How many burgers are too many?

It seems 3 is the number. I’m going to tell you about my weekend, count how many burgers I consumed. Apologies to the cows who were harmed in the creation of this post.

On Saturday, Hannah was invited to her school BFF’s birthday party at Spur. We decided to do a daddy/son day and mommy/daughter day seeing as Liam was not invited to the party. So while the boys went for waffles and whatever else, Hannah and I chilled at home, FINALLY made her Barbie jewellery stuff that she received as a Christmas gift (I may or may not have hidden it away just so that I didn’t have to bore myself to death crafting with my kid). Turns out it was fun and easy and she was thrilled with her new jewellery. Then we went to the party. Long story short, it was a joint birthday party for the two sisters, one turned 4 and the other turned 8. So there were a lot of parents and children. The parents of the party said the adult guests could order anything they wanted off the menu. I was like OK, there are 40 parents here, how MUCH is your bill going to be??? Anyway, I ordered a burger because I thought it was moderately priced (a regular burger is almost the same price as a salad, and does it look like I eat salad? No). I always enjoy a Spur burger, Hannah had fun, it was a good party.

Saturday night, we had made reservations with some friends at Duke’s Burgers in Greenside. It was my second time at this place and I was once again impressed with my burger. Because I had had a Spur burger less than 5 hours before, I opted for a veggie burger which consisted of roasted butternut, basil pesto, grilled haloumi, red onion marmalade and mango chutney. Served with sweet potato wedges. I cannot explain the deliciousness in writing. I’m one of those people who have to eat meat with everything, and who believe that veggies are basically boring. I mean I won’t even order salad as a starter. That I even opted for a veggie burger is a surprise in itself. That I ENJOYED said burger is an even bigger surprise. The food and company were great. I would highly recommend you visit this place.


Yesterday after church, we took a drive to a prospective school that I’m looking at for Liam – just for Hubby to take a look at the facilities as he isn’t here in the week when the school does tours. We discovered that we were quite near the Burger King. Now let me tell you, Husband has wanted to try Burger King from day 1 -he is a huge fan. We’d driven pass a few times before and the queue has always put us off. Then one of the moms at the kids’ school told us about the lovely play area and how it was a good distraction while waiting in the queue. Well the queue wasn’t that long and husband stayed with the kids in the play area while I ordered the food. All in all it took me 15 minutes from the time I stood in the queue, to the time I collected our food. Not bad at all! The park is fabulous. I would let me kids run around there even if I wasn’t going to Burger King.. not sure that that is allowed but hey. Burger King food is good. We thoroughly enjoyed our burgers, apparently the onion rings were a fail in the Husband’s eyes, but other than that, I’d give them a thumbs up. Even the kiddies burger looked wholesome and the veggies on the burger looked fresh and crispy still. Well, as wholesome as a beef burger gets, of course.

We went home and I had to lay on the couch for the rest of the day. Stuffed. I even had a nap which I don’t particularly like to do because I’m not a good daytime napper. I don’t want to see another burger for a very long time. I am officially burgered-out. 

That’s deep, dude.

There is wisdom in perspective.

I read this on a friend’s BBM status last night and it really struck a chord with me. We’ve been praying for a certain situation for the longest time. And those of you who pray will know that when your prayers don’t seem to be answered in the way you WANT them to be answered, or WHEN you want them to be answered… one’s prayers sway between many levels… I’ve gone from a faithful prayer, to a whiny prayer, to a plea bargain prayer, to a bribe prayer (seriously, I’ve actually tried to bribe God), to a frustrated prayer, to a prayer where I just cry and cry and hope that it’s going to work. I tell you God is sitting on the Throne like “look at this insolent child of mine behaving like a needy toddler, I should go down there and give her a hiding.”

I have these battles in my mind where I try to figure out WHY God isn’t answering the prayer, or what lesson I’m supposed to be learning in the hope that I can figure it out, pass the test and get my bloody prayer answered already!

It’s ridiculous really, I know that!

