The first report is good.

Today at drop off, Hannah’s new teacher casually asked me if I do extra work with her at home. I replied that yes I did do extra work… when I was feeling particularly saintly (not often enough, in other words). She went on to say that as the youngest in the class (like Liam she is a year younger than her classmates) Hannah is pretty “sharp.”  I said oh, that’s good and hurried off to work.

But it’s all I’ve thought about today. Hannah is sharp. I think Teacher meant that she is doing well, that she is on top of things, that she coping. Right? And as a mother, I can’t explain how this makes me feel. We all want the best for our kids, we want them to succeed, to have lots of friends, to come home with A passes. That’s what we hope and pray for, isn’t it. But it doesn’t always turn out like that. Everyone of us have “issues.” Some are more concerning than others, some need therapy and some don’t. Some issues we can get by with, and others need to be addressed. Some issues can resolved, and others we have to live with for the rest of our lives. Some issues are manageable and others need a lot of time, money and energy to work with.

While I haven’t picked up any glaring issues yet, my kids are too young to identify their “issues.” I only became aware of, and dealt with, a lot of my issues as an adult.  Some I’m still dealing with. Just being a human means you have issues, I assure you! But today I am thankful just for that glib comment that was made by Teacher. Hannah is doing ok. Any mom can identify with me on this one, it’s like a release of a breath being held for too long when someone says that your kid is doing ok.

I am a worrier. I get anxious over anything and everything. I’ve gotten better as my walk with God has grown, but still I worry. Being a parent is not good for a Worrier. There is ALWAYS something to worry about. ALWAYS. So when someone comes along and says something positive about your kid, even the littlest thing, it’s GOOD.

Hannah is doing ok.



3 thoughts on “The first report is good.”

  1. Yeah my friend! SO happy for you. And you are so totally correct – we all have issues. And having a child with serious issues (the ones that take a lot of time, theraphy and money) just makes you even more thankful for every child that does not have the obvious serious ones

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