I loved you a lot this week.

You know when your kid says or does something that just turns your heart to mush. Yeh that.

The other day Hannah piped up from the backseat “I can’t wait to be 18!” We all laughed out loud at that gem of a statement. First I was like “guuurl, you don’t even want to KNOW what 18 has in store for you!” But then she expounded by saying she can’t wait to be able to drive so that she can buy a darkest blue car. Blue is her absolute favourite colour.

If you read this post, you’ll be glad to know that everything is working well in this department! He was afraid at first, but after much explanation and lots of questions, he was using it as a party trick. I was actually afraid that it was going to fall off, and had to remind him that it wasn’t a toy. Anyway, after all of this, Hannah happily announced to me “I’m happy me and you got baginas mama. Yeh, that’s a B for bagina.

Their prayers are getting more and more colourful. I think I told you how Liam prayed that Jesus would keep mommy and daddy safe while they watch Generations, I mean how does this kid even know anything about Generations! Hannah prays for everything down to the dog she doesn’t even own yet. That’s what you call praying in faith. Liam prays for “sweet dreams for me and Hannah tonight” – so cute – and they both tend to go off on a tangent until Daddy or I pipe up “IN JESUS NAME WE PRAY” which usually signals the end for them.

Hannah is still full of I Love You’s – she goes on about how she loves us, her grandparents, her aunties and her uncles, the poor people, the man at the robot, that lady on the billboard on the N1. Then I opened my big mouth and tried to explain to her that while it is good to be kind to everyone, we don’t just LOVE everyone… I was trying to use this as an illustration about stranger danger, and not just believing that everyone is nice and happy and lovable. I always look for opportunities to talk about these things without freaking the kids out too much. Well, boy did that backfire. We got into a religious debate about how God says we should love your neighbour, and love everyone, even creatures like ants and stuff because He made them, so of course we must love them. And there was I trying to explain that yeeess, all that is wonderful but love is restricted to family and close friends and they were incredulous with the NOTION that we shouldn’t just love everyone. Eventually I backed down, and just left it. Don’t look at me like that, have YOU ever tried arguing with a 3 and 4 year old? So yes they basically love everyone.

Liam has been such a gem while his Dad was away overnight this week. So responsible and helpful. Part of his duties include putting on all the outside lights when night falls. He takes this duty very seriously – more so because Daddy wasn’t there and he was the man of the house and he had to make sure that the lights were on so that we could see if anyone came to visit. They have no concept that the lights are on and shining brightly as a deterrent for criminals! But that’s ok.

Liam’s new phrase is “are you serious” or “like seriously?” Then I always respond “dead serious, son.” It’s our thing, I love it.

Every morning after I brush her hair, I say to Hannah “what a pretty polly” and I tell her how gorgeous and beautiful she is. I don’t reserve these sentiments for after hair brushing only, but I guess she is used to me saying it specifically then. Well the other day, I dressed her in a jersey that she has clearly outgrown  and decided we had to change her out of it because it was too small, but it was such an effort to rip it off over her head and it messed up her freshly combed hair. After all the tugging, she looked at me and said “am I still booodeefool?” *heartstringstug* I then had to explain to her that her hair didn’t make her beautiful! That she wasn’t only beautiful if her hair was brushed! That she was just boodeefool FULLSTOP. All the time. Every time. No matter what.

Really, for me it’s moments like these that make this whole mama-drama worth it, isn’t it? I want to write them all down so that one day when I’ve had to deal with sass and had a door slammed in my face (they wouldn’t DARE!) I can read back on these and remember how very sweet and adorable they were at one stage… Man, I love these kids.


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