Rocky Horror Show continued…

So an update on Rocky.

I am going through all the phases that a mother to a newborn goes through: the sleepless nights, the frustration, which is then followed by guilt for feeling frustrated in the first place, the expense, the bad body imagine after giving birth… oh wait, no that’s there from when I had a real kid almost four years ago. Ha.

Ok seriously now. This dog has turned our lives upside down!!!!

Last week I was commissioned to find Rocky a kennel. Apparently outside dogs are less common than I thought. Finding a kennel is like finding a needle in a haystack, with most dogs sleeping indoors on fancy doggy pillows. I eventually found a man who makes kennels in Isando but he doesn’t deliver. I then had to spend money on getting a furniture removal company to collect said kennel because I don’t know a man with a van.

I was ostracized at puppy school this week when I complained about Rocky’s crying and whining in the middle of the night – apparently I am evil incarnate for letting a small little puppy sleep outside in the first place. Oh, I was also frowned upon because Rocky’s tail is docked and this is seen as animal cruelty in these parts folks. Who knew.

I found two big ugly ticks on him last week, I took gruesome horrible photos to show the hubby and made a video of the bonfire we started.. ticks don’t die, you literally have to burn them! He has already made himself a lovely deep hole in my flower bed and it’s in this sand that he is picking up ticks (and they want him to sleep in MY house?)

So along with his vaccine, de worming meds, a bloodsmear to ascertain that he hadn’t contracted Biliary from the ticks (it’s going around ya’ll, just like a nasty cough goes around pre-school) – we had to get some spray to keep the ticks and fleas off (he’s too young for the regular tick stuff). You can’t stop a dog from lying in the sand but you can prevent the nasties from sticking apparently. My mother also suggested spraying diluted Jeyes Fluid in the sandy patch for good measure. R788 later, Rocky’s first trip to the vet was successful. He has a clinic card just like the kids do, too.

Puppy school is going … um.. as expected. Rocky is the bad boy in the class, he and a gorgeous little Husky called Sheila, have taken an extreme liking to each other. They spend most of the class cavorting like two teenagers, it’s embarrassing. You guys know me, I expect straight As and no nonsense at school. He is not carrying the family flag high. All he wants to do is cavort with his girlfriend and eat all the treats. AND he runs to everyone when they are trying to call their own dogs. The minute you show any sign of wanting a cuddle, he rugby tackles you – whether you are his boss or not. EMBARRASSING. But cute.

Right. So after spending all this time, effort and MONEY organizing the kennel, we gave him a stern talking to and showed him his new digs. He was not impressed. I put his special pillow in the kennel, we put his toys in the kennel, I have taken to feeding him RIGHT next to the kennel  – no go. I suggested to hubby that maybe the area was too dark at night and he was afraid, so off to Builders Warehouse we traipsed, hubby installed a lovely bright light into the wall above the kennel, I mean seriously this dog is getting FIRST CLASS treatment here, but still he won’t go near the kennel.

His crying has come to an end at night but I still feel sorry for him laying on the grass all night, instead of in his nice warm kennel. I’ve started leaving the laundry room open  and put a nice big pillow down for him hoping he’ll creep in there, but nope, he prefers laying against a bucket in the middle of nowhere.

Yesterday he seemed particularly depressed. Not his usual bouncy bite-y scratchy ‘self… Not sure what’s up with that, but I’m not taking him to the vet to be prescribed antidepressants as my sister’s dog was HA! Dogs on ADs .. no man!

Not sure what we’re going to do with him at Liam’s party on Saturday, I believe the dog should be socialized, that’s what puppy school teaches us, Google told hubby that your watch dog shouldn’t be exposed to too many people because he becomes too familiar. We can’t even agree on parenting our dog, let alone the children!

I’m so pleased with how the kids have taken to him. Liam has gone from being terrified of dogs to letting Rocky get into bed with him when I’m not looking. He lays on the floor and lets Rocky nibble his ears and nose. I do think these two will be fast friends. Hannah is pretty blasé about the whole doggy thing and gets quite upset with the attention that Liam now lavishes on the dog instead of her.

Parenting three little ones sure is tough.

2 thoughts on “Rocky Horror Show continued…”

  1. A piece of assvice… if I may? Dogs are social animals, they thrive on company. I’ve always found that my dogs were less hassle, better behaved and less destructive when they were given free access to the house and sleeping in doors.
    Good luck, a puppy is VERY hard work!

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