes staring up at me with the excited anticipation of what was coming next. Nap? Nope again. So we played with Hannah’s birthday presents which were unwrapped but still unopened because I have a strict rule about new toys (especially expensive ones) – we all play together so that I can explain how it works, and then you can play it correctly without fear of breaking it because you don’t know what the heck you are doing. So we played, then we read. Then it was snack time. So I juiced 12 oranges which made about a litre of fresh orange juice – nothing like a Vitamin C shooter to ward off the flu germs. I love my food processor, fresh orange juice in 5 minutes. They sat on the verandah with their orange juice and biscuits while I watered my flowers. Back inside, they wanted to draw and I wanted to sleep. I opted to clean out the old and broken toys instead. WHY I do this to myself is beyond me. But I cleaned up good – threw out a big bag of junk and put everything back in its place and found forgotten toys which brought much joy and elation to the non-sleeping two. Like seriously, I thought medication is supposed to induce sleep? My medication was making me feel drowsy, how come it wasn’t working for them? We watched a movie – Cat in the Hat for the thousandth time, and because I couldn’t sleep through their shreaks of delight at the same scenes that they’ve seen a thousand times, I went to make lunch and start prepping for supper.

food pro

We had butternut soup and rolls for lunch. When I say “we” I mean Liam and I. Hannah turned her nose up at the yellow goo in her plate and opted for slices of cucumber, tomato and cheese instead. Sighhhh, some days I feel like I run a restaurant with all the different menu options I whip out of my hat. But their stomachs were still grumble-y. For what? I asked. For a treat! They replied. So yes there may have been chocolate and chips for dessert, ok.

I made butternut fritters, pork chops (boerewors for the kids because they don’t like pork), savoury rice, roast potatoes and steamed mix veg in white sauce for supper and by that time it was bath time (still no nap for anyone – even after lunch time meds). The kids pottered around me while I cooked and helped me stack the dishwasher – their new favourite thing to do and then we filled the bath up and had a long leisurely bath while we had competitions to see who’s cough was the “baddest” (can’t get Liam to stop saying this word!). Liam won. And then Daddy came home and he was like “and how was your relaxing sick day off?” Sighhhhhh.

I do feel better today, but I think this is because I am happily back at my desk and not at home keeping up with the “sick” kids. Or maybe it’s the Hot Toddy, ACC 200 and Flutex which my husband has been forcing down my throat? I still want a sick day where I just stay in my pyjamas all day and drowsily flick through mindless day time TV in between long naps. Next time, I won’t coincide my illness with that of my children’s.