My current wish list

A new set of pots.

When we got married we bought a cheap set of pots. We went to Game and chose a set that looked decent, cost us about R500 I think, and that was that. Now usually, when Coloured people announce their engagement, the AMC flyers come out with a story about “aunty so-and-so who is an AMC agent so she can get you a good deal and if you pay it off slowly every month from the date you get engaged, by the time you are married you would have paid a small fortune for a set of pots that will last you the rest of your married life.” My mother still has her AMC pots from when they got married and with the life time guarantee she just replaces the old or broken pots – that’s great, really. My sister also has AMC pots, so you can see it’s a tradition of sorts. And I am happy for them. However I have a small problem with paying exorbitant amounts of money for something as boring as pots. Maybe it’s because I don’t cook that much myself. Maybe it’s because I think my food tastes exactly the same in my cheap pots, as it does when cooking in the AMC waterless cooking thingy. Point is, after 6 years I think we are due for another set of pots. And once again, I’m going to go for the average priced pots at Game or Makro or wherever. And I have no problem paying R500 every six years to replace my pots, I think that even if I did this for the rest of my earthly life, it would still work out cheaper for me than investing in AMC. How do you feel about your pots?

A new camera

Now this is something I would invest a good sum of money in, I really want a good camera. I already have an idea of what I want, but I do feel like I need to talk to people in the know about this one. I do not want to go into photography or be the next Anne Geddes, but I want something with a bit more depth and capability than my little digital camera. I look at the photos that my friends take of us and our children just while hanging out together and I’m like “your camera did THAT? WOW!” And there’s Marcia who takes the most beautiful photos of EVERYTHING especially leaves and sunsets (haha Marcia!) and I’m like “hey, I also want to do that!” So if one special person would like to buy me this for my birthday, that would be wonderful. Or you can come to my house and put money in the old mayonnaise container I am going to keep on top of the fridge – my camera fund jar.

A garden person to sort my garden out

While Gentry is GREAT in the yard, he doesn’t know about tending to the flowers and stuff. He cuts the grass, trims the verges and the bushes, tidies up the yard and everything looks lovely when he is done, but I want someone who knows about flowers to come in and make everything pretty. More importantly, I want someone to get my herb garden going. I can’t keep fooling myself, my green thumb is wilted and decayed, it doesn’t work. I can’t grow anything or keep anything alive – and not from lack of trying. I do everything the instructions tell me to do but somehow flora just dies under my care. My friends have bought me herbs, flowers, shrubs, BEEEG palm trees and I kill them. *sadface* So I want someone to come in and make sure that everything is primed and ready for Spring. I want someone to plant me a massive herb garden so that all I have to do is reach into it and pick my fresh herbs for my new pot which I’ll be cooking in. Or else I need lessons on how not to kill flora – if anyone knows of such classes in the Johannesburg area.

So I only started this list this weekend.. these just happen to be the things I whined about all weekend long, much to my husband’s annoyance. He can’t stand it when someone is all “awww, I wiiiiish I had x” because he is a very practical so-and-so. If you want it, buy it, or save for it and wait it out but please do not whine about stuff you wish you had to him! Whereas I whine and wish in the hopes that someone (namely him) will make it happen for me, I mean hello? Anyhoo, I think keeping a list is good, and I will be adding to my wish list as I go along, and hopefully deleting some items off as and when my wishes come true!

9 thoughts on “My current wish list”

  1. I think it’s great to have a list! In that way, you can see what you’ve accomplished, what you’ve spent your money on, what you still wish for. We did one in the beginning of the year and we split it between the NEEDS (even though needs for me are in most cases not for hubby and vice versa…like a amazing painting for our bedroom wall which, 6months on, is still blank!) and wants/nice-to-have’s/only possible if we win the lotto 😉 We’ve killed off A LOT from our list already!

  2. I paid R2000 for my AMC set 14 years ago. By your logic, I would be buying my 4th set of “cheaper” pots sometime now… Still think I scored! What you say? Lol!

    1. Hey wena sissie, you DEFINITELY scored.. one pot at AMC is like R2000! I remember at that time, the quotes were R10000 for the set – and that wasn’t even the nicest of the sets!!! I just went online now, do you know the frying pan with the lid, like the normal flatish pan is R2383!! But please hey, leave me the pots in your will 😉

  3. I also want a camera…really badly but with having a small baby in the house, that definitely is not going to happen soon.

    Hope you get everything soonn

  4. I try to do something for myself every year with my Dec bonus because I’m always making sure my kids have everything they need. So got myself just 2 AMC pots and last year we bought a nice camera while on our honeymoon best money spent. (Nikon 3000)

  5. You are my new best friend for saying such nice things about my photos 🙂 Thank you!

    The two things that have changed my life (besides Jesus.,….) – 1) my camera and 2) Superhero Photo.

    Do it 🙂

    When’s your birthday – you can roll the birthday and Christmas (and the husband’s into one big present – start saving!)

    and on the AMC… I also don’t have fancy pots. I won’t buy them even though I do actually cook 🙂 My first set was HART (yes, and I still have the biggest one) and the next set was a set from Game (I have a few of those left but the main pots I chucked out). The HART I’ve had for about 17 years and the other Game for more than 8 years (had them when we moved in here and we’ve been here 8 years in November.

    Fun idea – I think I’ll do a birthday wish list for my blog post tonight!

  6. Ah yes the AMC tradition! Hubby bought me a set of Jamie Oliver Tefal pots for my birthday last year so I’m sorted on that front. But I’m saving them for my own kitchen in my own house (still renting) and using a generic set that was a wedding gift. My wishlist is impossibly long. A lovely organiser for my makeup and cosmetics is a lust -have right now…

  7. I also can’t justify paying so much for a pot and I am not sure I will appreciate them as a gift either.

    I also want a DSLR camera and have wanted one for almost 3 years now

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