Does your kid know your number?

So Liam and I have Pink Eye. But that is not the point of this post.

Liam was home with Pink Eye yesterday, while the rest of us went off to school and work. Around 11am, I noticed an incoming call on my cell phone from the home number. I picked up expecting to hear Zoleka’s voice and was pleasantly surprised to hear Liam on the other end. So I’m like “hey, how you, who said you can use the phone?” And he says “nobody, I decided for myself.” So I say “ok, who helped you dial the number?” And he says “I dialed it myself” So I say “Where’s Gogo?” And he says “ironing and cleaning.” So I say “ok, but WHO dialed my number?” And he says “ME, I DID IT MYSELF!” So I say “you know my number??” And he says “YES!” So I say “who told you my number?” And he says “you did.” Then he says “can you also give me granny’s phone number please?”

I was gobsmacked. Our landline is newly installed.. as in two weeks old. The kids never just pick it up and use it, but I’m more shocked that he could pick up a phone and dial my number without assistance! I have always reiterated the importance of them knowing mommy’s number but they never get it right when I ask them to repeat it to me. And it’s always a big joke when they fake call me from their toy phones and they garble some silly number and I think to myself, how is it that they remember the month, day and time you jammed their finger in the door, yet they can’t remember a 10 digit number.

Well since then, he (and his sister who also stayed home today) have called my cell phone about eight times. I have to tell him to go easy on the phone or else his allowance will go towards the phone bill… now I know how my father felt when we sat on the landline for hours!

There’s a part of me that is so relieved that I know that HE knows the number… I explained to him again last night that now he KNOWS how to call me if he ever gets lost or if he ever feels in danger. He can go up to any adult and ask them to phone his mommy. He nodded his head and said “yes, and if anyone steals me I’ll just call you.” Gulp.

So I’m going to put up the numbers of the special people they enjoy talking to, so they have access (and can remember) these numbers too. BUT I’ll make it quite clear that they need to ASK for permission before dialing whomever first!

I also think it’s important to make them aware of the important emergency numbers  – they know about the panic button and the house alarm and are VERY good about not touching UNLESS there is an emergency, so I do believe there will be no prank calling, well not until they reach 13 at least.

Do your small children know how to contact you in case of an emergency? If they don’t, don’t underestimate the power of good ‘ol parrot fashion repetition – that is clearly how Liam learned my number and I wasn’t even aware that it was working. We don’t give these little people enough credit sometimes!


When you know who you know..

Well guys, I promised that my mom would tell her side of the story, so here it is!

I’m sorry, but I simply can’t help but add my two cents, so look out for my comments in pink!

I look back at the past few weeks and I marvel at all that I have been through. After much pain and discomfort, my husband and I decided to see our doctor, who referred us to an orthopaedic surgeon. (when she says pain and discomfort she actually means her pain was so severe that she could not walk, no amount of pain killers could ease her pain and she was like this for WEEKS, ) He requested an MRI scan and the results indicated that I needed surgery (her second spinal fusion). Another two referrals were given and we opted for the doctor who came highly recommended. He looked at the MRI scan results and he diagnosed that the pins and plates from my previous op in 1995 had to be removed, and L3 and L4 of my spine had to be fused. The first date that was available was September 13, 6 weeks later. Hubby and I both concluded that this was just too long to wait. We kept calling the doctors rooms and prayed for an earlier appointment.

The call we were expecting from the doctor came soon and the date was brought forward to Friday afternoon, 30 August. I was admitted on the Thursday afternoon. The surgeon came in to see me and told us that the operation would take place at 8:00a.m, Friday morning. Well, that was the beginning of a roller coaster ride I will not soon forget! The anesthetist came in, told me what he would be doing, reassured me and left. Blood samples were taken and I got pain tablets and finally fell off to sleep. I was woken up at the crack of dawn, was offered a little pill that would calm me and I donned the theatre apparel and was soon wheeled off to theatre. I was first in line in a row of other patients. Kind and consoling passersby comforted us….. And then I lost all awareness of my surroundings.

