Diary of a single mother

This is a long story, and while I consider myself a good story teller (ask my kids) I am not in the mood to rehash this particularly story because, believe me, I’ve told it 1000 times, we’ve gone over it 1000 times and the decision to get here was a long and difficult one and the point of this is just to let you know what the heck’s going down in my hood.

As of this morning at 3am, my husband works in Limpopo. He will live there from Monday very early morning to Friday not so late afternoon. We will only see him on weekends.

This means that I run this circus, solo, for most of the week. I must say it hasn’t been difficult, my kids have a pretty established routine and we work like a well oiled machine for the most part. I even side step tantrums with finesse and go about the routine without the offending blimp upsetting the rest of the plan and the offending party is usually known to just fall into line when they don’t get the attention they feel their tantrum deserves, if you know what I mean. So physically, it’s going well. I was worried about this because I really am spoilt. Between Zoleka and Husband, I pretty much just give orders and delegate as much as possible. Not in a bad way. I just have a very hands on team around me, what can I say. But things are going well.

Emotionally, I miss the husband. We do everything together generally – we get up together, sort the kids out together, travel to work together, see each other at least once during the work day, come home together, share the evening chores together, watch Generations together. So this being alone thing is difficult for me. The silence in the evenings once the little people have gone to bed is weird. Which shouldn’t really bother me because if you know me, I’m used to talking to myself, hell even when husband was here, I think it was like talking to myself anyway because he would just zone out when I went off on a tangent. Ha. But it isn’t the same, hey.

This bed feels rather large right now. But I will not cave and let any small people into it because I believe in sticking to the routine. Except maybe at 5am when I need something soft and squishy to hold onto. I am known to have a particularly rubbery arm at that time of the morning and they know it. Liam has taken over his new role of the man of the house very seriously. His duties include putting the outside lights on and hanging up the towels after bath time. Hannah just wants to phone her Daddy every 5 minutes.

My quieter evenings have given me more time to do the things I enjoy doing and to take up projects that I don’t think I could have managed to do with my full time wifely duties. Ha. I think it’s all going to work out just fine.

I can’t wait for the weekend. And I really say that with new meaning. There’s lots to tell and lots that will unfold as we enter this new chapter of our lives and i’ll keep you posted… but for now, I need to lock the house and set alarms and check on sleeping babies…




3 thoughts on “Diary of a single mother”

  1. Shame man, thinking of all you. It won’t be easy, but your tough & at the end of all this you’ll look back & realize God’s hand was in all this. Look after yourselves.

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