This girl just told me I need eye cream.

I am a very simple so-and-so. I wear very little makeup, wash my hair when the itching becomes unbearable, and dress for functionality, hardly for fashion. I started wearing foundation almost every day sometime in November last year when my skin morphed back 15 odd years and I developed acne which would not go away. I STILL have spots – no idea what’s going on there.

Right, so I have this friend, this very dear friend who has been hassling me, harassing me, begging me to start taking care of my skin. Now I have a routine OK. It’s called wash and wear. I wash my face when I’m in the shower and then I put moisturiser on and then I go. If I go out at night, I come home and I go to bed. I do not wash my face, I do not use the bottles of makeup remover lined up in my bathroom cabinet because I can never find cotton wool and I don’t buy those fancy little pads.

Until very recently. I figured I am not going to look this good forever. HAAA.

I’ve started removing any trace of makeup before I go to sleep at night. This has done wonders for my pillow cases. So I was feeling pretty virtuous about my new routine, even though I don’t feel like it’s made any physical difference at all. I still look the same, I still have mild acne and my face wash gets finished really quickly now. But I keep reminding myself about how wonderful I am going to look at 50 because I am investing in my skin now.


My other dear friend, Kim, was applying my makeup the other day. We work in the beauty industry so you’ll often find us doing ourselves up or trying new product or whatever. Kim reckons I urgently need to start using eye cream because I have wrinkles.


I’m 31 years old for goodness sake, I DO NOT have wrinkles?

Apparently I do.

I have been inspecting my face thoroughly and yes I have LINES around my eyes. When I smile the lines deepen and when I stop smiling they take forever to slowly disappear. Like my skin is battling to get back into shape. I stare at myself in the mirror and do the smile-stop-smile-stop routine and the kids look at me like I’m losing my mind. I say “mommy’s getting old guys” and they say “then put some lipstick on!”

This is very disconcerting for me. Have you seen Jane Fonda in that L’Oreal ad? That lady is like 105 years old and I think we have the same number of lines around our eyes. It’s not about vanity, it’s about building this body to last baby! I need to preserve what I have here.

So last night I started with the eye cream. Smile-stop-smile-stop. The wrinkles are still THERE!!


4 thoughts on “This girl just told me I need eye cream.”

  1. I have all these eye creams that I have never ever used. When I was 28 I wanted botox. I even called up a Dr who advised me to do it ASAP. To AVOID the wrinkles. Needless to say I got distracted and never went! I should probably start using that eye cream.

  2. Pish tosh, you are absolutely fine! Wait til 35 though… HAHAHA 🙂 When you pull your eyelid down to do the eye liner and it takes SECONDS to “spring” back into place! That’s when you know 🙂

  3. Robyn…. as someone who trained as a beauty therapist and worked in the beauty industry for years… it’s NEVER too early for eye cream girl!

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