Well Hello Dolly! And the Barbie winner…

It’s been a long time and lots has happened but this is a quick update and more than anything, a red flare that one sends up into the night when they are stranded to let people know there is LIFE over here! I am not sure when I will be able to write again, but I wanted you to know that we were alive and well.

Where to start? My mother has undergone her second spinal fusion. Her first one was eighteen years ago, and her second took place last week Friday. I am not going to tell you that story, it’s hers to tell. And she has agreed to, here on the blog, so look out for that. So I am writing this from the comfort of my parent’s home, we’ve been here since Thursday helping her with her recovery. She is doing well, but as you can imagine with major back surgery, her recovery is slow and she needs time and lots of patience to rehabilitate her back and muscles. I am so glad that we could be here to help her. Besides keeping house, and making sure everyone is fed and well taken care of, it has been a blessing and an honour to look after my mother – much like she did for me after my two C-sections. We’ll be here until Wednesday.

Spring has sprung! Glad to announce that Liam won his Spring Day dress up competition and for the purposes of posterity, please see my magnificent homemade flower below! Big Liam, you were the cutest flower in the garden 🙂 Hannah refused to wear hers, and after my lecture about “I-made-these-with-my-bare-hands-and-NOW-you-ARE-going to wear it” ended in a tantrum, I left it. Really, I am getting too old for tantrums so I let lots of things slide these days. Sighhh..


Hannah has also been invited to three parties over the next three weeks. I’ve rsvp’d yes to all of them… I know right, I’m crazy. But I just feel so bad about not integrating ourselves into Hannah’s class. We’ve had to decline the two play dates we’ve been asked to because of inconvenient timing, and we haven’t been to one party from her class this whole year while Liam has been to at least eight parties from his class. And also remember, Hannah joined this class a few months into the year because she was bumped up, so we missed those first few months where everyone was new and friendships were been formed and set in concrete (yes, girls at this age are already showing signs of “you’re my favourite and YOU are not” – it kills me). So my point is, I feel like I have to make up and be more involved with the moms from this class and get to know the kids in her class a bit more. But I feel like stabbing myself in the eye when I think of having to attend THREE kiddies parties over the next few weekends.

I got lots of spoils last week. Apparently it was secretary’s day, when I said I wasn’t even aware of it, my boss and colleagues thought I was being coy! But seriously, I was taken aback by the flowers, and chocolates and Crabtree & Evelyn gift pack and all the wishes. They like me, they like me, the really really like me!

And lastly, I know I am late in announcing the winner of the Barbie competition and I do apologise. Congratulations to Leanne Pollitt! Please email me with your details, robyna22@gmail.com

Well folks, my patient needs my assistance so it’s toodle doo for now. Thanks to those who Whatsapp’d and emailed asking where the heck I had disappeared to. Glad to know I was missed.

I do hope you and your families are well too. If you are the praying type, won’t you keep my mom in your prayers?




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