Because I WILL remain confident of this: I WILL see the goodness of the Lord, I WILL wait on the Lord, I WILL be strong, and take heart and WAIT.ON.THE.LORD (Ps 27:13). Paul says we must rejoice in our suffering, because suffering produces endurance and endurance produces character and character produces hope (Rom 5:3). I KNOW that God who began this work in me will bring it to completion (Phil 1:6) and God has promised to be with me wherever I go and whatever I face and that I should not be discouraged or afraid, but be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:9). I know these things and I BELIEVE these things.


We are human, and it’s a fallacy that Christians live in this happy little bubble cushioned by the promises of God and are untouchable from the pain of this world. QUITE the contrary in fact! But here’s the thing: I’ve come to realise quite recently that what John Bradford said in this quote is SOOOOO profound: There, but for the grace of God, go I. WOW. Let me tell you, based on my life, the silly situations I’ve gotten myself into, the foolish choices I have made, and just the general battering that life can give you… I should be a deadbeat. And quite possibly DEAD. BUT for the grace of God! Oh man, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Thank GOD for His grace. And then when I have THAT thought, I think about how my situation is not that bad. My “unanswered prayer” is teaching me many other things that I would not have learned had a magic wand just fixed this problem (even though we all think that would be rather nice, don’t we). Last night I was thinking about all of this and started thinking about people in my immediate circle and the things they are praying for (nothing like looking at other people’s misery to make you feel better about your own haaahaaaa). No seriously. Some are praying for babies, some are praying that new business ventures will take off, others have just bought houses and are going through the stress that that brings, others are dealing with sick parents, others are afraid of entering the corporate world for the first time after many years, others are coping with children with learning disabilities, others are facing financial difficulties, some are trying desperately to sell their houses, others are dealing with relational problems within their families, some are desperate to get out of their current jobs. People got problems, yo! And these are just the few people I interact with daily!

And that, my friends, is why I love that BBM status. Because there IS wisdom in perspective. Absolutely. I see the trials that my friends and family are enduring, and it gives me another perspective of my own problems and it makes me realise that there is communion in the Body of Christ. Let’s start praying for each other earnestly while still lifting our own petitions. This is not a magic cure. This is not going to make your prayers be magically answered. This is not you doing something good for others, so you can expect God to do something good for you. No. Look around, look at what people are facing, look at what people are going through, lift them up to God and give thanks that your situation (and theirs) is only just THAT. A situation. It’s not your life, it’s not your destiny, it’s most certainly not the end of your story. God’s already working in the background, while He is working on YOU, you can be assured of that. He’s done it before, He’ll do it again. There, but for the grace of God, go I.

There is wisdom in perspective.

I went to the Michelangelo Spa, m’lady…

My Christmas present from my most amazing boss  was a 5 hour spa treatment package at the Michelangelo Spa. I booked it for last week Thursday and off I went. I am not really into spas / massages / manicures / pedicures / people I don’t know touching me … but if it’s a gift or a good deal comes up on Groupon, then yes I’ll go for it, but I can’t say I book myself a spa treatment like ever. It’s just not my thing. HOWEVER. When I am there and enjoying the treatment, OF COURSE I WANT IT TO GO ON FOREVER BECAUSE IT FEELS SO GOOD.

Anyway, I was expecting 5 star treatment from a 5 star spa, my expectation was HIGH and I was not disappointed. A man in  a suit calling the lift for you, people moving out of the way for you, everyone greeting you – this before you even get to the spa. Man, is this how the other side live? All I was worried about was how much my parking was going to cost me – I was there for the whole day, parking in Sandton is expensive, yo. Anyway, I forgot all about that as I received a tour of the facilities. There I was in the bathroom, dousing myself with the complimentary goodies as I slipped into a thick robe and slippers. My phone was BROKEN on this day so I don’t have a single photo. Not even a selfie in my white gown (sad panda). My therapist, Bella, was just lovely. So sweet, professional and such strong hands. My first treatment was a full body Swedish massage done in a lowlight treatment room with background music straight out of Twin Peaks (who used to watch Twin Peaks with the scary music late on a Sunday night?) Oh it was fantastic. One of those massages with just the right amount of pressure to put you to sleep. Just as I started to drool, it was over and it was time for my facial. I informed Bella of the rather hectic treatment I had just completed for my acne and I was concerned that my skin was still sensitive because of that. Now I have never actually had a facial before, so I really wasn’t sure what to expect: a face massage with fancy potions and lotions? A cross dissection of your skin brushing and fluffing it to glowy glory? Picking, prodding and patting of your facial matter? Well YES to all of the above. Everything that was applied smelled and felt heavenly. The gentle exfoliation left my skin feeling squeaky clean. Bella quietly asked me how I felt about an “extraction.” I was like huh, you do dentistry here too? She explained that an extraction entailed using a small little gadget to remove black heads and other impurities around the nose and chin area. She didn’t mince her words, she said it was PAINFUL. So we agreed that she’d give it a go but if it became too much for me, she could stop at any time. GOOD GRACIOUS ME. The tears were literally rolling down my cheeks, it was sooooo sore! Bella was babying me in her quiet voice saying that even grown men cried during this procedure so I should just let it alllll out. But then she showed me the gunk that she was extracting and I was like OH NO HUNNY, YOU GO RIGHT AHEAD. GIVE ME A BOX OF TISSUES, I’LL BE JUST FINE. This little treatment could be used to torture prisoners of war.

