Play dates and arts and crafts…

Two weeks ago, we had the pleasure of play-dating with Marcia and her family. Of course I felt like I had already known the kids and D for years! That’s what blogging does, doesn’t it? I know more about my mommy blogger friends and their families than I do about some of the people I do life with everyday. They are a beautiful family with a beautiful home and we had a beautiful time. Time went sooo fast, I feel like we didn’t cover half the news we needed to catch up on, hey Marcia?

For those of us who know Marcia, we know that she is probably THE most organised, and the most “prepared” person we know. I mean she is the queen of “organised.” She runs a tight ship at home – she runs it well and it shows. C and K are so well mannered, and so polite! They are children I would gladly invite over to my house ANY DAY. You know there’s some kids who you’d rather play date with at a neutral area like Papachinos or something, because you just KNOW they are going to wreck your house (bless them), well these twins are not those kids.

So anyway. Marcia put me to shame when she brought out her arts and crafts for the kids. She had made individual packs including a book, stickers and the works. If you want to win over my kids, bring out the fancy pens and the stickers. They were sold. All I heard about on the way home, and the next day, and the next day, was how great aunty Marcia’s colouring pencils and stamps and glue and stickers are. I felt rather ashamed when I looked at our old ice cream container which houses our writing material. Thanks Marcia. Ha. Here they are busy crafting:


Anyway, I was inspired. These are the kinds of people I need in my life.. people who inspire me! So I went off to Waltons and to the Crazy Store yesterday and for less than R150 I redid our art station. I got two plastic cutlery holders (couldn’t find a single one big enough) and filled the compartments with the things we need. I only have a picture of this one because the other is still being filled. The other one holds the glue sticks, real old fashioned HB pencils and these super cool roller stamp thingies. I haven’t unveiled it to the kids yet, I am waiting to use it as a bribe actually, ha. Ok not a bribe, but as a reward perhaps. I’ve had a few behavioural issues as they adjust to normal life after the holidays and being spoilt by aunts and grannies, so yes they need to be coerced into towing the line again. And I think this will do the trick. The other trick I learned is that I don’t have to bring out EVERYTHING at once, I mean a 4 year old does not need 4 shades of a blue colouring pencil . So I’ve only taken out a few of the items from every box, and still have enough to replenish as and when I need to.


A good time was had by all!

ps: all this time I honestly thought Marcia pronounced her name as MAASEEYA, only to discover she is actually MARSHA. Well the kids are STILL calling her aunty MAASEEYA, even after correction… sorry about that M!

3 thoughts on “Play dates and arts and crafts…”

  1. Now sweetie, you called me marsha when we met in Sept. I’m 100% sure of that…. 🙂

    And what a LOVELY post – I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Glad I inspired you 🙂 🙂 I have lots of ideas with the kid stuff – just shout…. and go look at Pep. They have fantastic (cheap) baskets and things one can use for storage in their home section.

    We definitely didn’t cover half of it. I am still getting to that blog post…….. maybe tomorrow night but I LOVE your kids! I said to D when you left, “they can come over anytime!”

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