I went to the Michelangelo Spa, m’lady…

My Christmas present from my most amazing boss  was a 5 hour spa treatment package at the Michelangelo Spa. I booked it for last week Thursday and off I went. I am not really into spas / massages / manicures / pedicures / people I don’t know touching me … but if it’s a gift or a good deal comes up on Groupon, then yes I’ll go for it, but I can’t say I book myself a spa treatment like ever. It’s just not my thing. HOWEVER. When I am there and enjoying the treatment, OF COURSE I WANT IT TO GO ON FOREVER BECAUSE IT FEELS SO GOOD.

Anyway, I was expecting 5 star treatment from a 5 star spa, my expectation was HIGH and I was not disappointed. A man in  a suit calling the lift for you, people moving out of the way for you, everyone greeting you – this before you even get to the spa. Man, is this how the other side live? All I was worried about was how much my parking was going to cost me – I was there for the whole day, parking in Sandton is expensive, yo. Anyway, I forgot all about that as I received a tour of the facilities. There I was in the bathroom, dousing myself with the complimentary goodies as I slipped into a thick robe and slippers. My phone was BROKEN on this day so I don’t have a single photo. Not even a selfie in my white gown (sad panda). My therapist, Bella, was just lovely. So sweet, professional and such strong hands. My first treatment was a full body Swedish massage done in a lowlight treatment room with background music straight out of Twin Peaks (who used to watch Twin Peaks with the scary music late on a Sunday night?) Oh it was fantastic. One of those massages with just the right amount of pressure to put you to sleep. Just as I started to drool, it was over and it was time for my facial. I informed Bella of the rather hectic treatment I had just completed for my acne and I was concerned that my skin was still sensitive because of that. Now I have never actually had a facial before, so I really wasn’t sure what to expect: a face massage with fancy potions and lotions? A cross dissection of your skin brushing and fluffing it to glowy glory? Picking, prodding and patting of your facial matter? Well YES to all of the above. Everything that was applied smelled and felt heavenly. The gentle exfoliation left my skin feeling squeaky clean. Bella quietly asked me how I felt about an “extraction.” I was like huh, you do dentistry here too? She explained that an extraction entailed using a small little gadget to remove black heads and other impurities around the nose and chin area. She didn’t mince her words, she said it was PAINFUL. So we agreed that she’d give it a go but if it became too much for me, she could stop at any time. GOOD GRACIOUS ME. The tears were literally rolling down my cheeks, it was sooooo sore! Bella was babying me in her quiet voice saying that even grown men cried during this procedure so I should just let it alllll out. But then she showed me the gunk that she was extracting and I was like OH NO HUNNY, YOU GO RIGHT AHEAD. GIVE ME A BOX OF TISSUES, I’LL BE JUST FINE. This little treatment could be used to torture prisoners of war.

After the facial it was lunch time. Now those of you who know me, know that I don’t like doing things alone. Like going to the movies, having lunch out… those are social experiences and I do not enjoy doing those sorts of things alone. But this lunch was so tasty I didn’t have time to worry about being alone, plus the setting was perfect for lunch for one. A little table with a single rose alongside the indoor plunge pool. Perfect. I ordered the seafood stir fry and my only complaint was that the portion was too small. Felt a bit weird having lunch naked bar for my broekie and a white gown in an open public space. That was weird, I won’t lie.

After lunch it was time for my mani and pedi. I was most looking forward to my pedicure because my feet are constantly in disrepair. My heels are so rough that there are times when my husband tells me to put socks on when we go to bed. It was amazing. Even the way Bella cut and shaped my nails to my liking and her attention to detail. Not a stray drop of nail colour anywhere, a real professional. I have to show you a photo of my nails a WEEK after the treatment… still no chipping or flaking – O.P.I. You can see by the picture that my nails are even starting to grow out at the nail bed and still they haven’t started to chip! A week LATER! Look, I work for one of the biggest cosmetics companies in the world, we are constantly on the quest for nail colour that lasts.. and let me tell you I have been throwing this one in their faces hey! This is not Gelish or anything fancy like that.. regular nail colour, baby.


I truly felt like a million bucks after this day. If you want to spoil someone or yourself, go with the Michelangelo Spa. Best gift EVERRRRRRR. I gave Bella a R100 tip and my parking was R30. All in all, it was probably the best R130 I’ve spent in a long time…


4 thoughts on “I went to the Michelangelo Spa, m’lady…”

  1. I need someone to do things to my back. I “store” tension in my back and it is KILLING me. I can feel the knots. I told the kids I’m going to teach them to massage. Shame it was so sweet, their tiny little hands 🙂

    SO glad you enjoyed yourself.

    PS I hate that facial thing too which is why I no longer go for facials. They do have one where it’s a microdermabrasian one with no instruments of torture – now that’s for me!

  2. Sounds blissful aside from the torture part though! Never had a facials and after your description I doubt I will anytime soon. But I’m still turning different shades of green 😉 😉

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