After the facial it was lunch time. Now those of you who know me, know that I don’t like doing things alone. Like going to the movies, having lunch out… those are social experiences and I do not enjoy doing those sorts of things alone. But this lunch was so tasty I didn’t have time to worry about being alone, plus the setting was perfect for lunch for one. A little table with a single rose alongside the indoor plunge pool. Perfect. I ordered the seafood stir fry and my only complaint was that the portion was too small. Felt a bit weird having lunch naked bar for my broekie and a white gown in an open public space. That was weird, I won’t lie.

After lunch it was time for my mani and pedi. I was most looking forward to my pedicure because my feet are constantly in disrepair. My heels are so rough that there are times when my husband tells me to put socks on when we go to bed. It was amazing. Even the way Bella cut and shaped my nails to my liking and her attention to detail. Not a stray drop of nail colour anywhere, a real professional. I have to show you a photo of my nails a WEEK after the treatment… still no chipping or flaking – O.P.I. You can see by the picture that my nails are even starting to grow out at the nail bed and still they haven’t started to chip! A week LATER! Look, I work for one of the biggest cosmetics companies in the world, we are constantly on the quest for nail colour that lasts.. and let me tell you I have been throwing this one in their faces hey! This is not Gelish or anything fancy like that.. regular nail colour, baby.


I truly felt like a million bucks after this day. If you want to spoil someone or yourself, go with the Michelangelo Spa. Best gift EVERRRRRRR. I gave Bella a R100 tip and my parking was R30. All in all, it was probably the best R130 I’ve spent in a long time…

A review: The Lego Movie

I wouldn’t exactly call this a review, just a little sum up of our day out…

So for the longest time we have been promising the kids a trip to the movies. We don’t do movies often enough, mainly because we are so busy doing other things and movies are just very far down the list of priorities (I am a singlemarried mother remember, so weekends are jam packed with doing ALL THE THINGS we don’t get to do during the week). But I’ve been annoyed that I’m paying this monthly contribution to Vitality and yet we never make use of the benefits, so in a fit of I-want-to-get-my-monies-worth, I declared that we would be going to the movies. I wanted to watch The Nut Job, Liam wanted to watch The Lego Movie. Hannah wanted popcorn. Husband just wanted some quiet time in a dark room for two hours. This was our first 3D movie and while I thought it was cool, I didn’t think it was AMAZINGGGGG – the 3D part I mean. The movie itself was really cute, the cinematography / animation / or whatever it’s called, was fantastic! And the script (like most of these animated movies) contained enough adult humour and nuances to keep me captivated, while providing an easy enough story line for a 5 year old to understand.

But man, let’s just talk about going to a kiddies movie real quick… What I did notice is that they HAVE indeed turned down the volume in kiddies movies, which is great, because really your general movie experience is WAY too loud for little ears. But what the cinema lacks in sound, the children sure do make up for. The constant chatter, the crazy laughing and the repeating of EVERY.FUNNY.LINE made me laugh! Not to mention the constant requests which go something like this:

Please can I have more popcorn

Please pass my juice

Please put my juice back in that hole

I can’t find my shoe, please find it for me.

Please I need to go wee.

What is going to happen NOW mama?

What is going to happen NOW mama?

And NOW?


