Milestone smashing over here…

When your child is little, every milestone is documented, photographed, and plastered across every social network. Us moms are proud like that. As they get older the milestones become fewer and further between… or so we think. While the obvious milestones of crawling, walking and learning to talk are most definitely amazing, I’ve come to realise that as your toddler transforms into big kid, there are BIG milestones which are as amazing and as exciting…

Liam reached two very big milestones recently which have brought him (and us) much jubilation! I think the best part about these two milestones is that he has been trying really hard and for a very long time to get them right. So for him, this is a big deal. A really big deal.

For the longest time he has wanted to whistle. He and Hannah would practice their whistling constantly, blowing big puffs of silent air day and night. It was hilarious, until it became frustrating for Liam. Hannah would get bored and move on, but Liam reaaaaallllyy wanted to get it right. I would show him how to round his lips and try to explain how it works, but he just couldn’t do it. About a month ago we were on the way home from school and as usual he was practicing his whistling in the back seat, when he let out the softest little whistle. He was stunned! Hannah and I were like “HEEEEYYYY, YOU WHISTLED!!” Of course he couldn’t do it again because he was so giggly and couldn’t get his lips together! Since then his whistling has improved in leaps and bounds, he can even whistle a false tune now. What an amazing feat! He is proud as punch, he thinks whistling is the bizzness, he even Skypes his granny to show her how he can whistle.

For the ease and simplicity of getting dressed, I have always tried to buy Velcro shoes as much as possible and only opted for lace ups because they were cute or because they were a gift. This year I started buying lace ups for Liam because I figured it was time to start learning how to tie. Again on the way home from school yesterday, he successfully tied his shoelace for the first time. We have been practicing the tying of shoelaces for quite a while and both he and I were just frustrated with the whole thing and I’d actually just taken a break from it because he just wasn’t getting it and my patience levels were not coping. I know, I know, I need help. But he’d still keep trying, sitting on his bed with his tongue poking out of his mouth deep in concentration, desperately trying to twist the “bunny ears” into a knot. And then yesterday he gave me the fright of my life in the car; I was driving them home from school and he yelled “LOOK” in that voice that is almost hysterical and I thought something was wrong. Turns out he tied his shoelace 🙂 I’m not saying it was a fluke because I don’t want to take this away from him, and he does get it right every few times, but we’re still at the stage where he gets it right sometimes, and then his fingers get all rubbery and he can’t get it right again – much to his frustration. I’ll give him a few days more and kid will be tying laces with his eyes closed, no doubt!

Liam has smashed two milestones that will probably make no real difference to his life… whistling and tying a lace… no big deal, right? People do not win awards for whistling and if you can’t tie a lace, wear Velcro and don’t join the Boy Scouts, that’s all. But for me, these milestones are amazing. My son continues to blow my mind with the incredible things he learns to do every day. I laud and celebrate the wonder that is you, my most marvelous boy child, Liam John.  Xxx

5 thoughts on “Milestone smashing over here…”

  1. Oh no, they are big milestones (and tell him I can still not whistle properly while 2 of the kids can) – in fact he shoelaces one is one of the things they are suppose to do before going to school. So great going for him.

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