Me and The Rock




No, not THE ROCK. Rocky! Our doggy! Love my Rocky! So we’re off to the coast this weekend and we’ve had to book our pup into Doggy Hotel. Funny thing is… one of the reasons we got him was because we wanted a presence in the yard when we were away, but now that we have him, how could we possibly leave this little thing at home alone? Just look at him awwwww!

Did I tell you how sick he was? Can’t remember if I did.. he needed a BLOOD TRANSFUSION. Who knew dogs can get transfusions! You learn something new everyday. We thought he was going to die, the three of us stood in the Vet’s office doing the ugly cry as she explained how very sick he was.

But he is back to good health and terrorising us again!


8 thoughts on “Me and The Rock”

  1. He is so cute! Must say I miss the puppy stage now ours are giants and scare the pants off most people!

    Glad he is back to his old self. I’m sure he’ll miss you while you are gone but hey he’ll be in a doggy hotel

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