I was awakened by loud voices and singing. My mouth was dry and I asked a passerby for lip ice! Only to hear an impatient response. Finally someone offered me Vix which I applied to my parched lips. Oh my hat! The things anaesthetic can do to one! I recall being woken in ICU by a friendly “Good morning Mrs Andrews! This is Michael and he is going to help me to bath you.” Michael, I thought! I’d never been bathed by a male other than my husband before, but I felt so ill I couldn’t even open my eyes! I was given a bed bath and the warm water and suds were just what the doctor ordered after a crazy anaesthetic trip! The sister in charge of me was a blessing, dedicated and committed! I never heard or saw Michael but I thank God for two people who worked together as a team and made a difference to my pain and anguish when I needed them.  The day staff came on and I experienced this awful migraine developing. (my mother and migraines are good friends, she gets them often and quite severely) I pleaded for the lights to be turned off… this is ICU for goodness sake, the lights stay on! A beam of light shone right above my head and again, I pleaded to the nurses for relief from the light. Once again a compassionate male nurse came to my assistance and placed a cover over my eyes to help keep out the light while the migraine ravaged my body with no pain killer to quell the pain. Dozing off in fits and starts, vomiting and all that goes with migraine, even the perfume of the nurses aggravated my condition to such an extent that I thought I would not see the light of day (she really thought she was going to die, people). I questioned the container of blood next to me, still under the effects of the anaesthetic, and annoyed the nurse with all my questions! I never saw her again for the rest of my stay in ICU. Only to find out that the container of blood was the drainage from my wound! I was transferred to the general ward. By this time-Saturday night, sill vomiting and reeling under the pain of the migraine, the extent of which I had never experienced before, I was physically out of it. I hadn’t eaten since the night before my op, which was the Thursday night! Even though the doctor had said I could eat small meals, I just couldn’t keep anything down. All this time, I was been fed intravenously. Once again, I experienced a soothing bed bath and an awesome body massage… Only to discover later that a dollop of my L’Oreal face cream was missing! Which explains the silky body massage… Which I do not regret! (Ha! Ha!)

In the early hours of Sunday morning, still vomiting and feeling ghastly, I pleaded with the staff to call my husband because I thought I was on deaths door (she really thought she was going to die – like really, I can’t even begin to imagine what that feels like!). I told them that I needed him to know what was happening to me. I called for my doctor to come and check me out. The sister kindly explained that it was 3:25a.m. And it was not fair to wake my husband at this time, but that she would chat with the superintendent and find out what could be done blah blah blah! (basically she was saying you aren’t going to die, calm the heck down, lol) She disappeared and I never saw her again… I had fallen into a deep sleep! I remember just crying out to The Lord and praying that this ordeal would pass. I was aware of being carried on the prayers of family and friends.

The lesson of my experience is that I now appreciate little things like a bath, hot water, caring hands, compassionate and dedicated nursing staff. I’m into my third week of recovery and grateful because I know that I know who I know (The Lord Jesus Christ, she means!) 

And I am just grateful that you lived to tell this tale, mom! xxx 

Well Hello Dolly! And the Barbie winner…

It’s been a long time and lots has happened but this is a quick update and more than anything, a red flare that one sends up into the night when they are stranded to let people know there is LIFE over here! I am not sure when I will be able to write again, but I wanted you to know that we were alive and well.

Where to start? My mother has undergone her second spinal fusion. Her first one was eighteen years ago, and her second took place last week Friday. I am not going to tell you that story, it’s hers to tell. And she has agreed to, here on the blog, so look out for that. So I am writing this from the comfort of my parent’s home, we’ve been here since Thursday helping her with her recovery. She is doing well, but as you can imagine with major back surgery, her recovery is slow and she needs time and lots of patience to rehabilitate her back and muscles. I am so glad that we could be here to help her. Besides keeping house, and making sure everyone is fed and well taken care of, it has been a blessing and an honour to look after my mother – much like she did for me after my two C-sections. We’ll be here until Wednesday.

Spring has sprung! Glad to announce that Liam won his Spring Day dress up competition and for the purposes of posterity, please see my magnificent homemade flower below! Big Liam, you were the cutest flower in the garden 🙂 Hannah refused to wear hers, and after my lecture about “I-made-these-with-my-bare-hands-and-NOW-you-ARE-going to wear it” ended in a tantrum, I left it. Really, I am getting too old for tantrums so I let lots of things slide these days. Sighhh..


Hannah has also been invited to three parties over the next three weeks. I’ve rsvp’d yes to all of them… I know right, I’m crazy. But I just feel so bad about not integrating ourselves into Hannah’s class. We’ve had to decline the two play dates we’ve been asked to because of inconvenient timing, and we haven’t been to one party from her class this whole year while Liam has been to at least eight parties from his class. And also remember, Hannah joined this class a few months into the year because she was bumped up, so we missed those first few months where everyone was new and friendships were been formed and set in concrete (yes, girls at this age are already showing signs of “you’re my favourite and YOU are not” – it kills me). So my point is, I feel like I have to make up and be more involved with the moms from this class and get to know the kids in her class a bit more. But I feel like stabbing myself in the eye when I think of having to attend THREE kiddies parties over the next few weekends.

I got lots of spoils last week. Apparently it was secretary’s day, when I said I wasn’t even aware of it, my boss and colleagues thought I was being coy! But seriously, I was taken aback by the flowers, and chocolates and Crabtree & Evelyn gift pack and all the wishes. They like me, they like me, the really really like me!

And lastly, I know I am late in announcing the winner of the Barbie competition and I do apologise. Congratulations to Leanne Pollitt! Please email me with your details,

Well folks, my patient needs my assistance so it’s toodle doo for now. Thanks to those who Whatsapp’d and emailed asking where the heck I had disappeared to. Glad to know I was missed.

I do hope you and your families are well too. If you are the praying type, won’t you keep my mom in your prayers?