I made a huge mistake…

Ok, I have to come clean and explain the complete and utter mother of all mess-ups that I made recently. Remember that Barbie competition I ran a few weeks back?


Silly me forgot to specify that the competition was open only to people who reside within South Africa. As luck would have it, I drew a winner and the lovely Leanne happened to be from Manchester, United Kingdom.

She was thrilled to have won, and I was mortified to explain that I wasn’t sure that the client would post to the other end of the world! The client was very kind and it took a lot of back and forth emails when Leanne eventually just stood up like the lovely person I am sure she is and sent me this note:

“It’s ok honey, no need for an excuse. Please let another special little girl enjoy it. I do loving winning and receiving things for my princess but stuff happens, no biggie, we both keep smiling. Thank you again.”

So this is my very public apology to Leanne to say I am so sorry for being so stupid. Can you imagine my poor husband who has to put up with me every day? I wish I could get on a plane and hand deliver this prize to you as you rightly deserve but I have school fees to pay and the closest I will get to getting on a plane to the UK is when they’ve flown the coop and my husband and I take our second honeymoon, by which stage your little princess will no longer have any interest in Barbie I am sure.

Jokes aside, I feel terrible. Please accept my humblest apologies. And please give your princess a big “I’m sorry” hug from me 😦

So thanks to Leanne, I’ve had to draw another winner. On drawing this name, I thoroughly stalked this person to make sure they indeed lived within the South Africa border, and they do. So without further ado, the winner of the Barbie hamper is:


Cirsten, please contact me to make arrangements for the delivery of your prize WITHIN THE SOUTH AFRICAN BORDER. *blushing*

Going forward I will take the statement “think before you ink (or publish a post) more seriously.


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