A review: The Lego Movie

I wouldn’t exactly call this a review, just a little sum up of our day out…

So for the longest time we have been promising the kids a trip to the movies. We don’t do movies often enough, mainly because we are so busy doing other things and movies are just very far down the list of priorities (I am a singlemarried mother remember, so weekends are jam packed with doing ALL THE THINGS we don’t get to do during the week). But I’ve been annoyed that I’m paying this monthly contribution to Vitality and yet we never make use of the benefits, so in a fit of I-want-to-get-my-monies-worth, I declared that we would be going to the movies. I wanted to watch The Nut Job, Liam wanted to watch The Lego Movie. Hannah wanted popcorn. Husband just wanted some quiet time in a dark room for two hours. This was our first 3D movie and while I thought it was cool, I didn’t think it was AMAZINGGGGG – the 3D part I mean. The movie itself was really cute, the cinematography / animation / or whatever it’s called, was fantastic! And the script (like most of these animated movies) contained enough adult humour and nuances to keep me captivated, while providing an easy enough story line for a 5 year old to understand.

But man, let’s just talk about going to a kiddies movie real quick… What I did notice is that they HAVE indeed turned down the volume in kiddies movies, which is great, because really your general movie experience is WAY too loud for little ears. But what the cinema lacks in sound, the children sure do make up for. The constant chatter, the crazy laughing and the repeating of EVERY.FUNNY.LINE made me laugh! Not to mention the constant requests which go something like this:

Please can I have more popcorn

Please pass my juice

Please put my juice back in that hole

I can’t find my shoe, please find it for me.

Please I need to go wee.

What is going to happen NOW mama?

What is going to happen NOW mama?

And NOW?


When are we going home? (5 minutes into the start)

I wasn’t in the least bit irritated though, I’m a mom, it’s just a normal day at the movies for us… but yes, unless you have offspring of your own, or have lots of contact with small children, please don’t ever torture yourself by going to watch a kiddies movie (come on, I know there are lots of adult Lego enthusiasts out there. Make sure you go to the really late show, OK?)

Liam was glued, Hannah fell asleep half way through and hubby and I even managed to hold hands across the seats for a minute. All in all, it was a good day out. And cause for great inspiration.. The Master Builders have been very busy with their Lego at home since watching this movie. Once again, I’ve been saddened with the revelation that I do not have a creative bone in my body (which is fine because I have very many other talents, hah). You must see what these kids build… aeroplanes and houses with garages and windows and robots – albeit they aren’t perfect but they are amazing! Me? I just see small pieces of plastic and all I ever build is a tower.. the look of utter disappointment on my children’s faces when they see my sorry excuse for a Lego piece-of-art is priceless. Makes me laugh every time when they say very seriously “good for trying, but what is it?”


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