The hula-hooping-swimming-girl-child

So the little girls in Hannah’s class love to hula. Everyday they’re on the playground fighting over who’s turn it is to use the hula hoops. Never mind the fantastic play equipment, the fresh outdoors, the freedom to run around after being held prisoner in the classroom – all they want to do is hula. I crack myself up for minutes while doing the school run, spying on them from the foyer window, their little bodies contorting  – some with rhythm, and others (shame) who just can’t get it right. HILARIOUS, I tell you.

Anyway, Hannah couldn’t hula for months, and I couldn’t help her at all. I cannot believe that I CANNOT hula? I was so good at it as a child and now I simply cannot keep the darn thing up. Why? I have even downloaded hula hooping tutorials, watched a gazillion Youtube videos on how to hula – I just can’t do it!! I mean I have MOVES for goodness sake, how come I can’t move my body in a simple circular motion in order to keep a piece of plastic on my hips?

Ok. This is not about me.

So early in December we were in Sandton City with my parents, they had set up a festive kiddies section and Hannah zoned in on the hula hoops. This little thing just got it! Like on the spot, she started hula-ring and that was the end of that. Or rather that was the start of her relationship with her hula hoop. She is so darn good at it, she can go for over 2 minutes and she only stops then because she is bored of it, not because the hula hoop falls.. It’s mesmerizing! Liam still can’t hula and he is most frustrated / irritated that his small sister can do something that he cannot. We console ourselves by watching amazing Youtube hula hooping videos. So I was forced to buy her a hula hoop – let me tell you, a hula hoop is not the easiest thing to store, especially if your child wants it near her all the time. It doesn’t fit into the cupboard, it doesn’t stand upright in the corner, it’s like trying to find a big enough space for it to balance somewhere in her room. And she likes to carry it with her everywhere in case she gets a sudden urge to hula. Quite frankly, it just gets in the way. And it IS NOT allowed to be outside, unless she is outside. The queen of the hula and her demands.

Just look at this kid. Like seriously. How good is she? Watch this video on silent please. My ear-breaking chanting is ridiculous, even to me. I was excited, what can I say! I’m just glad I managed to capture this milestone! And it makes me laugh every time I look at it, I’m sorry to say but watching someone hula is not the most flattering of movements. Like even if you’re in the circus and wearing a sparkly outfit.

And the next day with her own hula hoop…

And then I simply cannot resist… here’s a killer-funny video of Liam NOT being able to hula. WAAAA! You’re welcome for that laugh! I swear he doesn’t get his rhythm-less moves from me!

I am also proud to note that my Hannah is finally swimming without her armbands. My sister and family have moved to Port Shepstone and we spent hours in the pool during the holidays. I left Hannah for one day with my sister and I came back to find her swimming unassisted. What a good teacher my sister is! Of course she is as proud as punch (Hannah, not my sister); I am just relieved that we have our last and final family member who can navigate themselves safely around a swimming pool. I’ll just keep practicing with her now, building her confidence and improving on her breathing. When do you start sending children for actual stroke correction and the like?

School goes back tomorrow, I feel sorry for poor Teacher who’s ears will probably bleed and fall off from all the stories she is sure to hear from all the little ones who have done BIG things over the holidays. Well done Baby Girl, another two milestones smashed!

6 thoughts on “The hula-hooping-swimming-girl-child”

  1. Go Hannah! And well done on the swimming! LOL…I did have a good laugh at the Liam clip. I don’t have the moves – am a terrible dancer but I CAN hula. I actually don’t know if my kids can hula. Am going to go and have to buy a hula hoop now so I can check.

  2. I used to be able to go for ages; don’t know if it’s the fat or what but the other day (2 months ago) at a kiddies party, I tried and I was like Liam (who is not bad!)

    hannah is excellent!!!

    PS why don’t you like my blog a lot?
    PPS looking forward to seeing you on Sat. We’re still on?

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