What’s making you mad or sad?

I am on fire. Birthday gifts wrapped. Valentine’s Day kids’ outfits purchased. Valentine’s Day choccies for teachers and my two little Valentines purchased. Party stuff just about done.

And that’s kind of where it ends and I am no longer on fire and I sizzle down to a sad little ember.

I’m not sad, I’m just tired. Not physically tired, just DRAINED. I want my husband to come home now. This marriedsingle life is not for me. We are fasting and praying to this end, I hope you are too on my behalf, hey?

So things that have been making me want to scream into a pillow lately… let the whining commence

  • Tired of doing everything myself. I’ve discovered that I’m not as pendantic about “if you want something done right, do it yourself” as I thought I was. Right now, I’d just like someone to do it – whether you do it right or wrong I don’t really care, as long as I don’t have to do it. The sort of things I would like done for me include: making sure there’s enough bread and milk, sorting out Rocky and all his dog business stuff, sorting out the kids and all their kid stuff, driving me to work and back so I can reserve some of my energy for something other than road rage, sorting out the gardener, fixing the pool pump, figuring out why the sprinkler in front of the driveway isn’t working so  that I don’t stand there getting drenched trying to fix it myself, running the day to day household stuff, remembering EVERYTHING because there’s no one to back you up or to remind you of X, Y, Z. I’d like someone to figure stuff out for me or at least WITH me – but having to do it alone or via an email or whatsapp message is becoming frustrating and annoying.
  • Why does the pool pump have to start acting up three days before our POOL party? I mean it had the WHOLE year to act up, but now, when I need it most, it conks. I spent ages pressing a gazillion buttons yesterday while Rocky chewed at my toe and the children were rattling about 500 questions to the minute about how/why/what is the pump doing. It’s still not fixed and the step by step tutorial from the husband did not work. Luckily the water is clear and I don’t think it will go bad before Saturday – unless there’s a storm in which case I don’t really care, green water never hurt anyone.
  •  Ever been in the situation where even though you cut and measure the wrapping paper, it’s still too short and you’re left with a gap and you can still see the present underneath. Then you try to fix it by patching it up and it just looks like something you don’t even want to open? I love things to be wrapped beautifully, there’s something about opening a pressie that is beautifully wrapped, isn’t there? Thank goodness this gift is only for a 5 year old, he’d be excited to open something wrapped in newspaper.
  •  MY PHONE. I had this BB which I detested.. wait.. I am going to use a word that I do not often use because it’s like a swear word to me, it’s such a strong word and it has so much meaning and is so venomous, I truly reserve it for special occasions.. I HATED that phone. HATED HATED HATED that phone. It was troublesome from about the 3rd month I got it. My upgrade is only in July this year and I was not prepared to take out another contract or spend money on another phone, I was just battling along with my foolish BB. Then on Monday night after yanking the sim card out for the 1905th time, those little gold pieces by the sim area just fell out. That killed that phone good and proper. While I HATED the BB, I now had NO phone. I am using hubby’s colleague’s battered old S3 (cracked screen and all) and while it looks pretty beat up, it works better than my BB did on the first day I got it. However. How’s these data charges, dude? Woah. Need to get used to turning data on and off if I plan to keep my bill down. Which brings me to my next point.
  •  I received my phone bill this month. It was 100% higher than my usual spend. Like DOUBLE. I get on the blower with Vodacom ranting and raving when the dear soul on the other side says “m‘am, you are being charged data usage as BIS no longer exists, please read your invoice correctly.” Hmm, what do you know, BIS is finished? I said to her that as a service provider, Vodacom should have informed their customers about this change so that we could have been prepared. How rude. She said it’s been in the media since last year! As a good friend mentioned last night, if we believed everything that was mentioned in the media we would be FOOLISH! I was most upset! For everyone still using a BB, here is a public service announcement for you.. BIS is dead.
  •  Our bed. For the last few months our bed has gone from creaking ever so slightly to literally sounding like a tree which is about to be FELLED. TIMBERRRRRR! The wood in the base sounds like it is going to split into a million pieces every time we TURN on it. In the middle of the night all you hear is “creaaaaaaaak.” When hubby isn’t there it isn’t too bad, but when we are BOTH on the bed, it is somewhat unbearable and causing many sleepless hours. We need a new bed!! Can I just say that this is our second bed in 7 years of marriage, we broke our first bed too. HOW? HOW? Aren’t beds supposed to last for like 10 years or something? And NO, it’s not what you’re thinking, I mean we have a good time on the bed but not THAAAAAAAAT much of a good time! Sad thing is, this last bed was a gift from my brother who worked in that industry and his supplier gave it to him, who gave it to me. I don’t have the warranty. SAD PANDA. Went to price some beds last week, and was surprised at the science behind choosing a bed? The bed we basically need is way out of the bed budget range, so we creak on…
  •  Oh this hasn’t been keeping me up at night but I just have to say… how EXPENSIVE is LEGO???? OH MY WORD. I was gob smacked. Granny and I agreed to build onto the Lego collection as part of Liam’s birthday gifts and I was just horrified at how expensive it is. And the worst thing? There’s no generic for Lego in the toy shops. There’s no cheaper version? Or so I thought, until I went into Plastic Land for paper cups yesterday. They sell no name brand Lego and although it isn’t thaaaat much cheaper, every cent counts right? And they sell the building board for way cheaper than Toyzone. You are welcome.

What’s been making you mad or sad lately?


9 thoughts on “What’s making you mad or sad?”

  1. You and Byron need to calm down – seriously! Two beds, HAAIBO!! That’s exactly what I was thinking as I started reading your be comment. On the pool pump, did you try google for some solutions? On the phone…sorry ne…I have a few spare ones if the S3 (that already sounds half dead) gives in and seriously, how is your upgrade in July??? I feel like you’ve been complaining about your phone for YEARS. But then again, if it gave you problems from then, maybe that’s why it seems so long. Have you tried taking it back to BB for them to fix as your phone should still be under warranty…although you probably can’t find that slip either 😉

    1. I don’t want to google anything, I don’t want to fix anything, I just want someone to do EVERYTHING that needs to be done boohoo!! and yes, I have most likely been complaining about this phone since I got it! And no I will not take it to Vodacom, I did that with my last phone for them to send me a msg 4 weeks later to say sorry your phone is irreparable anyway!

  2. I also wanted to say Megabloks Robyn – ToysR us or any other shop has – generally Smurfs and Barbie, but also trucks etc.

    And I do understand every single thing you say – it’s just enough!

  3. *ahem* I told you way back when this plan was CRAZY!!!!! Shame – I feeeeeeeeel for you so much.

    Now on the bed thing… we also need one. But wait for this. Ours is about 10 years old if not older. We moved into this house with it and we already had it for a few years before. Actually more like 12!!! Hey, thanks – I just talked myself into a new bed. My springs are going.

    Where are the best prices for beds?

    HAHAH at the green pool. Ours is so rarely blue that’s a miracle.

  4. WOW Robyn, you have a lot going on. Hmmmm interesting about your bed 😉 😉

    I hope you didn’t have the thunderstorm we had because if you did you might have just jinxed your
    pool into turning green!

    Vodacom did fix my BB or rather they just gave me a new one twice since it was still under the 2 year warranty period. So I would say you should take it to them it’s worth a try. And I beg to disagree BIS still exists, I don’t think that agent knows what they are talking about. Would be weird to be otherwise as they still sell the old BB with BIS contracts. I should check my invoice more closely.

    And pls don’t get me started on data charges. I feel like I’m going bankrupt just from data costs. I need to investigate WiFi charges and see if it is worth getting WiFi at home .

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