A post about nothing, a post about everything.

My blogging has become quite erratic and I’m not sure why. I can’t say it’s because I don’t have the time, or the content. It’s all here in my head, just waiting to be spewed out into cyberspace. And once the kids go down in the evenings and I’ve done a bit of work on the side, I really do spend a lot of good quality time doing nothing. I blame my wi fi for this. Why didn’t anybody tell me how amazing wi fi is? I feel so cheated that I wasn’t privy to this wonderful first world privilege. Being able to surf the internets from the toilet or the poolside is like uh-mazing. I’ve always had 3G on my ipad but when that airtime was up, it was up. I only budgeted X amount for the month and I’d have to wait until the new month to reload and that was just annoying. But this wi fi, man. I love it.

So the reason I got wi fi at home is because I landed a smally time freelance gig on the side. It’s fun, it keeps me busy and out of trouble and makes me feel good about my writing. And you guys all know how much I love feeling good about the stuff that I do. That someone actually noticed and liked me and said ok, give this a go and see how you fare. I don’t know how long it will go on for, or how permanent it is, but I’m loving it.  I’m hoping this will open many other doors, I’m hoping this will push me towards having “enough on the side” to be able to call the shots, call my hours and live my life ungoverned by the 9 – 5 grind. Wouldn’t that be lovely?


So remember this post about my bad skin. That was written on the 14 January this year! That is how long I’ve been battling with my skin! Finally I went to seek medical help because I actually can’t remember what I looked like before bad skin. All I want is for skin to look like Hannah’s bum: soft, smooth, squishy, dewy, pink, kissable. Is that too much to ask? I’ve never ever gone through as much foundation and face powder in my LIFE as I have in this last year. I march into the doc’s rooms and I demand the highest dosage of Roaccutane like RIGHT NOW. She told me to caaaaaalm down. So I’m on a course of drugs (milder with less side effects than Roaccutane apparently) that I need to take for a month, coupled with an ointment that makes me cry. Literally it feels like it is burning the pimples away and brings tears of joy to my eyes. Actually, it’s just so strong that my eyes well up the minute I smell it. I’ve also changed my contraceptive from the injection to the good ‘ol pill… this part freaks me out of the most. Remember the last time I went on the pill… SURPRISE, YOU’VE WON A FREE PREGNANCY. COLLECT YOUR PRIZE AT THE END OF 9 MONTHS. THANKS FOR PLAYING. Ya, that. But I am seriously desperate to clear my skin, I fear that scarring has already started and it won’t go away. 😦 

Moving on.

So we were at a party last Saturday and the other school parents were asking me where the Hubby was because I was alone with the kids. Liam pipes up that “Daddy lives in a hotel now and he only comes to see us on weekends. He doesn’t live with us anymore.”  Yes. The look of horror, then pity,  on these parents’ faces – Liam made it sound like Daddy had run off with the milk lady and we were going through a divorce. I was like um, yeh, it’s not like that, er, he works away, he has a new job… with Liam still piping up, “but he DOES live in a hotel mom?!” I was like “CAN YOU JUST GO EAT SOME CAKE OR OPEN THE BIRTHDAY CHILD’S PRESENTS PLEASE!!!” Well I didn’t say that, but I think he got the death threat telepathically and ran off to play.

Oh and this..

The kids are putting on a Disney production for their school play this year. I can’t wait. Yes yes, to see the kids on  stage and all of that, but man I LOVE the music! I’ve so enjoyed the preparation and learning the actions with them, and reliving my favourite Disney movies through them. I can’t wait to see it all come to life. Also on the entertainment note, they’ve started with the recital of poetry. It is by far, the cutest thing they’ve done to DATE. My grandmother would have LOVED LOVED LOVED them at this age. She loved singing and reciting poetry and these two love to perform. Yesterday they did this one for me:

An elephant goes like this and that, he’s terribly big, and he’s terribly fat; he has no fingers, and has no toes, but goodness gracious, what a long nose!

But the funniest part is that they actually both CANNOT say terribly. We get tebbilleee, werribly, tearbleee. I made them say it 100 times just to hear them say “terribly.” There’s also another cute one about a crocodile, which I need to learn, can’t even find it on Google.

On that note, this age is awesome. I think 3 and 4 are my favourite ages. Still cute, still sassy without being rude, still cuddly. And the imagination! Oh my. Some days I need to dig deeeep to play along, I mean after a long day at the office, then coming home and sorting out the kids and the house, I don’t always feel like pretending to be a baby dinosaur and they are the mommy and daddy dinosaur and I must lay on the floor (like outside on the verandah, they insist I lie on the bare floor) because baby dinosaurs can’t walk yet. Killing me softly, I tell you. Hannah still cries A LOT, mainly for NOTHING. But we work around it. The only age that will be better than this is the age where they can make me tea. I can’t wait for that age. THAT will definitely be my favourite age.

And that my friends.. is what you call a post about nothing, but a post about everything. 


4 thoughts on “A post about nothing, a post about everything.”

  1. Was good to read your blog again! All the best with the skin, the hotel, the concert and all the other things in between. Lol! Xxx

  2. Good luck with your skin! As someone who used to have very severe acne, complete with carbuncles and cysts, the only thing that cleared up my skin was a year on the pill and then two acid peels that were f*ck sore but the only thing that removed my scarring! Also, the therapist in me wants to remind you that make up can aggravate your skin, so chose your skin care regimen and make up wisely!
    Keep us posted!

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