Dettol: it works for the non-domesticated too.


I’m going to be honest, I don’t do cleaning. I’ve said it here many times before, cleaning is simply not my forte. We all have our talents and party tricks – let’s just say that cleaning is not either of mine. When Zoleka goes home on the weekend, I pretty much leave things as is. My husband picks up behind us and keeps the place tidy and I surface clean the things that I can’t avoid… spilt milk which happened to “slip” out of the cereal bowl, yoghurt which happened to leap out of the container onto the floor, koki pen marks which magically drew pretty little designs on the tiles and so on. You get my drift, having small kids  brings a new level of mess, doesn’t it?

So when the people over at Dettol  sent me two products to review for them, I wanted to send back an email with a huge LOL and say “wrong mama, sorry!”

Turns out either they actually read some of my blog content and quickly discovered I am no domestic goddess or postage is just expensive. Either way, I was happy to give them a go because I received a pack of their Anti-Bacterial Multi Action Floor Wipes and their Anti-Bacterial Cleansing Surface Wipes to try out. Over the weekend I used both products surprisingly often. The floor wipes are uh-mazing. We had a sucker incident, you know the type… when the lollipop miraculously falls out of their mouths (how do children do this?) and shatters into a million pieces. I wiped the entire crime scene up with one wipe – no mess, no fuss, great fresh fragrance and no sticky residue. Also worked really well on my wood laminate floors which is great because the other products for wood laminate can be quite pricey. And of course there’s no after-care. You throw the wipe in the bin, that’s it. There’s no mop to clean, rag to rinse out, etc, etc. My kind of cleaning for sure. The surface wipes are great for just that.. wiping surfaces as you go – wiping sticky hand prints off table tops, wiping kitchen counters down before and after cooking, and I even used them to clean my stove.

Their product range is actually amazing. I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up the only thing we knew about Dettol was that bright orange antiseptic liquid which my mother used to clean our cuts and scrapes with, and she’d add it to our bath water if we’d had a particularly dirty day. I STILL use this product for precisely that. However, Dettol has remarkably evolved since the days of just the antiseptic liquid. They’ve got a product to keep every inch of your home sparkly and germ-free. From kitchens to bathrooms, from floors to table tops, from hands to feet. I’ve used many of their products in my home, but the one I am still dying to try, and the one I wish the nice people over at Dettol had sent to me, is the automatic liquid hand wash. You know why I love this goody? Because I cannot stand “spreading the mess.” Like I’m busy cutting raw meat in preparation for dinner, then the phone rings or I urgently need to tie a kid’s shoelace, then I have to rush over to the sink, touch the tap, touch the hand wash, the pump is stuck so I have to grab the blinking bottle and rotate the cap this way and that and before I know it I have chicken guts all over my kitchen. Whereas if I had one of these gadgets, I’d contain that mess. Side note: have I told you how I hate touching raw meat?

In a nutshell, if you haven’t tried the Dettol range already, give them a go. Good even for those who find their domestic goddess prowess lacking. You can totally fake it with these products which leave your house sparkling clean with very little effort.

This was a sponsored post. 


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