When are we going home? (5 minutes into the start)

I wasn’t in the least bit irritated though, I’m a mom, it’s just a normal day at the movies for us… but yes, unless you have offspring of your own, or have lots of contact with small children, please don’t ever torture yourself by going to watch a kiddies movie (come on, I know there are lots of adult Lego enthusiasts out there. Make sure you go to the really late show, OK?)

Liam was glued, Hannah fell asleep half way through and hubby and I even managed to hold hands across the seats for a minute. All in all, it was a good day out. And cause for great inspiration.. The Master Builders have been very busy with their Lego at home since watching this movie. Once again, I’ve been saddened with the revelation that I do not have a creative bone in my body (which is fine because I have very many other talents, hah). You must see what these kids build… aeroplanes and houses with garages and windows and robots – albeit they aren’t perfect but they are amazing! Me? I just see small pieces of plastic and all I ever build is a tower.. the look of utter disappointment on my children’s faces when they see my sorry excuse for a Lego piece-of-art is priceless. Makes me laugh every time when they say very seriously “good for trying, but what is it?”

Coloured People Be Twanging, yo.

So we were with friends on Saturday and having the age old discussion about how people talk, as in, how you sound to the hearer. Now Coloured people sound very different depending on where in the country you hail from. Us Durban folk would be horrified if you said we sounded like the Kaapies or the Joostes and vice versa. We are all distinctly different. Coloured people have also taken it upon themselves to create almost an entire dictionary of colloquial slang – again this slang is different for every region, although some words do overlap, and many of these words orginate from Afrikaans words.

But further than that, the running joke in our family is that I “twang”… this is the term used to describe the way a person speaks when they are talking to a specific group of people. Specifically, when a Coloured person converses with a White person. It’s ridiculous! It refers to taking the broadness out of your speak, rolling your R’s and for want of a better explanation… sounding more European than African! I laugh even as I write this because it truly is hilarious that one can have long debates and discussions over something as simple as the sound of your voice! But hey, that’s one of the reasons I LOVE South Africa! Ons is mos same-same but different.

Anyway, my argument has always been that I need to employ my professional telephone-voice when dealing with clients or speaking to large groups of people, or dealing with the parents of the children I care for at church, etc. I admit that the way I sound when hanging with my chommas is by far different to the way I sound when I am in my office space. People say this is fake, that you are fronting and that you are not being yourself if you feel you need to speak differently depending on the situation. I disagree. For one, my American boss would not even understand if I chooned with him, the way I choon with my bras by the posie. Translated: if I spoke with him the way I speak with my friends at home). Secondly, just as there is a certain way to dress for different situations, I  do believe there is a way to speak in different situations. And I don’t mean you need to be highfalutin and pompous when you speak to a certain group, I mean you need to make yourself adequately and eloquently understood, right? First rule of Toastmasters for goodness sake!

My friend’s hubby called her “ghetto” on Saturday, boy did we laugh! He holds a high position in the world of education and of course that in itself comes with some level of decorum, so I get what he is saying, but shame this friend is anything but ghetto! I enjoy throwing in a slang word here and there because it’s who I am. It by no means defines me, it most certainly does not mean I am uneducated or common, it sometimes just adds flavor to what I want to say! You know there are just some words in the Afrikaans language that are sooooo meaningful, like when you use that particularly word, there is NO mistaking your emotion… well slang is like that.. the English language with all its niceties sometimes just doesn’t have that ONE word or phrase which conveys the same meaning as it’s slang counterpart! “EK SMAAAAAK YOU STUKKEEENDDD LOVEEEY”  is just not the same as “yeh, you’re a lovely girl and I like you a lot.” Haaa!

I love words. I love language, I love how stringing a few simple words together can make or break a person. The power of words – is there anything greater? I have a friend who does “word of the day” with me. We take turns sending each other an unusual English word and its meaning. You’d be AMAZED at the number of words you’ve never even HEARD of! After 32 years speaking the same language, you’d think I’d covered all the words in the dictionary, but no! Isn’t that amazing!

So this one goes out to all those chameleons who switch it up when they need to! I’m just a stekkie from the Fields, but make no mistake that I can and will terminate you in a game of Scrabble. Cos I know my words. You make out?